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Welcome to the PEUGEOT 206 fan site

First of all, if you're here, then you must be a 206 fan... just like me! Isn't this car just great? 

This site is totally dedicated to the Peugeot 206 and all its fans. The 206 looks great, sounds great, feels great, to cut it short is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! On these pages you'll find ways to improve your 206 if you already have one... and tons of reasons to buy a Peugeot 206 if you don't. It contains anything ranging from how to wash and polish your car, to changing door knobs and installing engine boosters. I hope you enjoy your stay, email me if you'd like to have your car listed in the gallery or your site listed in the links section.

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23 Mar 2005 : This is taking too much time... I hope publishing works.. I need to work on improving this site, not trying to get it back to life!
23 Mar 2005 : Tried to update the site, messed up everything. Working on fixing. Come back soon.
12 Mar 2003 : Added new gallery
08 Feb 2003 :
Fixed Bug on the site.
11 Jan 2003 :
Another long awaited update. new gallery. Added new tutorials, in fixing the inside.
26 Aug 2002 :
Added online forum, don't hesitate to discuss problems and parts requests. Added Tip.
10 Aug 2002 :
You thought I'd never update huh? new galleries and tutorials...
28 Apr 2002 :
Update --FINALLY-- updated gallery (#4), how to section and links area
29 Mar 2002 : New pictures in gallery (#7, #8 & #9). New tutorials in '206 how to's' section.
26 Mar 2002 :
Fixed problem with navigation on the site. I don't know how, but I fixed it. :P, NEW SECTION: Driving tips
25 Mar 2002 :
Updated Downloads section
05 Mar 2002 :
Added AWESOME pictures of 206WRC in gallery... Don't miss...
17 Feb 2002 :
Major update in '206 specifications' section. Be sure to check it out. Also added pictures in gallery.
15 Feb 2002 :
Added tutorials in '206 how to's' and a feedback on the 1.6XSi 16V in the 'Feedbacks' section.
13 Feb 2002 : Updated Gallery. 
12 Feb 2002 : First upload of the site, note that most of the sections are still under construction, specially the gallery.



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