The Northern States League

Newsletter #458- November 1st, 2016




Dear Members,


Just 40 games remain on the NSL slate now and we have two divisions in dead heats.  Then we have a division with 18 and a division with 22 game leads.  But just about all the Cooper teams are still in races and roughly 8 still have shots in the Schmidt.  It should be a fantastic finish!


Series 15 results:

GB 1 at Mun 3            Mun 3 at Dun 1           SL 1 at Lon 3              MC 2 at Coa 2

IN 1 at Cro 3               Lon 2 at Mar 2            Alb 2 at GB 2              Cro 2 at MC 2

EY 1 at Kal 3              Mar 3 at GM 1                        Dun 2 at Alb 2            Cle 2 at NE 2

VT 2 at Cle 2              NY 1 at VT 3              Gle 1 at Key 3             NE 2 at NY 2

Fra 0 at Cre 4              GM 0 at SL 4              Yk 3 at NH 1               Coa 3 at IN 1

NH 3 at EY 1              Key 3 at Fra 1             Kal 1 at Yk 3               Cre 2 at Gle 2


Series 16 results:

IN 2 at GB 2               Cre 2 at GM 2             GB 3 at MC 1             NY 2 at Lon 2

Mun 4 at Coa 0           Cro 2 at Mun 2            Alb 4 at Cro 0             Key 1 at Kal 3

Coa 1 at Alb 3             Lon 2 at Cle 2             Mar 2 at NE 2             NH 1 at Key 3

Cre 2 at NH 2              GM 3 at NY 1             NE 2 at SL 2               Kal 3 at Cre 1

EY 1 at Fra 3               Yk 0 at Gle 4               VT 1 at Mar 3             SL 4 at VT 0

Gle 2 at EY 2              Dun 3 at IN 1              Fra 2 at Yk 2               MC 1 at Dun 3


Fun times in the Schmidt.  This month we’ll start in the Rice where Kalamazoo was able to gain a tie with Glenville thanks to a 10-6 ‘zoo month.  Glenville’s 9-7 kept things tight, and included a sweep of York.  Kalamazoo had 3 nice 3-1 series to go along with a 1-3 at York.  New Hudson was “right there” last month, but their 7-9 October left them 5 games back now, and 2 teams to climb over.  Even Frankfort’s 6-10 month wasn’t awful, but the Cards have now faded to 15 off the pace.  The loser of the top perch battle is the leader in the wild card, so for now at least, 2 teams will be coming out of this grouping.


To the other tight division- and Muncie may be the hottest team on the planet with their 12-4 month, good enough to chase down and tie Albany, which finished at 11-5.  So gone is the one game Albany lead, yet no one in Wildcat land is panicking as they own the Black Wolf in head to head play.  Still, though, the loser of this battle may not get the wild card- as the Rice seems to be putting a lock on that.  Magic City continues to confound the industry, as they only went 6-10 in a month they had to do better.  Indiana has stumbled badly since leading the division in June, and a 5-11 mark this month didn’t help, their best series being a 2-2 with Gulf Breeze.  So both Muncie and Albany are playing better- remember this was a division where everyone was under .500 as late as July- and the loser of the battle could be playing for the wild card, yet have to play better than even the 12-4 and 11-5 of this month.


This leaves us the Carter, and a nice 18 game bulge for Longstown.  The P’s only played 9-7 ball this month, but no one else in the division seems poised to make a run at least at this time.  The 2nd bets record for the month in the division belonged to New England, and they are out by 27 at this writing.  The Elite split all 4 series this month, but a .500 record is not going to make up a large gap.  Green Mountain continues in the 2nd place slot, going just 1-7 in series #15 before 5-3 in #16.  The Canucks remain over .500 and trail in the wild card by just 6, but with a lot of teams to climb over, it’s now or never for the defending Schmidt champions.  Vermont is in the basement- yet just by a single game.  Dave went 6-10 this month, and similar to his brother- went just 1-7 in one series (#16) with a decent 5-3 in the other.  Vermont trails New England by just a game, but are 28 behind Longstown and 16 out of the wild card.


Sparrow Lake is putting pressure on Cleveland in the Winfield- in fact, so is Marietta.  The Hit Men seemed to take over this division last month, but this month split all the series they played, to make it an 8-8 month and allowing Sparrow Lake to make up 3 games and Marietta 2.  The 2nd best record for the month in the league belonged to Sparrow Lake, as Mark celebrated his engagement by sweeping both Vermont and Green Mountain.  So take that 6 game lead and make it 3!  Not only that, but the Stallions are tied with Duneland now for the top wild card slot.  I know Mark, though, and chances are he has the Cleveland team in his sights rather than the wild card.  Marietta seemed to tighten the ship a bit after a rugged summer, and going 10-6 this month helped, the Mud Dogs (what the heck is a Mud dog anyway?) went 3-1 with both GM and VT and although they lost a game in the standings to Sparrow Lake, they closed to 5 behind Cleveland, and just 2 out of the wild card.  North York has stumbled badly and this moth a 6-10 mark won’t help them at all.  They are now 9 behind Cleveland, yet if they play as they did in May and June they’ll be right back in it.  Only 6 out of the wild card as well.


The good news in the Murphy is that Gulf Breeze added a game to their lead over Crosstown.  Bad news is that Duneland took a game off the lead, and is now the clear 2nd place team in the division.  The Breeze did nothing to show they belong at the top (8-8) but had a nice 3-1 over Magic City.  Yet Duneland played well for the 4th month in a row, and their 9-7 was the best record in the division for October.  3-1 marks over Indiana and Magic City really helped the cause, and although they’re out by 8, Gulf Breeze isn’t showing much presently.  Plus, Duneland has toed for the wild card which means they have an awful lot to play for over the final 40.  Well, the Colts stink and the Crosstown club seems to be following suit.  The month looked to be pretty good, but then they faced Albany and after the 0-4, they were 12 games behind Gulf Breeze and even 4 now behind Duneland.  Sure- they’re still in the wild card being 4 back, but this club needs a spark.  Coastal’s 6-10 October wasn’t bad, and a 3-1 mark with Indiana was the high water mark.  But, new Bob lost out with an 0-4 against a hot Muncie team leaving them 24 ½ off the pace.


No, Keystone hasn’t clinched yet, but they’re on the brink with a 22 game lead and just 40 to play.  The club was 3-1 against all comers not named Kalamazoo this month, and a 1-3 mark with them left a nice, but not awesome 10-6 record on the board.  Keystone seems to have everything working and they perhaps got a wake-up call from the 1-3 at Kalamazoo.  But chances are, with a 22 game lead, they’re just a little sluggish.  Creekside and East York continue an interesting battle for 2nd, as well as the wild card.  Like the C’s, Creekside took a tough 1-3 with Kalamazoo, but swept Frankfort en route to a 9-7 month and a step up from East York, which posted an ugly 5-11 for October.  You’ll recall Creekside had a horrific September, but on the road to recovery now and just a single game out of the wild card.  East York had been moving along well, but their best series for the month was a 2-2 split with Glenville- tough to make up ground that way.  So the 66ers have yielder their 2nd place standing to the Crushers, yet are just 2 ½ out of the wild card.  York continues to display one of the best offenses around, but pitching and defense mean something, too.  The Caps turned in a .500 October despite a sweep at the hands of Glenville, and are currently 32 games out of first- the largest deficit in the league.  They are, though, just 11 out of the wild card.


As we all know- at this writing the web site is currently down.  Bob has been in contact with Angelfire, and I’m sure we’ll be back up shortly.   Thanks for your patience and I’m sure the Twin Peaks girls will be back soon.


Things that are lined up to go on the web page when they can be posted include the roster breakdown for next year.  I took the original APBA player listing and broke it down by NSL clubs, FA, and rookies.  Once posted, I’d hope you all tell me any issues you see.  I came up with 78 free agents (that’s 6 picks into the 4th round!!!!) and 174 rookies (leaving 54 undrafted).  I have 192 uncarded and owned players and a whopping 10 NSL clubs with 10 or more no cards.


As the game company has said multiple times, this is the last year they’ll differentiate between “regular” cards and “XB” cards.  As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m sure in the very near future we will only be able to buy complete sets (i.e. every player who played gets a card) which will lead us to some conversation in the way we treat player ownership.  Please stay tuned for that.  


I think we’ll also have to consider the new pitcher fatigue rating in the basic game.  This is a change to the basic game made by APBA and we’ve incorporated the changes they’ve made over time.  We surely have the right to not vote it in (or I guess, vote it out) as we have with the pitcher advancement, but this is something the rules committee should get working on.


As mentioned in the last newsletter, the Schmidt defeated the Cooper 3-1 in the annual All-Star game.  A big thanks to Coach Kerr for playing the game and I know Si kept the score sheet.  The game has been posted on the web site, but Cano and Correa had rbi base knocks in the 2nd and there was no scoring the rest of the way.  The last 3 Cooper pitchers didn’t allow a base runner over the final 5 IP with 6 Ks.  Arrieta was the winner, Greinke the loser.  JB hopes that doesn’t affect Greinke’s psyche.  Thanks for playing and the nice write up, Coach!


Many of you have asked me about Hurricane Matthew and how we fared.  Overall we did fine as the storm actually came to us from the west- something I had never seen before.  It did pack a punch, and we lost a tree, with the neighbor behind me losing 4 and next door losing 2.  It was not awful, but certainly a big one.  I have the 6th largest debris pile in the neighborhood!  Yes- it is a big competition.  New Bob had minimal issues down at his place- about 3 miles south of here.    Crossie- close to the beach- cleaned up with just a broom he said.  Once again- it came from the west- helped him out a bit there!  Interestingly I had to go to Florida last week, and all along I-95 are trees that obviously were on the road and had to be cut back.  Quite a bit of damage there- and coming home, I go through a town named Fair Bluff, and they were still without power.   Regardless, we all did well and thanks for your concern.


Old Bob was down here for his week on the beach the week after the storm and we all got together with a meal at Elijah’s- most of you know my favorite place here in town- downtown along the river.  I think Bob is serious about trying to move here, and it does all depend on his selling his hose in Muncie.  It was great to see him, of course.


It’s here already.  Well- close at least.  The holidays are close to upon us, and we have 3 series to play this month.  Of course, the first 2 are just like October, when you play one team at home and one on the road.  Keep in mind the team rosters must be the same for both home and away series in each numbered series for November.  That is rosters for series 17 home and away must be the same, then you can change rosters and it needs to be the same for home and away of series #18.  Then, to further confuse you, series 19 is back in your own division with 4 games home and away and full rosters- i.e. everyone is active- for that one.  Not only do we have these series this month, the “honey do” lists and excitement of the holidays will soon be upon us.  It would be wise for you to try and play early. 


The monographs for the new Hall of Fame inductees are in line or will be soon to get on the web page.  I’m sure as always, Bob will let us know when posted.  We now have 26 Hall of Fame player members.  The Class of 2016 ballot will be on time unlike the 2015 one.


Next up for me is updating team histories.  I’m sure I’ll have some in your hands relatively shortly.  Should you not wish to receive hard copy, just let me know and I’ll only send electronically.  Otherwise, the plan is to send each of you your own history by hard copy as well as electronic.


Remember the last full week of February is the week set aside for the NSL Winter meetings!  Make your plans now to get here- and we’ll have much more about this over the next few weeks.


I hope everyone is well, and since I won’t write a newsletter until next month, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!



                                                                        Best Wishes,