The Northern States League

Newsletter #434- July 29th, 2014




Dear Members,


Isn’t it fun!  I mean the fact that we all played our games on time and got the results in on time and got our stats done on time!  It’s a great time to be the Comish and our 2nd newsletter of July lets you know that things are clicking along just fine.


Series #8 results:

Alb 1 at Gle 3, Gle 2 at Alb 2                                     GM 2 at Mun 2, Mun 4 at GM 0

SL 2 at MC 2, MC 2 at SL 2                                      NY 3 at Pa 1, Pa 3 at NY 1

Kal 2 at Can 2, Can 2 at Kal 2                                    EY 3 at GB 1, GB 1 at EY 3

Cle 1 at Dun 3, Dun 3 at Cle 1                                   Cre 1 at Cro 3, Cro 1 at Cre 3

IN 0 at VT 4, VT 2 at IN 2                                         Yk 4 at Lon 0, Lon 2 at Yk 2

Mar 0 at Key 4, Key 2 at Mar 2                                  NH 3 at NE 1, NE 3 at NH 1


Series #9 results:

GM 4 at Gle 0, Gle 1 at GM 3                                    Can 0 at Mun 4, Mun 2 at Can 2

NE 1 at Pa 3, Pa 1 at NH 3                                         Alb 3 at Kal 1, Kal 0 at Alb 4

VT 3 at NY 1, NY 2 at VT 2                                      Yk 2 at SL 2, SL 2 at Yk 2

Cre 1 at Cle 3, Cle 1 at Cre 3                                      Key 1 at Lon 3, Lon 1 at Key 3

EY 3 at Cro 1, Cro 3 at EY 1                                     IN 1 at NE 3, NE 1 at IN 3

GB 2 at Dun 2, Dun 2 at GB 2                                   Mar 0 at MC 4, MC 3 at Mar 1


Things settled down a little bit in the divisions, with the one glaring omission of the Yount.  You’ll recall last month (er, this month- we are SO on time….) Indiana and Muncie were tied atop the division, but at this writing it’s so long Indiana, as the Imps went 6-10 to tumble all the way down to 3rd place.  Muncie is left  carrying the divisional flag Thanks to a 4-0 sweep at Green Mountain and the same series count at home with Canaan.  Not only that, but sleeping giant and defending champion Albany has motored ahead of Indiana as well despite dropping 5 of 8 to Glenville.  The club rebounded with 7 wins in 8 tries against Kalamazoo and now trail Muncie by 4 games, 2 worse than last “month”.  So Albany lost 2 games in the standings, Indiana lost 6, and Pennsylvania dropped 4 despite a nice month with a pair of splits- NY and NH.  But for now, at least, Muncie, on the heels of a 12-4 month are in control. 


Slipping into the Cooper for a minute, our closest race remains just that- close.  Magic City made up 3 games on the Clydesdales thanks to a robust 7-1 over Marietta after a 4-4 split with the Stallions. Wil is the first one to mention he’s overachieving, but last month looked as if he was headed down the pike.  No matter- as this month he again rightened the ship and he’s right there nipping at the heels of the Crosstown entry.  Crossie had a tough schedule this month, splitting with both Creekside and East York in face to face play.  But to play them even up and still be leading the division is a plus for the ‘dales.  Duneland is making up some ground- yes, that Duneland.  Dan’s charges made up a couple of games and now trail Crosstown by 8, with a 6-2 over Cleveland helping things out.  Longstown is still in the cellar, but just 12 back, yet somehow losing all 4 at home on the computer with Si.  Sometimes, life is just not fair.


Glenville lost a couple of games on their lead in the Rice this month as New Hudson finally is starting to play some decent ball.  By decent, I mean .500 as that’s exactly what Michael did this month with New England and Pennsylvania as the opponents. Glenville took 5 from Albany, but then somehow lost 7 of 8 to Green Mountain as the main culprit of their lead being chopped to 3 games.  The ‘zoo lost another game to the leaders thanks to an abysmal 1-7 with Albany after a decent split with Canaan and North York rounds things out 13 games back, yes, one better than last month.  Eric split with the Pounders then played well in a 3-5 with Vermont.  So what looked like a runaway 2-3 months ago has settled in to at least a two team race with others perhaps joining the party.


The big mover in the Brett was everyone’s hero, Richard Newton Silar who took over 2nd place yet didn’t make up any g4round on the top seeded 66ers.  Si ca thank the computer game this month as his 4-0 at Longstown helped him in the standings, and made him a true believer of the computer game.  After all, it’s not the same f**kin’ game as we all know.  So if York moved up to 2nd, someone had to move down and that honor when to the Crushers as they could manage just a 8-8 this month with a pair of splits against Crosstown and Cleveland.  Scoop is still right there, though 4 games back, yet that’s double the deficit of last month and York has jumped ahead of him.  Keystone remains stuck in last, still 7 games out, yet played a little better this month with a 6-2 against Marietta being the highlight.  So for those of you paying attention- the division remained exactly the same with Creekside being the only mover- and they moved down a rung.


The Breeze dropped two games of their lead this month as those ugly limitations begin to rear their head.  The ‘varks took it on the chin against East York (2-6) as I don’t think I’ve ever beaten Mick in a series.  A split with Duneland helped take some of the sting off.   So there was a good opening for Sparrow Lake to make up some ground, and they did- but just a pair of games.  The team went .500 through the month with Magic City and York- two contenders and Mark has to be happy with the result.  But it’s still a 9 game bulge but the Breeze isn’t dominating anymore.  Marietta and Cleveland will do battle for 3rd and right now the upstarts have a 4 game cushion over the all-time win leader.  The Mad Dogs really had a tough month with just 3 wins, two against Keystone and one against Magic City.  Cleveland posted a nice split with Creekside after a 6-2 loss to Duneland. 


Vermont has added 3 games to their lead this month as the defending divisional champions are just a game behind Muncie for the best record in the conference.  Vermont took 6 from Indiana and 5 from North York before taking a vacation.  Not sure which event was more important to Dave.  But Waller remains right on his heels and the Elite grabbed a pair of splits to be 5 back.  NH and IN were the opponents this month, and New England played decently with the tough schedule.  But like Satchel Paige, Bill better not look back as now 2 teams are just 3 back of him licking their chops.  Canaan was behind the Elite by just a game last month, but their 2-6 with Muncie was the reason they slipped a couple further back.  Then there is Green Mt- an erratic Canuck squad dropped 6 to Muncie including a home sweep at the hands of the Black Wolf then took 7 from Glenville including a sweep there.  So even though Burnie lost a couple of games to Dave, he made up 3 on Canaan and one on New England.  So two teams are hot in the division (the brothers Burnham) and 2 were mediocre this month.  The division is still our 2nd tightest race from top to bottom.


The Cooper is now batting .233 which is up a point, to the Schmidt’s .253.  Not surprisingly, the Cooper ERA of 3.76 is 0.20 better than the Schmidt’s 3.96.  Those of you who had Nava having the best batting average to date step forward.  Yeah, right.  Albany’s Wainwright still has the best ERA in the league despite not pitching this month.


Next month we’ll have all the stats for the All Star break and your vote will be collected soon after the stats are posted, roughly around September 5th or so.  The game has been awarded to J.B. and the Keystone Comanches. He’s like to host the game in mid-September which appears to be easy to accomplish.  Remember please to check your player positions on your All Star stats so we can present them in the right categories.


The August series between Gulf Breeze and York has been delayed until September to allow face to face play.  The two mangers understand that their stats will be 8 games short for the All Star voting but such is life.  It’s more important to fish Sideshow Bob out of my gutters than have complete All Star stats in.  Hey wait a minute, maybe it’s not!  Anyway, the series will show up in the September standings when it is played.


I know Dave Burnham is on vacation and Eric just returned from a couple of weeks at Hilton Head, SC.  Al and Mark have recently returned from their sojourn to Canada and I know Mick was recently at the beach for a while.  Bill Waller has taken up golf (oh, my!) and Dan just got back from vacation a week ago.  It does seem as if everyone is getting some time off in and that’s a good thing!  Of course, I’ve been on vacation for some time now, joining Burnie, Chuck, Bob, John, Scoop, Jack, and now Al in grabbing back from society all that we gave it.


In another league we’re both in, Michael ran a draft board with one of those on line programs- I think it was “team builder”.  Anyway- anyone could watch him type the draft picks in as they were made and with the chat function, you could make yours that way as well.  It looks to be a great idea for those not in attendance at the meetings and should be able to be carried out by your “buddy” franchise.  By the way, this year’s winter meetings have not had a sight assigned yet.


I messed up Bo and Mark’s address in the latest directory on the web page.  That has been corrected now and hopefully they’ll start getting their snail mail stuff from membership.


So since it has been such a short time since our last newsletter, I’ve run out of things to say!  I hope everyone continues to have a great summer and let’s keep the momentum going as we head to next month’s All-Star break!



                                                                                                Best Wishes,