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Pabalu Vehera

This unusual shaped stupa has been built by one of the king Parakramabahu’s wives, queen Rupawathi. The original name of this stupa is not known. The current name "Pabalu" (meaning beads) was derived from the fact that a large number of small glass beads being found during the excavation of trhe area around the stupa.. Top part of the stupa has been destroyed by invaders and centre of the stupa also has been destroyed probably by treasure hunters in the recent times.

Generally stupa’s have only 4 image houses around it. But there are nine statue houses around the stupa. These contain sitting images in some and standing images in others. One houses a “Sri Pathla” (the mark of the foot) of Lord Buddha. Another one contains a Buddha statue in the reclining position. It is thought these image houses have been built at different times by different people. In addition there is a stairway to reach the first level of the stupa.




Home > Heritage > Polonnaruwa > Pabalu Vehera

February 11, 2007