The Northern States League

Newsletter #453- June 2nd, 2016




Dear Members,


I say it every year and this will not be any different.  We’re already ¼ of the way through the season and there are no divisions that are settled.  Yeah- we have a 3 game lead at the largest, and a 1 game lead at the smallest.   Every team in the league is within at least 8 games of the top slots with the exception of the Woodchucks.  It does appear that we’ll have some battles as we plunge in to the dog days.


Series #3 results:

Mun 1 at Alb 3, Alb 3 at Mun 1                                 NE 2 at VT 2, VT 2 at NE 2

MC 2 at IN 2, IN 2 at MC 2                                       Dun 3 at Coa 1, Coa 2 at Dun 2

SL 3 at Mar 1, Mar 0 at SL 4                                      Cre 3 at Yk 1, Yk 2 at Cre 2

NY 2 at Cle 2, Cle 2 at NY 2                                     Cro 2 at GB 2, GB 2 at Cro 2

GM 3 at Lon 1, Lon 2 at GM 2                                  Gle 2 at Kal 2, Kal 2 at Gle 2

NH 1 at Fra 3, Fra 1 at NH 3                                      EY 2 at Key 2, Key 2 at EY 2


Series #4 results:

Gle 0 at GM 4, GM 2 at Gle 2                                    Mar 3 at Coa 1, Coa 2 at Mar 2

Kal 3 at Alb 1, Alb 0 at Kal 4                                     NH 1 at MC 3, MC 1 at NH 3

IN 1 at NE 3, NE 3 at IN 1                                        Cle 0 at Cre 4, Cre 1 at Cle 3

Yk 1 at SL 3, SL 1 at Yk 3                                         NY 3 at Dun 1, Dun 1 at NY 3

EY 2 at Cro 2, Cro 2 at EY 2                                     VT 0 at Fra 4, Fra 2 at VT 2

Key 3 at GB 1, GB 2 at Key 2                                   Lon/Mun delayed until July


Series #5 results:

Alb 3 at GM 1, GM 2 at Alb 2                                   NH 3 at Mun 1, Mun 0 at NH 4

Mar 2 at Cre 2, Cre 0 at Mar 4                                    Cro 2 at Cle 2, Cle 3 at Cro 1

GB 1 at SL 3, SL 1 at GB 3                                       Gle 3 at NE 1, NE 3 at Gle 1

MC 4 at VT 0, VT 2 at MC 2                                     Fra 1 at Lon 3, Lon 3 at Fra 1

IN 1 at Kal 3, Kal 1 at IN 3                                        Yk 1 at NY 3, NY 3 at Yk 1

Dun 2 at Key 2, Key 4 at Dun 0                                 Coa 4 at EY 0, EY 2 at Coa 1 (1 rain)


Strange things are going on in the Rice.  Glenville is at the bottom, and trail New Hudson by 5 full games already.  Frankfort also holds up the division with a 19-21 mark.  The challenge right now to the Nutjobs appears to be the ‘zoo- as Chuck’s charges are just 2 games back.  New Hudson has the worst away record in the division, yet the best home record in the league.  It looks as if Michael will need to figure out that pregame meal thing when they’re on the road, and try and get the home karma away from home.  But make no mistake- the New Hudson entry is a strong one, and the division looks to be one of the most even we’ve seen in quite a while.  It should be a nice battle.  New Hudson only split with Frankfort and Magic City this month, but trashed Muncie 7 out of 8.  In a mirror image, the ‘zoo split with Glenville and Indiana with a trashing of Albany in the middle series, 7 to 1.  Frankfort went .500 for the month with a fine 6-2 over Vermont, and Glenville was the only losing team in the division thanks to a 2-6 with the Canucks, a sweep at the northlands.


Speaking of the Canucks and their stalwart leader, Green Mountain kept the pedal to the medal by taking 5 of 8 from division runner-up Longstown in series #5.  Then came the 6-2 over Glenville, but that was followed with a 3-5 against the Wildcats.  The Prospectors seem to win wherever they go, and this division isn’t holding them back either, as they did drop the GM series, but beat Frankfort 6 out of 8 before taking series #4 off until July.  So when the smoke cleared, the Mountain was up by a singleton.  New England checks in at .500 this month splitting with both Vermont and Glenville before a 6-2 over Indiana.  Tough to figure the cellar dwellers in the division, as the perennial powerhouse Woodchucks seem to be on the skids, already 16 games back.  2-6 marks with both Frankfort and Magic City took care of that and Dave’s 4-4 split with New England was the highlight of the month.


Who would have thought that the leaders of the Yount would be 21-19?  Not I, as one would have thought that Albany and Muncie might be stomping the other two.  But like the Rice, it’s just 5 games top to bottom, and Albany checks in as the lone over .500 team in the division.  They got there by beating Muncie 6-2 and GM 5-3.  Heck- should be up by 10, right?  Nah- a 1-7 stumble against Kalamazoo has Albany looking for answers- but that 15-9 mark in the division seems to indicate they’re in pretty good shape.  Muncie had a horrible month, slipping all the way down to 3rd.  Their best series of the month was the one they didn’t play.  Otherwise, they were 2-6 losers to Albany and 1-7 losers to New Hudson.  Yikes- better put some wins together old Bob!  The Black Wolf were supplanted in 2nd place by the Imperials, who didn’t play that well either, 4-4 with both MC and Kal, and a 2-6 with New England.  But it was good enough to pass Muncie.  Magic City is starting to make some noise as we knew he would.  After that abysmal April, Bryan got things going- splits to start with IN and NH, before a solid 6-2 over Vermont.  So, the Maulers were the only team in the division with a record over .500 this month, trail by just 5, and are on a roll. 


Slipping down to the Winfield, we’ve been here before.  Last year, North York got out to a nice lead, holding on into the middle of the summer before fading away.  This year?  More of the same as the Warthogs took 6 from both York and Duneland along with a split against Cleveland.  The ‘hogs have a 2 game cushion ove Marietta- last month’s division leaders.  Marietta took 6 from Creekside and 5 from Coastal.  So how did they drop the lead?  A horrid 1-7 against Sparrow Lake did that, yet it’s still just a 2 game deficit for Bo.  Cleveland checks in in 3rd place with a .500 record and did the exact same thing with a break even month- splitting with NY, dropping 5 to Creekside and winning 5 against Crosstown.  In a bit of a surprise, we see Sparrow Lake at the bottom, trailing North York by 6 games.  You know that Mark throttled Marietta 7 to 1, but they split with York and Gulf Breeze.  Still, though, they made up some ground and just like Magic City, seem to be headed in the right direction.  There was no word on how much trash talk between Bo and Mark this month, but chances are it was pretty one-sided.


The Murphy honestly could be the weakest division in NSLland.  I think Duneland may have the pitching and Crosstown may have the offense, but Gulf Breeze is your leader at this writing.  The good guys were actually 2 games below .500, yet still hung on to the top rung.  A nice face to face split with Crosstown started things, but a 3-5 against Keystone followed.  A split against Sparrow Lake finished up the month, and we’ll take the fact that we’re in the lead, but would assume a stumble is coming.  The ‘dales are down by 2 games, and like Gulf Breeze were 7-9 for the month.  In series #4, the team split with East York, but in #5 they dropped 5 to Cleveland.  Still, the new NC resident is in good shape at the ¼ pole.  The Crusaders haven’t put it together yet, and trail by 5 games.  Things looked great after a 5-3 mark with Coastal, but then back to back tough series saw 2-6 series with both North York and Keystone.  Coastal brings up the rear- yet just 6 ½ back.  In a huge series for the aspiring franchise the ‘dogs swept East York at EY.  But 3-5 marks with both Marietta and Duneland took a little of that shine away. 


Keystone enjoys the biggest division lead in the league.  They are up by 3 games now in the Brett, despite fine series by the other members of the division.  Sure- a 4 all split is okay- especially when it is against rival East York- but a 5-3 with GB and 6-2 with Duneland showed that the ‘stone is in good shape to challenge once again.  Defending champion Creekside is in 2nd place, Happy with their pair of 5-3 series over York and Cleveland.  But- Egad!  Marietta took a 6-2 series over the Crushers and it’s back to the drawing board for Scoop.  It is interesting to see the two teams at the bottom where we don’t often see them.  Well, I guess York is usually down there…. But East York occupies 3rd place after one of their most disappointing months in a while.  I say that because of the ugly 0-4 Mick rolled against himself at East York against Coastal.  Yet otherwise, things were okay, with splits against Keystone and Crosstown on the board.  Everyone’s hero proudly boasts that he’ll have 13 starting pitchers this year (or thereabouts), and will need them all.  Si got a split with Sparrow Lake, but dropped series to Creekside (3-5) and North York (2-6). 


We still see some pitching domination, especially in the Cooper.  Maybe not quite as bad as last year, but the team with the best batting average is Sparrow Lake at .253 (yet they have scored 143 runs- 11th out of 12 in the conference).  Power seems to be okay- 496 HR in the Cooper (with 8 games delayed) against 520 in the Schmidt.  Keystone’s 2.84 ERA is tops in the league. 


Keystone’s Greinke threw a no-hitter here against Gulf Breeze.  I sent in the score sheet, but haven’t seen it on the web page yet.  Look for it along the top row in the next couple of days.  He was dominant, striking out 12 in the 10-0 C win.  Tell me- how is it that I can roll 11 hits for Key, yet 0 for GB?  GB got one runner as far as 2nd base and Granderson had 2 bombs and 4 rbi in the blow out.  The career no hitter list has also been updated.


Chuck is moving- I may be jumping the gun a couple of weeks as he’s moving on June 15-16.  Chuck is pulling up stakes with the Kalamazoo team and moving to… Kalamazoo.  Yep- I’ve never seen a team named for a city that they were going to move to- and actually did.  Anyway, the web page directory will be changed and Chuck’s info now is: 2683 Bluestone Ci, Kalamazoo, MI 49009.  I told him we’d all be up there to help him move.  Right.


It appears that we’ll be having a miniature play day in York July 22-27.  The plan now is for old Bob, Crossie, and me to get there and of course, everyone is welcome to roll some games and have a good time.  The Mun/Lon series has been delayed until then and there may be others before that time frame gets here.  I’m working on how I’ll get there and we may be there in 20 cards, but we’ll be there.  Hope everyone else can get there as well!


The game company web site has a new play by play update for the computer game available.  All computer players should have that file downloaded and installed.  The file gives a brief description of what is changed, and it appears to be mostly text.  As we all know, the computer game sometimes has issues with ER vs unearned runs, and hopefully a few of those issues might be straightened out as well.  Computer game players- should you note a situation where runs should be earned, yet the CG scores them as unearned, you should make the manual adjustments and let me and your opponents know.


That’s all I have for this month- I hope everyone is well and we’ll be in touch soon!



                                                                                    Best Wishes,