The Northern States League

Newsletter #457- October 5th, 2016




Dear Members,


We usually don’t see much activity in the summer months, but I’m guessing October isn’t summer where you are, either.  As Hurricane Matthew rears its ugly head into the regional festivities, we’re reminded that summer is indeed, over, and that means the baseball season as we know it is over.  Yeah- this is especially true if you didn’t get Britton in to the action.


Series #12 results:

Yk 0 at Key 3, Key 3 at Yk 0                         VT 2 at GM 1, GM 1 at VT 2

NE 2 at Lon 1, Lon 2 at NE 1                         NH 1 at Kal 2, Kal 1 at NH 2

Coa 1 at Cro 2, Cro 3 at Coa 0                       IN 2 at Alb 1, Alb 1 at IN 2

Cre 2 at EY 1, EY 2 at Cre 1                          GB 1 at Dun 2, Dun 2 at GB 1

Cle 2 at SL 1, SL 1 at Cle 2                            NY 2 at Mar 1, Mar 3 at NY 0

Gle 3 at Fra 0, Fra 2 at Gle 1                          Mun 1 at MC 2, MC 0 at Mun 3


Series #13 results:

Lon 2 at GM 1, GM 0 at Lon 3                       SL 3 at Mar 0, Mar 2 at SL 1

Fra 1 at NH 2, NH 2 at Fra 1                          Gle 1 at Kal 2, Kal 0 at Gle 3

Alb 2 at Mun 1, Mun 1 at Alb 2                     VT 2 at NE 1, NE 0 at VT 3

Dun 3 at Coa 0, Coa 2 at Dun 1                      Cro 1 at GB 2, GB 3 at Cro 0

Cre 2 at Yk 1, Yk 2 at Cre 1                           MC 1 at IN 2, IN 0 at MC 3

NY 0 at Cle 3, Cle 3 at NY 0                          Key 2 at EY 1, EY 2 at Key 1


Series #14 results:

NE 1 at GM 2, GM 1 at NE 2                         GB 1 at Coa 2, Coa 1 at GB 2

Fra 1 at Kal 2, Kal 2 at Fra 1                          Cre 0 at Key 3, Key 3 at Cre 0

Gle 3 at NH 0, NH 0 at Gle 3                         VT 0 at Lon 3, Lon 3 at VT 0

Mar 1 at Cle 2, Cle 2 at Mar 1                        NY 3 at SL 0, SL 2 at NY 1

Alb 3 at MC 0, MC 1 at Alb 2                        Mun 2 at IN 1, IN 0 at Mun 3

Yk 2 at EY 1, EY 3 at Yk 0                            Dun 2 at Cro 1, Cro 0 at Dun 3


Let’s start in the Winfield this month.  In a division that has been anyone’s race for a while now, suddenly vaulting to the top are the Cleveland Hit Men.  With a gaudy 14-4 mark for the month, the rest of the division has to be wondering where that came from?  Coupled with a pair of 4-2 wins against Marietta and Sparrow Lake, the Hit Men took all 6 from “used to be division leading” North York.  The Warthogs slipped all the way down to a tie for the cellar with Marietta thanks to a positively ghastly 6-12 mark which included a 1-8 mark at home.  Oh brother!  Marietta was a not so bad 8-10 and boast another no-hitter this month; more on that in a few.  Sparrow Lake occupies 2nd place after posting an identical mark to Marietta- yet fell 6 games in the standings to the incredible Hit Men performance.  So the Hit Men are up by 6, and it is all built from the intra-divisional record.  Sparrow Lake is 3 1/3 out of the wild card, and Marietta & North York are both 4 ½ out.  But it’s not like it’s time to crown the Hit Men either.


We move on to the Brett Division where Keystone is making a mockery of things.  Up now by a whopping 18 ½, it’s time for the other clubs in the division to look, and hope for, wild card activity.  The mighty C’s took all 6 from both York and Creekside this month, making a 3-3 split with East York just fine.   15-3 will get it done, won’t it?   Here is your #1 seed in the Cooper.  Second place now belongs to East York- the only team not to be obliterated by Keystone, and a 10-8 record won’t compare to Keystone, but will keep Mick in the wild card hunt (currently leading by 1 ½ games).  Our defending champions took it on the chin by dropping all 6 to Keystone, then rebounding for splits with EY and Yk.  Scoop is 21 out of the division, hovering around .500, yet still firmly in the wild card (2 ½ back) where anything can happen.  They’ll need it to defend their title.  Everyone’s Hero won the yahoo league this year- that’s about all the good we can say as Si is now 30 games out of first- the biggest deficit in the league.  It was hit and miss this month for the Caps- dropping all 6 to Keystone, playing okay in a Creekside split, then dropping 4 to East York.


Gulf Breeze built up their lead a little bit this month thanks to a fine 5-1 over Crosstown; their closest competition.  I took Crossie to the cleaners in the pool game, played so-so against Coastal then dropped 4 of 6 to Duneland.  But the big series was the Crosstown one.  The ‘dales slipped in to 3rd in the division, now trailing by 11, after they absolutely pummeled Coastal 5 out of 6, yet dropped 5 to Duneland.  Actually, the big mover in the division was Duneland this month, with 3 series wins- 5-1 over Cro, 4-2 over GB, and 4-2 over Coastal.  I’m not going to say Dan is a sleeping giant- but the team has enough to contend, and maybe now it will.  Coastal rounds out the division- there will be better days ahead.  Enough said.  Duneland is just 1 ½ out of the wild card with Crosstown just 3 ½.  The division is not out of reach for either.


Glenville is back at it in the Rice.  Just when you think New Hudson is going on a run, well, they slip and Glenville takes control.  By a game.  One game- that’s all.  Coach took 4 from both Frankfort and Kalamazoo- then blitzed New Hudson and took all 6, to regain the top spot in the division.  But it’s far from a runaway.  The ‘zoo split with New Hudson, and grabbed 4 from Frankfort- staying in 2nd place overall, but trailing someone new.  All because of the Nutjobs fade- well, not really a fade, just a tough series with Glenville- after a split and a 4-2 over Frankfort.  Michael finds himself down 3 games now, with some momentum to gain back.  Frankfort had a rough home month (2-7) and are now down by 12.  Peaking at the wild card shows at this point that Kalamazoo is the leader in that chase, with both Green Mountain and New Hudson 2 games out.  So the division si up for grabs, and clearly the wild card is as well.


In the Carter- it’s been Longstown from day one.  Becker took all 6 from Vermont, 5 from Green Mountain, and split with New England to post a very Cleveland-like 14-4.  Their division lead has swelled to 15 games now over the Canucks, with the ‘chucks and Elite in 3rd and 4th.  The P’s are doing it in all phases- a .260 batting average, 3.71 ERA, and a league best 160 long balls.  They’ve scored 572 runs- which is more than any other team and New Hudson in 2nd place is a whopping 61 runs behind.  He’s 12 games better than anyone else in the conference come post season.  Looks to be a lock, but those Canucks are still around.  Burnie’s bunch played poorly this month (6-12) and are just 2 games back of the ‘zoo in the wild card at this time and are in great contention for that wild card.  The division crown?  Maybe not.   Vermont checks in a game ahead of New England for 3rd place in the division, the Elite having a .500 month with the exception of a 1-5 against the team they now trail by one.


We’ve batted the Yount around a lot this year due to their sub -.500 records, and might as well continue to do so.  At least playing in their own division this month you’d expect things to pretty much stay status quo.  Albany was a big winner in the division this month, dropping 4 to Indiana and winning 4 against Muncie before a large 5-1 over Magic City, which kept them in the division top spot.  Shoot- no one else wants the top spot, so the ‘cats just figured they’d stay right there.  Muncie also took out the Maulers (4-2) before that 2-4 with Albany, and polished it off with a 5-1 over Indiana.  So, for those of you keeping score at home, both the top teams had the same record this month and hence, the division lead remains at 1.  Magic City checks in 4 games back after a dismal 1-5 with Alb, 2-4 with Muncie, but topped it off with a 4-2 over Indiana.  The Imperials slipped in to the cellar, but that cellar is closer than all but two 2nd place teams in the league.  If you’re thinking wild card from this division you’d better hope someone gets hot.  But the division is as it has been since opening day- anyone’s who can string some wins together.


We had the Hall of Fame vote for the class of 2015 this month.  You’ll recall that we fell a few months behind on this and we’ll have another ballot for the class of 2016 this coming off season.  But we were able to usher in three new Hall members- Mike Piazza, Randy Johnson, and Ken Griffey Jr.  All of you have seen the voting on the web page, and I’ll get their HOF monographs to the web page sometime in the not so distant future.  You’ll recall now that a percentage of the votes being cast is now the voting method used for enshrinement.  Griffey got 19 of the 23 votes then both Johnson and Piazza got 18.  Just missing were Larry Walker (on his last year of eligibility) and Pedro Martinez.  Thanks to Denny for putting all the voting and ballot together!


In series #14, Marietta’s Keuchel tossed a no-hitter at Cleveland.  The score sheet is on the web page now.  Keuchel won 2-1, as 2 Marietta errors and 3 overall BB cost him the shutout, but his 10 Ks were big.  Carpenter’s HR and rbi single did all the damage for the winners.  Congratulations to Bo and the Mad Dogs!  The newest no-hitter list is also on the web page for your enjoyment.


The annual All Star Game was played last week and the Schmidt beat the Cooper 3-1.  The game was played by Bill Kerr who rolled it at Si’s house with I hope some of the other guys in attendance.   Coach will have a write up for us soon and the score sheet hasn’t made it here yet either so I can’t share any details.  We’ll provide everything to the web page when it comes in.  Mark’s new voting method seemed to work well- please let him know if you liked it or now, and share any positive ideas with him should you have them.  For the Cooper, Adrian Gonzalez of North York and Charlie Blackmon of Sparrow Lake were unanimous choices, while Cano of Kalamazoo was the Schmidt unanimous choice.  The complete voting was on the web page recently. 


New Bob, Crossie, and I look forward to Old Bob’s visit here next week.  Bob Chalfant comes down to Oak Island each year and will be here for his visit then.  I have to tell you that he and I played our 4 games on line this week as we won’t have time when he gets here, and the Black Wolf watched Gulf Breeze commit 11 errors in 4 games.  This was shades of the Breeze of yester year.  I’m sure the 4 of us and spouses will head out on the town one night and you’re all invited!  Really!


Tim Meador paid a visit as well last month.  Tim and his lovely wife Julia joined new Bob and me for a dinner out on the beach.  Tim has a child and new grandchild in Jacksonville, NC now and hopefully will pay more visits down this way.  He also brought a bunch of cards to donate to the league for sale, so stay tuned in the next couple of months for the results from that.  I had met Tim before, but this was the first time I had met Julia- what a nice couple!


This is one of the goofy months in the NSL.  You play series 15 and 16 against 2 different opponents, one away and one home.  But your active roster must be the same for both series!  I haven’t seen many results yet from October, so you have time to correct these if needed.  The same thing happens next month when you play your other non-conference division. 


That’s what I have for you for this month.  It’s finally starting to feel a little bit like fall- hope you’re getting cooled down as well!  Now if we could just keep this hurricane away….



                                                                                    Best Wishes,