The Northern States League

Newsletter #475- March 2nd, 2018




Dear Members,


One of the many things that sets are league apart from others is our annual winter meetings get together and this year it was as good as ever.  14 of us got together and enjoyed each other’s company in addition to making new friends (Sara without the –h), learned a little bit about the law(s) of Wrightsville Beach, and wondered how in the heck Dave- who went to get ice- wound up in the drop off lane at the local elementary school.  These are all true stories, and I’d like to tell you that I ordered up some of the best weather ever for your enjoyment.  This being said as my brother in law is in Syracuse the week after our meetings in 12 inches of snow with more to come- and it appears our Vermont crew will certainly be affected.  I wonder if Dave is happy to be in Florida right now.


We have to start the newsletter off with the Championship Series, won by Duneland in 7 games over Crosstown in what may have been the first ever Championship Series played in the elements.  The combatants played at the beach house on the 2nd floor and after a general “who cares” attitude, the deck grew full of humanity as we watched the final innings being p-entered.  There should be a report on the web page shortly and although I haven’t seen the total stats yet, we’ll try to get those posted as well.  Duneland posted their 2nd championship but you can easily say both were champions after that great series.  Check out the web page for the updates when they come in.


The drafts went off without a hitch and we have to salute two members for going above and beyond the call to make things smooth for us all.  Dave set up a Facebook chatroom type thing and was able to relay the picks made instantly to those guys, then Michael had a team viewer set up for Tim and Chuck so all of us were in the loop.  As these guys were also trying to draft, check their draft sheets, etc., it was a thankless job and we’d all agree they did a fine job of it.  The drafts went well- perhaps a couple of hold ups in the rookies, but I guess we’ve all come to expect that at some time.  I did not write it down, but I believe we were through with the rookies before 12:30 PM and the FA draft took roughly 1:45.  Thanks to us all.


Coach Kerr and his committee announced the Hall of Fame voting, and 3 new members got in this year through membership voting.  Trevor Hoffman, Vlad Guerrero, and Ivan Rodriguez will all be entering our Hall of Fame as the class of 2017.  Additionally, the Veteran’s committee met and voted in 4 new members- the first time the Vet Com has done any electing.  Voted in by the Veteran Committee were Roberto Alomar, Fred McGriff, Ryne Sandberg, and Gary Sheffield.  So the Hall has gotten a bit more crowded- but that’s fine with membership.  As you know, Bill will begin working on the web page formatting of the members in the Hall as well as their pictures and stats presentation. So eventually, we’ll have things the way he wants them.  For now though- congratulations to these seven new Hall of Fame members!


There was not a ton of rule changes discussed.  JB has already sent out the one issue that you should be voting on.  It could be that everyone is happy with the league as it is, so that’s a good thing!


Most membership chose to head out and do some barhopping so the All-League game was not played until Sunday, when Dave and I rolled it at my house.  Dave was unconscious rolling and had 7 XBH including 4 HR in a game that was never a contest- the Schmidt winning 9-2.  Dave likely will head back to the dice now that he rolled so well and says “nuts” to the computer game.  Well, maybe not.  Carlos Santana, Braun, and Realmuto all had HR in a Magic City type of game, but Dave gave the MVP to PH David Ortiz.  In his last appearance ever in any capacity for the league, Big Papi came on in the 7th and Dave rolled an 11 for Ortiz’ solo blast.  Guess Dave got the most with his one PH appearance.  Scherzer won it, Jose Fernandez lost it.  Montgomery pitched the final 3 innings with 9 up and 9 down and the save.


Here are a few miscellaneous notes.


Si has announced that the summer meetings in York will be June 21- June 23 this year.  In conversation at the meetings, I know guys wanted a set date- but we probably can’t commit to that with summer schedules being what they are.  Regardless, I know he and the York guys will do their best to have some type of schedule in mind at the winter meetings each year.


Al mentioned he’d like to see guys date of births on the directory.  I’m fine with that and I’ll even put my year of birth as well.  You can post the whole thing or just the month and date if you like.  Shoot it to me and I’ll get it posted on the web page.  Not a big issue- just sort of nice to be able to reach out to birthday boys. 


The game company has announced a card change- Kinsler should have his result at dice roll 45 changed to a 14*.  If you send a SASE to them they’ll replace the card.


I’ve come across a guy who will track your stats for you daily.  He charges 15 cents per player or $7.50 for a team for the year.  I do not use his service and know very little about it, but I know some of you may be interested.  He is John “Stray” Corrado-  I guess he has a web site as well:  I’m not advocating anything at all and know nothing of the guy- just know what he says he can do.


I will have a new calendar of events on the web page- likely by the time you read this newsletter.  It will cover us from now until the following (2019) opening day.  In addition, I’ll have the schedule posted within the next 3-4 days.  Just tune in to the web page for updates.


Your next big date to keep in mind is Tuesday 3/13 when trading ends.  All trades will have to be in my inbox by midnight on the 13th.  From there, your final rosters will be due in Wilmington to night of 3/15.  I will process the list of Waiver Draft eligible players and Sunday night the 18th (8 PM) we’ll hold the Waiver Draft.  At this time, Mark is working on a program where we can all join in like the chatrooms we’ve had in the past.  Should that not work, we’ll have to do the draft through e-mails, one round at a time.  We’ll get you more info on this as the time comes.  Do keep in mind the vote that is in hand regarding the Waiver Draft as this may change your drafting plans.


I set the Waiver Draft order today and broke 3 ties.  Remember that the Waiver Draft is the reverse of the winning pct. with no regard to playoff seeding. So it is based on just the regular season winning percentage.  Dice rolls were performed with the higher roll getting the better pick.  Mar rolled a 43, Cle a 42, so Marietta picks before Cle.  GB rolled a 43, MC a 41, so GB drafts ahead of Magic City.  Albany rolled a 42 and SL a 21 so Albany drafts before Sparrow Lake.


I will be out of town from March 7-13.  The plan is to update everything from where I am and that should work fine.  The 13th is a travel day- to get home here just in time for those final trades.  I don’t see an issue in getting things taken care of.


I believe this gets everyone up to date.  Please stay in tough and enjoy your final shaping of the team roster!


                                                                                    Best Wishes,