The Northern States League

Newsletter #439- January 4th, 2015




Dear Members,


We couldn’t have had a better finish as all the playoff seeding was determined in December with one battle ending on the final game of the season.  What a finish- easily our best in years.


Series #20 results:

Mun 3 at Pa 1, Pa 1 at Mun 3                                     MC 4 at Dun 0, Dun 3 at MC 1

GB 3 at Mar 1, Mar 1 at GB 3                                    Can 3 at NE 1, NE 1 at Can 3

Cle 1 at SL 3, SL 2 at Cle 2                                        Cre 1 at Yk 3, Yk 2 at Cre 2

NH 2 at Kal 2, Kal 0 at NH 4                                     Cro 2 at Lon 2, Lon 2 at Cro 2

VT 2 at GM 2, GM 2 at VT 2                                     NY 1 at Gle 3, Gle 3 at NY 1

Alb 2 at IN 2, IN 2 at Alb 2                                       EY 3 at Key 1, Key 1 at EY 3


Series #21 results:

IN 2 at Pa 2, Pa 1 at IN 3                                           Mun 1 at Alb 3, Alb 2 at Mun 2

Can 3 at GM 1, GM 2 at Can 3 (1 makeup)               Dun 2 at Cro 2, Cro 2 at Dun 2

NY 2 at Kal 2, Kal 2 at NY 2                                     MC 4 at Lon 0, Lon 1 at MC 3

VT 2 at NE 2, NE 2 at VT 2                                       GB 3 at SL 1, SL 0 at GB 4

Key 3 at Cre 1, Cre 1 at Key 3                                   Mar 2 at Cle 2, Cle 0 at Mar 4

Yk 0 at EY 4, EY 1 at Yk 3                                       Gle 2 at NH 2, NH 0 at Gle 4


Yount Division- Muncie wasn’t really challenged in December, despite playing just .500 ball as they took care of business in the summer.  Albany and Indiana were left to duke it out for the ild card and while Albany took 5 from Muncie in series #21, the Imperials were able to duplicate that to grab the Schmidt wild card and send the Wildcats home.  Pennsylvania finished well off the pace, but the real question in the division is just how good is this Muncie team?  Checking the stats lets you know that this club flew under the radar, yet checked in with the best record in the league, yet did not have the best divisional record or the best conference record in the division.  Yep- under the radar but a solid divisional champion.


In the Carter, it belonged to Vermont again with a powerful team which never really put away the Elite until the final 4-4 split in series #21.  The Elite had a better divisional record by 7 games, and in fact, Vermont had the third best divisional record.  The ‘chucks duplicated the Canucks 20-12 out of conference record, but NE could only play .500 against the Winfield which turns out to be the real story.  But it was still Vermont that drove the bus to the playoffs as they have in so many recent years.  GM finished just 2 games under .500 and Canaan turned in a decent .469 season staying in the thick of things through a good portion of the season. 


The Rice had our best finish, yet it really wasn’t the final that was exciting as the division was this tight from June until the closing whistle.   New Hudson and Glenville were matched up in series #21, knowing that Indiana or Albany would win the wild card and that they’d have to play their best to get into the post season.  After a 2 all split in New Hudson, the teams returned to Glenville and Coach Kerr put the hoover on ‘em and win the division by 3.  This was a division that was this tight throughout, and although Kalamazoo and North York didn’t play much of a role at the top, they did throw a wrench into things with NY pulling a split with NH while Kalamazoo was doing the same with Glenville.  But it’s on to the playoffs for the Greys and a tough match with the best team in the league.


So it’ll be Muncie and Glenville in one bracket and Indiana vs Vermont in the other Schmidt bracket.  Look to the web page for updates.


It seemed as if Crosstown had Magic City at arm’s length most of the season in the Murphy.  It was apparent early on that the wild card would come from this division as well, but neither club played for anything less than the division championship.  The two clubs finished their head to head play in November with a 5-3 ‘dale win, and after that things were pretty well set for the post season.  The battle for the cellar in the division was almost as intense with Longstown and Duneland fielding similar records as they battled all year long.  But Magic City and Crosstown will now cruise into the post season wondering if their paths will cross yet again at some point.  The division was settled out of the conference as both clubs went 79-51 in the conference, yet Crosstown’s 17-15 against the Schmidt was 4 better than Magic City.  Yet both are 90 game winners and both belong in the post season.


Gulf Breeze won the Winfield after a late surge by Sparrow Lake.  The good guys got rich within the division while struggling to an ugly 13-19 out of conference.  Although Marietta and Cleveland weren’t able to put much pressure on the top teams, the Stallions were able to and after a miserable start, but together a decent fall to get the lead under 10 games, before limits caught up with them and a large 7-1 GB win in series #21 sealed their fate.  The ‘varks visit the post season for the first time since 2006 and will hope that the lack of a large competitive push down the stretch won’t hurt things.


I wasn’t sure that anyone would win the Brett.  The entire division finished over .500, and all 4 teams had their moments of glory.  It was Creekside that started the year hot before settling down, the York took their time at the top.  Keystone closed late but all along it was East York at the top or near the top.  York closed the gap in December with a 3-1 series win vs East York, but then dropped all 4 at East York to send the 66ers to their personal playground- the playoffs.  Any of the 4 could have won the division, but it was clear that as they beat up on each other, none would be the wild card. 


The brackets in the Cooper set up Gulf Breeze meeting Magic City and East York taking on Crosstown.


So the excitement of the post season is upon us and I remind you to follow the results as they happen on the web page- Bob will keep you up to date on the bulletin board portion.  Good luck to all the participants!


The Black Wolf enjoyed a combined perfect game at Pennsylvania in series #20.  It started with Jimenez and 3 relievers later it was over.  The team struck out 11 and was in complete control in the 10-0 Muncie rout.  The perfect game was only the third in NSL history.  Congratulations to all the Black Wolf!


It’s always a wild time of year as the post season gets here far too early and we enjoy our families through the busy holiday season.  I was able to get the stats done quickly and basically finish off the 2014 regular season and all the stats are on the web page as we speak.  The NSL record book has been updated as well.  This year we had a couple of league marks set.  Albany busted the caught stealing record with 84.  Both Muncie and Gulf Breeze posted 22 shutouts which beat the old record of 21.  With a down offensive year as we had very few individual records were threatened. 


The 35 year won/loss record is also posted for you- Si is just 6 wins short of 3000 now and I’m still in charge of the most losses ever category.  Denny’s W/L winning pct is shrinking as Mick puts the pressure on.


The All League ballot is on the web page for your use as well- please have that ballot back here by 1/31/15.  Stats are all updated now.


The excitement of the ending of a season brings about the same excitement of beginning a new campaign.  We’re in that little lull period where 2014 is being closed out and 2015 is closer than we think.  You’ll be updated via bulk e-mail over the next few days as things begin to happen rapidly.  More on that in a second.


As I mentioned in an e-mail, Jack and John have left the league and we’re blessed to have 2 capable new members.  Tim Meador has brought the Frankfort Cardinals into the NSL mix (takes over Canaan) while Bob Jones has brought in the Coastal Bulldogs (was Pennsylvania).  Their info was sent to you and is also on the directory.  Please note that the directory on the web page is 2014- and the divisions are not set up for 2015 yet at this time. 


Dues for 2015 are due here now- and just looking at the standings page will tell you who is paid up.  Dues are $30.00 and you can also include the $25.00 stat rider if you choose as we talked about in that e-mail of a few days ago.  Dues have to be in before the lottery, or at least a plan presented to me for payment. 


The basic progression of the next few days are this: First, sanctions will be handed out- you should know your consequences of overages by the middle of the week at least.  The lottery will then occur- at the game company this year- and probably in the very early part of the week after next- it just depends on when Al, Mark, and Bo can get together at the game company.  Very soon after that I’ll open trading.  Trading can be followed on the web page and are generally updated daily. 



Once again trading will be a little different this year.  I will post a trade and highlight it in yellow.  You’ll have 3 days to protest a trade then they’ll turn green meaning they’ve been approved.  Should you have a problem with a trade, you have the option to let me know, and if enough franchises have a protest against a certain trade, we’ll review it and perhaps have it reworked.  A protest will not be for a team which got the better of another, but will be accepted should you believe a trade is not in the best interests of the league.  I will require you to explain yourself as to your reasons we should not accept the trade, and am not looking for general comments such as “that trade sucks”, rather I want the reasons why and will not pay attention to idle ridicule of a trade.  Of course, your comments will remain anonymous, but this does give us an avenue to shoot down clearly bogus trades. 


Changes in the drafts will also be noted daily on the web page- please note the FA picks that have already been dealt.


As mentioned, divisions have not been set for next year yet ad likely won’t be for a couple of weeks.  You will be informed as soon as they have been completed.


So the next few times you’ll hear from me will be through bulk e-mail and through the web page categories that Bob will highlight for you.


I hope everyone is well and enjoy the post season!



                                                                                    Best Wishes,