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Namal Pokuna Aramic Complex

This viharaya is situated on same road leading to the famous Dimbulagala Raja Maha Viharaya from Pollonnaruwa but few kilometres before. This is also built on the same rocky mountain range which Dimbulagala stands but this place seems to be rarely visited. Therefore the unspoilt nature and the ancient monuments standing alone inside the forest makes this a very enjoyable trip.

At the entrance are newer buildings. From here you have to walk about ¾ kilometres towards the top of the mountain. There are few places you have to climb, but generally it’s a pleasurable walk with a mild climb.

We were also accompanied by the temple dog all the way to the top and directed us when we were not sure which way to go. (we were the only people there) Once we were at the top, he directed us to all the monuments one by one and came down with us.

Passing the main site, there are caves which priests sat in meditation and a pond, but this area has not been cleared and is covered by jungle.

Unlike Dimbulagala Raja Maha Viharaya which is now renovated and lost its ancient look, this temple has gone through very minimum restoration just enough to stop further destruction.


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Other Sites Around Namal Pokuna

Pulligoda galge frescos



Remains of the stupa build on a pedestal

Same stupa and the main entance. notice our guide waiting for us to climb the stairs

The Stone stairs at the entrance to the staure house

Fallen buddha statue at the image house

Remains of more buidings

Remains of more buidings

A stone oil lamp?

Path to the main aramic area.

Our Guide dog waiting for us to follow


Home > Heritage > Polonnaruwa > Namal Pokuna

March 28, 2007