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Separating the good paintball guns from the bad.

Want to Know More about Paintball Guns ?

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So you play paintball, do you? Then the chances are that you have spent some time thinking about paintball guns... which one to get... which is the "mother" of all paintball guns... how to improve the one you have already...

Not all paintball guns are created equal... Each player has his/her personal theory on what the best paintball guns (markers) are, and why.... Unfortunately, this can cause serious confusion for beginners and those looking to buy or upgrade their own gun. So many choices!

player with paintball guns

Armed with the right information on the various paintball guns, finding the right gun for you is a snap - whether you are a recball player or a tournament player. Without the right info... well, it's easy to land up wasting your hard-earned cash!!

Below you will find links to a wide range of info on paintball guns, including gun reviews and info on accessories and maintenance. So... before you spend any money on paintball guns, make sure you are armed with the right information!

Save cash on paintball magazines: up to 58% off paintball magazine subscriptions
Looking for quality paintball magazines at affordable prices? Great deals on your paintball magazine subscriptions....

Paintball gun packages: superb value for money!
Looking for paintball gear? These paintball gun packages are a cost-effective way to get all the essential equipment.

Quality paintball stores - not all paintball stores are created equal!
Confused by the huge number of paintball stores? Not sure where to buy your equipment? Here are some quality paintball stores which you can trust.

General information on paintball and paintball guns
Paintball... what a sport! Find out more about the game, and the paintball guns.

Paintball Gun Reviews: all the popular paintball guns reviewed by other players.
Finding quality, honest paintball gun reviews can be tricky.... but not anymore! Here you will find a variety of paintball gun reviews done by paintball players, not manufacturers!