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Pothgul Vehera (Pothgul Temple)

This is located some distance from the statue and thought to be a Buddhist library complex and a place where the Buddhist writings were studied and resided. The original name of this Aramaic complex is not known. This brick building is built on 4 stages. On the 3rd stage there are 9 buildings which are thought to be places where the priests lived. On the very top floor there is a circular building with a dome shaped roof. The roof is no more in the building. But on the walls it is still possible to see the fragments of paintings which have survived under the forces of nature for over 800 years.

This Aramaic complex is thought to be built by King Parakramabahu (1153-1186).


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Home > Heritage > Polonnaruwa > Pothgul Vehera

February 11, 2007
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