The Northern States League

Newsletter #447- November 4th, 2015




Dear Members,


This month’s major highlight is the playing of the NSL All-Star Game hosted by Dan Wilburn and the Duneland Crusaders.  The score sheet has been on the web page as well as the voting results, but I’ll highlight them again in just a bit.  Bryan helped Dan in the game and it pretty much mirrored the lack of offense we’ve seen all year long as both teams combined for just 9 hits and 3 runs.  More on that in a minute, and here’s what is happening around the league.


Series #14 results:

Cle 2 at GB 2              Kal 0 at Key 4             Coa 0 at Lon 4                        NH 0 at Cre 4

Cro 0 at Alb 4             Key 2 at NH 2                        Lon 2 at IN 2              Mar 2 at VT 2

NY 1 at GM 3             Cre 2 at Kal 2              GM 4 at Cle 0             NE 2 at Mar 2

Alb 3 at MC 1             VT 1 at SL 3               MC 3 at Mun 1           Fra 2 at EY 2

Dun 2 at Coa 2            EY 3 at Gle 1              Mun 3 at Cro 1            Yk 2 at Fra 2

IN 3 at Dun 1              Gle 2 at Yk 2              SL 4 at NE 0               GB 4 at NY 0


Series #15 results:

Dun 1 at Mun 3           Cro 2 at IN 2               Coa 1 at Cro 3             GM 3 at Mar 1

Mun 1 at Lon 3           Yk 1 at Kal 3              In 2 at MC 2               SL 1 at GM 3

NE 4 at Cle 0              EY 1 at NH 3              Mar 4 at GB 0             GB 1 at SL 3

Lon 2 at Alb 2             Kal 2 at EY 2              MC 3 at Coa 1                        Cre 3 at Fra 1

Alb 4 at Dun 0                        Cle 2 at VT 2              NY 3 at NE 1              Key 3 at Cle 1

Fra 3 at Key 1             NH 1 at Yk 3              Fra 3 at Key 1             VT 3 at NY 1


In the Winfield, Sparrow Lake came to the table this month going 11-5 and putting a stranglehold on the division.  Mark’s team has been only so-so all year, yet put things together this month for a solid W/L.  Couple that with a disastrous North York month (5-11) and you can see the main reason for the now 8 game SL lead.  But don’t forget wedged between these two clubs is Marietta- checking in with a fine 9-7 month, yet not enough to close the gap on the Lake- in fact dropping a pair of games further behind.  At this writing, NY and Mar are not in the wild card picture, and although that could change, chasing Sparrow Lake for the division title might be a better alternative.  The Hit Men have the league’s worst record and had a 4-12 month, including 1-7 at home.  The draft is coming.


In the Murphy, it’s the same story as it has been since May- when will Longstown collapse?  Well the answer is obviously not in October as Becker’s charges went 11-5 against the Yount in what has to be considered a better than solid month.  Meanwhile, the competition comes from magic City which went 9-7- good enough in most cases, but causing a 2 game drop in this one.    Bryan is in contention for the wild card (5 games behind Keystone) but just 4 out of first.  But the question remains when will the story end for the Prospectors?  Well, that chapter has yet to be written.  Crosstown has faded off the lead in the last couple of months, and 6-10 means they’re further back than last month at this time.  The ‘dales are out by 16 ½, and still have a role to play down the stretch- hoping that they’ll be a major player.  Duneland at least got to host the All Star Game, a highlight as they look up at a 26 ½ game deficit to Longstown after a 4-12 October.


The Brett stayed the same as last month, with the Crushers holding the divisional lead by 5 games over Keystone.  The Comanches remain in good shape in the division, but in great shape in the wild card as they lead Magic City by 5 games in that.  Yet J.B. undoubtedly wants to grab the division, and a 10-6 mark was a positive for the month.  Only problem is that Creekside went 12-4 and, hence, added 2 games to the division lead.  Yet anything can happen as we turn into the middle of autumn and the C’s think they have what it takes.  Equally so is Creekside.  The 66ers checked in at .500 for the month (8-8) and lost a chance to keep pace with the top dogs, dropping 14 games behind Creekside, yet still 6 games over .500.  What a division!  Mick is 9 out in the wild card, and has some work to do even to hold off last play York, winners of the same 8 games in the month as East York.  Si is also still above .500 (2 games) and has a lot of ground to make up- as well as plenty of teams between them and the post season.


Winners of more than 75% of their games, the only question in the Yount is can the Wildcats be tamed/  Well- it doesn’t appear to be possible this year, as their lead has ballooned to nearly 30 games with 48 to play.  I’m not a big magic number guy, but I think that puts their number around 20.  Wow.  Another great month, 13-3 (but 2-2 with Longstown) paced the leaders and all they need to really do is keep up with their limits and keep everyone rested and fresh.  The rest of the division is out of the division race and are all at least 10 games out of the wild card race.  Muncie is in 2nd place in the division, and was happy with a .500 October.  Sure they lost 5 more games to Albany, but they did put more distance between themselves and the bottom guys- Coastal and Indiana.  The latter two are tied for 3rd place, thanks mainly to a Coastal stumble, the Bulldogs going 4-12 this month.  Meanwhile, Indiana checked in with a very competitive 9-7 October.  They’ve caught Coastal, now what about NMuncie/


It’s hard to figure out the Rice.  I had New Hudson pegged for the top slot, yet they’re in last.  I picked Frankfort for last, and they’re 2nd.  Glenville for 2nd, and they’re first.  Catch a trend here?  Well, the biggest division problem this month is that they played the Brett, that the division with everyone over .500.  As for the Rice, only one team (Glenville) is above .500, and that after a dismal 5-11 month.  Yet the Greys still lead, and the lead is 5 games at this moment over both Frankfort and Kalamazoo.  The ‘zoo played 7-9 in October and actually shaved 2 games off the Glenville lead.  At the same time, Frankfort also made up ground and were 8-8, closing by 3 games off the Glenville lead and both now out of the division by 5 and the wild card by 9.  New Hudson was losers of 10 out of 16, yet they also made up a game on Glenville.  So, in the reverse of September when Glenville was the big September winner, October showed us Glenville having the worst division mark and hence, the race tightening.


Vermont made a run last month and closed the Green Mountain lead down to just 1 ½, but the Canucks got up and looked at the standings- fueled by that they went 13-3 and opened up a 6 ½ game bulge again.  Vermont played just .500 and although they still comfortably lead the wild card (by 6), they should still be confident that they can chase down their brother.  Gulf Breeze was 7-9, being swept at home by Marietta and sweeping on the road at North York as they continue their inconsistent play, and the Elite are not so, also going 7-9 including a sweep at Cleveland, but being swept at home by Sparrow Lake.


Kudos to Dan Wilburn for the nice write-up on the All-Star Game, which you’ve already seen on the web page.  The Schmidt scored 2 in the first on Posey & J.D.Martinez rbis and the Cooper waited until the 9th to plate their single run on a Springer blast.  Kluber was your winner, with Archer losing it and Benoit gaining the save.  I know Bryan was on the other end of the, managing the Schmidt and I’m sure they had a good time. 

Thanks to both you guys and a job well done!


We had two no hitters last month to make our yearly total 8, tying 2003 for the highest number of No hitters in a season (already).  In series #14, Al Rapp’s boys pulled a combined no hitter against Green Mt.  Only trouble is, they lost!  Yes, that’s right- it was 1-0 Green Mt thanks to a Desmond SF in the first after Wheeler had walked 2.  Cleveland hurlers did allow 7 BB to keep them in hot water, but when the dust had cleared, the hits column totaled 0 for the Canucks.  Then just after that, and only a couple of series removed from their last no hitter, Magic City’s Tyson Ross threw one in series #15 against Indiana, this time the no hitter pitcher actually won.  Ross allowed just 2 BB on the day and was never challenged in the 4-0 Mauler win.  Both of these score sheets have been posted on the web page already and the no hitter list on the web page will be or has been updated.


Bob Chalfant came down to Oak Island (about 30 minutes from here) for a visit a couple of weeks ago.  One of the reasons they came down was to look at houses before a possible move, and I think Bob mentioned from time to time there were like 6 houses he would have bought right then and there if he could sell his house in Muncie.  Now, what would Bob do with 6 houses in Oak Island?  Well, not sure about that but it was fun seeing him. We all (new Bob, Crossie, Dayna & I) went to dinner with old Bob and Susan, then we all went to his place in oak Island at some time the following week- obviously fun was had by all. 


As we all know, the meetings will be here in Wilmington the weekend of 2/26-28/16.  I will have a rental property beginning on Monday of that week for anyone who wants to come early.  I know that Chuck has already committed to coming and certainly assume that at least the usual assortment of NSL managers will be here, hopefully with many others.  There is a economy package available (staying at my house) and even staying at the beach won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Remember that ex-NSL commissioner (1979-1983) Bruce Taylor should be here as well to join in the festivities.  Airline flights to Wilmington (ILM) are at least competitive with other airports, and Raleigh/Durham (roughly 2 ¼ hours from here) has better times and prices.  Myrtle Beach (1 ¼ hours away) has some great packages for golfers especially, which should lead to excellent prices.  The Pray shuttle service is available to all these locations.


The home or away series went off fine this month.  We did have some irritating lateness, but were able to scramble and get things back on track.  We have one more of these away or home series this month, and keep in mind that your roster must be the same home and away in each numbered series.  Your roster can change between numbered series, of course.  Your opinions on how you like/do not like the home or away series can always be voiced to me- perhaps at the meetings when most of membership is around.


Please keep an eye on your limits as we start to wind down.  It might be a good time to recheck your players and assure that they’re not getting too many AB or IP per game, and are coming in on the numbers.  We all know there are penalties should your players go over the original limits.


The APBA carded list is out and I’ve broken it down by team roster.  You can find this on the web page, and soon I’ll have the rookie and FA break downs- I would assume by the end of this coming weekend.  You’ll note in the right hand column of that sheet your team and carded as well as non-carded players owned.  In addition to this is Cross & Bryan’s first look at the rookie draft in the newest Nuggets- on the web page if you haven’t seen it yet.


Next month (December) you’ll be able to have your complete roster active, and this will continue through the January series.  Be sure to let your opponent know if a player cannot be used or is out of limits.  


It is that time of year.  Thanksgiving in 3 weeks, Christmas in what seems to be too soon right after that.  It certainly is a great time to play a little ahead, or at least don’t slip behind. Time constraints will start to affect your personal life as the holidays approach- that’s a good thing- and the league can’t be forgotten as others are depending upon you to keep up with your responsibilities.  Please try and remain on time in this tough phase of the year as we head down the home stretch,


I hope everyone is well and have a great month!



                                                                                                Best Wishes,