The Northern States League

Newsletter #454- July, 3rd, 2016




Dear Members,


Summer snuck up on us and although a lot of our teams are in a slumber, many have come out of the background to take prominent roles in what should be some fantastic divisional races.  We also experienced two no hitters this month- more on them as well as the races in a minute. 


Series #6 results:

Mun 0 at Gle 4, Gle 2 at Mun 2                                  Cre 3 at Dun 1, Dun 1 at Cre 3

Kal 2 at GM 2, GM 2 at Kal 2                                    Alb 0 at Lon 4, Lon 2 at Alb 2

EY 2 at Cle 2, Cle 0 at EY 4                                      NH 3 at VT 1, VT 3 at NH 1 

GB 2 at Mar 2, Mar 0 at GB 4                                    NY 1 at Cro 3, Cro 2 at NY 2

Key 2 at SL 2, SL 0 at Key 4                                     NE 3 at MC 1, MC 3 at NE 1

Fra 1 at IN 3, IN 1 at Fra 3                                         Coa/Yk delayed


Series #7 results:

IN 2 at Gle 2, Gle 2 at IN 2                                        Yk 1 at Dun 3, Dun 2 at Yk 2

Coa 1 at Cre 3, Cre 3 at Coa 1                                    Fra 3 at Mun 1, Mun 2 at Fra 2

Key 2 at Cle 2, Cle 2 at Key 2                                    Kal 0 at VT 4, VT 2 at Kal 2

SL 2 at EY 2, EY 1 at SL 3                                        NH 3 at GM 1, GM 2 at NH 2          

Alb 2 at NE 2, NE 3 at Alb 1                                     NY 1 at GB 3, GB 1 at NY 3

Cro 1 at Mar 3, Mar 2 at Cro 2                                   Lon 3 at MC 1, MC 1 at Lon 3


I don’t recall ever seeing an entire division below .500 this late in the year.  Yet this is exactly what the Yount has accomplished as the Imperials lead the group by a game over Albany, 3 over Muncie, and 5 over Magic City.  The Maulers were left for dead as you remember in May- yet despite a mediocre 6-10 month, they are still closer to first place than 8 other league teams.  Plus, they got a no-hitter out of Alex Wood.  But, Magic City did lose a chance to make up a bunch of ground as they dropped 6 of 8 to the Prospectors.  Indiana played .500 ball for the month at least with splits against both Frankfort and Glenville as they clawed their way to the top of the heap.  Albany had a lousy 5-11 month with a 2-6 against Becker and a 3-5 against upstart New England.  Muncie got slapped by Glenville (2-6) and Frankfort (3-5) to slip 3 games back.  But- I’m betting no one had Indiana in the under .500 pool and a division leader at the beginning of the year.


Longstown is playing as well as any team in the league.  A pair of 6-2 series successes this month against Albany and Indiana probably didn’t tell us how bad the Yount is, but may have told us how good the Prospectors are.  Boasting both “real” MVPs and a cast of #1 draft picks, the team is in great shape and now took over the division lead by 4 games from the defending Schmidt champion Canucks.  Burnie played 7-9 this month, a split with the ‘zoo to start it, but a 3-5 loss to New Hudson to finish it.  Hence, a 5 game drop to Longstown, and we’ll see what the elder Burnham has in store.  New England is playing better than expected and would be leading the Yount if he was there- but, he’s not.  The team checked in at 9-7 this month after splitting with Magic City and taking 5 from Albany.  Vermont rounds it out in a foreign place- the cellar, as the ‘chucks have hit a roadblock to their domination.  Yet, besides Longstown, the Vermont entry played as well as anyone in the division with a 6-2 over Kalamazoo following a 4 all tie with New Hudson.  Down 17 now, but check back in a couple of months and let’s see if they’re not off the deck.


Glenville made up a game on New Hudson this month, now trailing by 4 games.  They took 6 from Muncie and split with division leading Indiana to shave a game off- New Hudson splitting with Vermont before a 5-3 over Green Mountain.  But the Greys can’t look in the rearview very closely as both Kalamazoo and Frankfort are just a game down to Glenville.  This month, the relocated ‘zoo split with Green Mt before taking a 2-6 against Vermont.  Frankfort did better to get in to a tie for third with a Indiana split and a 5-3 over Muncie.  So, like the Yount, this division is our tightest with just 5 games from top to bottom, and surely everyone is in it.  It’s the Nutjobs to hold for now.


In the Brett, Keystone is up by a singleton over the defending champion Crushers.  It was the Crushers who played the best in June as they took a pair of 6-2 decision over Duneland and Coastal to make up 2 games on the C’s.  Meanwhile, Keystone took 6 from Sparrow Lake before a split with Cleveland.  No one is in charge in this division yet for sure, but it appears the top two are distancing themselves from the bottom 2.  East York is 7 ½ back now despite a great series against Cleveland (6-2).  Trouble is, Mick finished that off with a 3-5 against Sparrow Lake and although over .500 for the month, they still lost ground to the top duo.  Everyone’s hero patrols the bottom as they only played 8 games- a 3-5 loss to Duneland.  York will play Coastal here in August when Si comes to visit.  More important has to be that the First Caps have fallen 11 games off the pace now, the 2nd biggest deficit in the league.


There are strange happenings in the Winfield.  We’re used to seeing Sparrow Lake and Cleveland at the top.  Well, maybe not this year as North York has vaulted out to a 2 game lead over Marietta, with the “usual 2” sitting 6 games down.  In actuality, the Warthogs were just 7-9 on the month- 3-5 with Crosstown before a split with Gulf Breeze.  Yet Marietta could do nothing but stay 2 games back as they were creamed by the Breeze 2-6 before a 5-3 over the ‘dales.  So it’s just a 2 game lead, but if the top dogs keep sliding like this, one would think that the Lake and Hit-Men would get back into the thick of things sooner rather than later.  The Stallions lost to Key 2-6 before beating east York 5-3.  Hey- another 7-9 mark, as they stay 6 games back.  Cleveland was smacked by East York 2-6 before a split with Keystone.  So that tumbled Cleveland in to a cellar tie as the entire division was under .500 for the month.


Gulf Breeze picked up 2 games on the Clydesdales this month as the latter went 8-8, the former 10-6.  The Breeze took out Marietta 6-2 before a split with North York.  Crosstown took 5 from North York, but dropped 5 to Marietta.  The ‘dales are now 28-28 and trail by 4 as the summer meetings loom.  Duneland did bad and good- dropping 6 to a powerful defending champion before taking 5 over York.  Coastal only played 8 games this month and were blitzed by Creekside 2-6. 


So we have 2 divisions with one game leads and one with a 2 game lead. Three divisions have 4 game leads.  Sounds pretty close to me!


We had two no hitters this month- both in series #7.  I’ve scanned them and they should be on the web page shortly.  The first was by Duneland’s Koehler, who walked just 2 (back to back in the 2nd) and whiffed 2 in the game at York.  I know Si enjoyed rolling a no hitter against himself, especially when he rolled 16 hits for the visitors.  This game was never a contest.  Then in a series between MC and Lon, the Maulers Alex Wood turned the trick in the finale of the series, as he walked just two and punched out 8 in his gem.  Congratulations to all involved.  A new career No Hitter list will be on the web page shortly.


Although some of the stats are a bit watered down this month due to some delayed series, I thought I’d just point out some highlights as we move along to the All Star voting (in September).  Starling Marte of GM leads the world in batting (.363) while Blackmon of Sparrow Lake leads the Cooper (.329).  Adrian Gonzalez of North York has 17 HR to pace the field and A.Rod has 47 rbi for Indiana to lead in that category.  Greinke of Key checks in a 1.51 in the ERA race and 3 Cooper relievers have 18 saves each.


As we all know, Chuck has moved the Kalamazoo franchise to… Kalamazoo- his new address is in the newest directory on the web page.   I have no idea whether his stadium was able to be taken apart and moved or if a new one was built.  But it’s nice to see the ‘zoo in the ‘zoo.


We’ve gotten started here on the Hall of Fame ballot for the Class of 2015 (you should have had this in January).  I would anticipate you’d have it in your hands this month and we’ll be back on track for the Class of 2016 voting this coming off season.  Look for direction from Denny on that as the ballot and monographs are complete.


I touched on All Star voting a little bit ago- we’re still a ways from that and you’ll be readily informed when the time has come, but remember that Mark will be conducting the voting on that- I believe he has some fresh ideas which will allow everyone an easier voting experience.  No- you can vote just once.


You all likely know that Bruce Taylor was here for the winter meetings.  Bruce had me sell his APBA cards for him, and the final day of the auctions he has donated to the league.  So we’ve pocketed $122.57 thanks to his generosity.  I’m sure you all join me in thanking him!  Shoot- just get a guy in to the Hall of Fame and they give us money!  Who knew?  I know Bruce reads the newsletter and frequents the web page so hopefully he’ll see all of our thanks.


We’re shooting for the summer meetings to be the weekend of July 23rd at Si’s in York.  Although JB will be out of town, I think the rest of the York crew will be around.  Bob and Chad will be there along with me, and Cross who will be a day late.  It should be a great time and if you get the chance- come on over for some fun and games!  Si has mentioned several times that after missing the meetings this past winter, he’s really looking forward to the gathering.


Al heads to Canada in a few days for his annual family vacation, and Mark will join them after a few more days.  I believe Sparrow Lake is the destination- and I honestly have no idea where that is in the Maple Leaf country, but I know they always have a blast.  I mention this just because I know a lot of you have summer vacation plans, and although the league might not be top priority to you, your understanding in getting instructions in early of games played ahead of time might well help someone else out.  Try to be as flexible as possible to get the games played on time.  Of course, as you know, delays in series by agreement are certainly fine.  Just communicate with everyone.


That’s it for today- I hope everyone is well and stay out of the heat!  It makes you crazy, know what I mean?    



                                                                                                Best Wishes,