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Home > Heritage > Polonnaruwa > Gal-potha (Stone Book)

Gal-potha (Stone Book)

This is one of the famous works of King Nissanka Malla (1187-1196) which describes himself, his rule and the eligibility for being a king of Sri Lanka. This massive slab which is 26’10” feet (8.2 metres) long and 4’7” feet (1.4 metres) in breath has been brought form Mahiyangana area by the worriers of King Nissanka Malla (1187-1196). The text is written in 3 columns and contain over 4300 characters in 72 lines.

There are sighs that liquidified metal has been pored on to the carved characters to bring out the letters much clearer.

Beautiful carvings can be seen on the sides of the stone book.




Carvings on the side of Galpotha


Home > Heritage > Polonnaruwa > Gal-potha (Stone Book)

February 10, 2007