The Northern States League

Newsletter #443- July 6th, 2015




Dear Members,


Muncie and Crosstown took to the road and played series in Wilmington as well as in York.  No telling how many p enters were used (or dice rolls) but it appears that the Clydesdales season may be complete as they head to Wilmington. 


Series #5 results:

NY 2 at Key 2, Key 3 at NY 1                                   Fra 1 at Alb 3, Alb 1 at Fra 3

IN 1 at GM 3, GM 2 at IN 2                                      Gle 4 at Coa 0, Coa 1 at Gle 3

Kal 2 at NE 2, NE 0 at Kal 4                                      Cle 1 at MC 3, MC 3 at Cle 1

VT 1 at Mun 3, Mun 1 at VT 3                                   NH 3 at GB 1, GB 2 at NH 2

EY 2 at Mar 2, Mar 2 at EY 2                                                Yk 1 at Cro 3, Cro 3 at Yk 2

Cre 1 at Lon 3, Lon 2 at Cre 2                                    Dun 1 at SL 3, SL 0 at Dun 4


Series #6 results:

Kal 1 at Alb 3, Alb 2 at Kal 2                                     Fra 1 at VT 3, VT 4 at Fra 0

Mar 3 at MC 1, MC 2 at Mar 2                                   Gle 2 at GM 2, GM 2 at Gle 2

IN 1 at NE 3, NE 2 at IN 2                                        NH 3 at Coa 1, Coa 3 at NH 1

Dun 1 at NY 3, NY 3 at Dun 1                                  EY 1 at Cro 3, Cro 1 at EY 3

Key 1 at Lon 3, Lon 1 at Key 3                                  GB 1 at Mun 3, Mun 3 at GB 1         

Cre 4 at Cle 0, Cle 1 at Cre 3                                      Yk 1 at SL 3, SL 2 at Yk 2


In the Carter, it appears that the Canucks have raised their “catch a Canuck” logo as the club is off to one of its finest starts in years.  Even with the ice going out, the mighty Green Mountain boys shrugged off their sluggish start and are in control of the division presently.  It was, however, a sluggish month for the Canucks as they went just 9-7, which must mean the rest of the division stunk.  Not so, as Vermont moved from 3rd to 2nd place, making up 2 games on the leaders and pushing Gulf Breeze down a rung.  Vermont crushed Frankfort is series #8, 7-1 to make their presence felt.  Used to be hot Gulf Breeze stumbled against Muncie 6-2 in face to face action and lost 5 to New Hudson.  So Burnie, playing his steady game, beat Indiana 5-3 and split with a tough Glenville squad to hold a 6 game lead in the division.  Bill is trying to reintroduce the long ball to the Elite as they dropped 6 to Kalamazoo, before a fine 5-3 over Indiana.  They dropped 2 games further back this month.


We thought at one time that the entire Rice might check in at .500.  But- Glenville and Frankfort shook that idea off by heading in different directions.  The Greys were looking to repeat in the Schmidt, and to do so they’ll have to have more great months such as this one.  First was a 7-1 over Coastal in series #5, before a 4 all split with another division leader- Green Mountain.  The Greys lead is 4 games, and New Hudson did their best to hang on with a 9-7 to drop just 2 games further back.  The Nutjobs had a disappointing split with Coastal after their 5-3 over Gulf Breeze.  Kalamazoo really isn’t sure if they want to come to the party or not.  They had a huge 6-2 over New England in series #5 but then dropped 5 of 8 to Albany- actually a pretty nice result.  So their 9-7 kept them a game behind New Hudson, and now 5 out of the top.  Frankfort turned in the division’s lone sub-.500 month this month as they played well in an Albany split, but didn’t play well in a 1-7 with Vermont.  So they’re out by 8 now, with a better schedule on the docket for this month.


This just in- Albany lost some of its lead!  Yep- got that right, the Wildcats lead is now all the way down to…. 15!  Muncie poked their head out of the 2nd place tie and after a on-line 4-4 with Vermont, trashed Gulf Breeze 6-2 in series #6.  We thought Muncie might be the best team in the division not named Albany, and we may well be right.  Coastal took it on the chin this month and there may be more of that coming as the pitching is in rugged shape.  They dropped 7 to Glenville before a decent split with New Hudson, falling to 18 back and one from the cellar.  Indiana had a nice chance to make up some ground but stumbled with Green Mountain (3-5) as well as New England (3-5).  Yet the Imps see 3rd place looming and have to start there to get to the top.  So what of Albany you may ask?  Well, quite a pedestrian 9-7 this month after lots and lots of 16-0 (or so it seems).  The ‘cats split with Frankfort to set off some alarms, but rebounded with a 5-3 over Kalamazoo.  Interestingly they were just 3-5 on the road this month (they only have 6 road losses) all against the basic game.


How many of you had North York leading the Winfield after June games?  Yeah- right.  Much more importantly- how many had Marietta as a .500 club?  Yeah- whatever you say.  But Bo has the Marietta club playing well and this month they went 9-7 against two of the better clubs in the conference- East York and Magic City.  The East York series was a split, but then against Magic City on-line they won 5 of the 8 contests.  It’s easy to gloat about how well the club is doing, but Sparrow Lake seems to have found their groove a bit with a .500 month- no, not head turning, but better than May at least.  The Stallions clobbered York 5-3 after a disappointing 3-5 with Duneland.  Oh yeah, that allowed Marietta to tie them for 2nd at .500, but more importantly displayed some life from the Sparrow Lake franchise.  Off to Canada to scout for new talent this month, Cleveland will try and relive some of their glory days after a disastrous 3-13 month leaving them 15 off the pace.  Magic City clubbed ‘em 6-2 before Creekside smacked ‘em 7-1.  Hopefully, Al will scout baseball players up there in the true north, not hockey players.  North York had a see-saw month with a tough 3-5 against Keystone to start things followed by a reaffirming 6-2 over Duneland.  Eric also heads out on vacation, but he goes south to Hilton Head this month.  Let’s see- the north goes to the south and the south goes to the north.  Something should be made of that but I don’t know what.


As usual, the Brett has some of our toughest teams in it and this year would be no exception to the rule.  Absent from the top slots in the last few years, the Crushers had a scare from Keystone this month, but still hold a 2 game bulge over their rivals.  After a tough 3-5 with another division leader- Longstown- Scoop came back with a 7-1 over Cleveland and back to the top spot they went.  Meanwhile, Keystone slapped North York 5-3 to briefly take the division lead but then a Longstown split left them 2 games behind.  The studs are responsible then for the 2 game Keystone deficit.  East York is back from vacation (no north-south thing there) and split with that up and coming Marietta team before another split with Crosstown.  .500 won’t get it done in the division, but the team remains in 3rd place with a .500 record and still just 6 games back.  Plus, we all know how Mick can get on a streak.  Bringing up the rear are the Fist Caps, losers of 5 of 8 versus both Crosstown and Sparrow Lake.  The Crosstown series was played face to face on the computer and I’m sure the conversation turned into something like, “it’s not the same f**kin’ game”, and “oh this is a lot of fun…”.  But for now, Everyone’s Hero is mired 8 games out and the downturn has not been stemmed yet.


So we should all take bets on to when the Longstown wagon is gonna break a wheel.  The Prospectors remain atop the Murphy and we’ve been saying for a couple of months now- how is that?  The P’s just keep on going forward, baby steps at a time and took out a very tough Creekside team 5-3 before a Keystone split.  9-7 is fine as long as you’re ahead, and ahead of Magic City they were, and are, by 2 games with the Maulers finishing the month also at 9-7 thanks to a large 6-2 over Cleveland before a tougher 3-5 against Marietta.  Then, to keep things even, Crosstown also finished 9-7 with a 5-3 over York and 4-4 split with East York.  So, no, nothing has changed in the Murphy, oh wait.  Duneland went 7-9 and are now 10 games back.  Nicely beating Sparrow Lake 5-3, Dan folded the tent against the Warthogs 2-6.  So with the Crusaders aside, the division stayed the same, with MC out 2 and Cro out 3.


I think it’s interesting to note this month that the Schmidt is outhitting the Cooper by .250-.226.  The Cooper does have more long balls, 575-499, but the Schmidt has scored more runs 2409-2198.   Most of the other numbers are fairly close, including unearned runs, doubles, and even SB.  The Cooper has 1660 XBH, the Schmidt 1659.  So it’s all being done with singles- the Schmidt has 629 more.  That could be a function of poor pitching in the Schmidt, or could be just better hitters in the Schmidt.  With the gap being in singles, I’d say it is better pitching in the Cooper, and their 3.50-3.81 ERA lead is reflective of that.


The APBA convention came and went last weekend.  I did not attend but I understand there was talk of a new “on line” game called “APBA Go”.  We have heard over the years that the game company will go to an on line game where you manage against another player on line.  We’ve heard multiple comments about that possibility and obviously, things are way too early to worry about.  But, as time goes on, I’m sure we’ll see much more about this and it is something for us to look into in the future. 


As you know from my mailing of a couple of weeks ago, Veryl Lincoln, long time game company employee passed away.  Most of us have talked with or met Veryl- he was the voice on the other end of the phone when you’d call the Lancaster game company and the greeter/order taker when you went in on Millersville Road.  After the first time I met him, Veryl never forgot my name and would always ask how things were in Pensacola- where he was stationed for a while.  With the APBA community’s response, it was quite apparent that many of us were touched by him and he will be sorely missed.


I wanted to touch on our rule change proposals one more time.  The Constitution has been updated with the changes, but just to reiterate what we voted on.   1) The hit and run may not be used with 2 outs in either the basic or master game.  2) In the computer game- the H&R may not be used with a runner at 1st being a “G” steal allowance, unless his SSN number is less than 28.  In addition, a runner at 1st with a N or R may not be used to H&R.  I don’t think that a G SSN guy ever has a 28 or below, but who knows in the future?  Regardless, please implement these two changes into your games immediately.


Tim has put together a massive spread sheet with stats at roughly 80 games for all NSL players.  Tim I sin two other leagues and those rosters are also included, but it might be a helpful tool for you should you wish to look at all players, not just your own.  I’ll send this by bulk e-mail later today (7/6/15) and by the time you read this you’ve likely already received it.  If for some reason you did not- just let me know.  Thanks for including us, Tim!


Bob and Cross came down to Wilmington last month then headed on to York for some face to face action.  While they were here, Cross landed a job as a school teacher and will relocate here before the school year begins.  That was just one of those things that he always said he was coming down, and you’d just say, “sure, whatever…”  But since being married here on the beach, he and his wife, Leonna, have fallen in love with the place and sure enough, here is where they’ll call home.  Cross will be down next week for some fact finding and then be ready to go in mid-August as the school bells ring.  Chances are, he’s already played your series, but if you can, help him out and play early if requested.  Bob and Cross then ventured to York for some summer meetings, and although a few games were played, it seems that more beer was consumed.  Si said that Kerr, Becker, and JB were there a lot and Scoop was there all the time.  It seems as if Si wants to claim Scoop as a dependent.  But they all had a great time, and as always, shows what our league is all about, rather than just playing the game.


The Rapps head to Canada in a week for their annual vacation and Eric heads to Hilton Head.  I know Si will be here in late July, and as you know, Cross will be here in mid-July.  Summer is a fun time for us all- enjoy your time and keep in mind your league responsibilities!


                                                                                                Best Wishes,