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Nissanga Malla Audience Hall

Raja Sabha Mandapaya of King Nissanga Malla


Also in the same area as the unidentified structure of the Nissanga Malla, this is made of solid rock and probably held a wooden roof. The building has been held by 48 stone pillars laid in 4 rows. The throne is a massive lion carved in stone. “Throne of the King” is carved at the bottom of the lion figure.

This building has a high importance to the historians as all the pillars are carved with the person’s designation who would sit there.



Audience Hall

View of the hall form the entrance

"Sinhasanaya" - The kings seat

"Sinhasanaya" - The kings seat

Main Entrance to the Hall

Entrance to the palace complex


Photos before restoration from


"Sinhasanaya" - The kings seat on the floor


Home > Heritage > Polonnaruwa > Nissanga Malla Audience Hall

February 11, 2007