The Northern States League

Newsletter #465- May 30th, 2017




Dear Members,


It was a huge month for the league in many respects, mostly due to the fact that 24 games were played by most teams, getting us to the 25% mark of the campaign already.  Though few teams are out of it this early, many have shown a trend towards that while many others are thinking they are in good shape.  Indeed, only 4 teams are out of their division races by double digits and although all the clubs could still be a factor in those division chases, the wild cards give a 2nd opening for teams to stay in the hunt.


Series #3 results:

NE 1 at GM 3, GM 3 at NE 1                                     Sou 2 at GB 2, GB 1 at Sou 3

MC 2 at Alb 2, Alb 3 at MC 1                                    SL 1 at Lon 3, Lon 2 at SL 2             

Fra 0 at Kal 4, Kal 3 at Fra 1                                      NH 2 at Gle 2, Gle 2 at NH 2

Cle 1 at Mar 3, Mar 3 at Cle 1                                    VT 3 at Dun 1, Dun 2 at VT 2

Coa 3 at Cro 1, Cro 4 at Coa 0                                   Cre 1 at EY 3, EY 1 at Cre 3

IN 1 at CC 3, CC 1 at IN 3                                         Yk 3 at Key 1, Key 3 at Yk 1


Series #4 results:

GB 1 at Cle 3, Cle 2 at GB 2                                      Cre 1 at Lon 3, Lon 2 at Cre 2

CC 2 at Kal 2, Kal 4 at CC 0                                      Fra 1 at NE 3, NE 4 at Fra 0

EY 2 at Sou 2, Sou 1 at EY 3                                     Alb 2 at VT 2, VT 1 at Alb 3 

Gle 2 at Dun 2, Dun 4 at Gle 0                                   GM 1 at MC 3, MC 2 at GM 2

Mar 1 at Yk 3, Yk 2 at Mar 2                                     Coa 0 at Key 4, Key 3 at Coa 1

NH 3 at IN 1, IN 2 at NH 2                                        Cro 4 at SL 0, SL 2 at Cro 1 (1 rain)


Series #5 results:

Mar 3 at GB 1, GB 3 at Mar 1                                    Cre 1 at Sou 3, Sou 1 at Cro 3

NE 3 at MC 1, MC 0 at NE 4                                     GM 1 at Kal 3, Kal 3 at GM 1

Dun 3 at Alb 1, Alb 2 at Dun 2                                   CC 0 at Gle 4, Gle 2 at CC 2

Key 2 at SL 2, SL 1 at Key 3                                      NH 2 at VT 2, VT 2 at NH 2

Cle 0 at EY 4, EY 2 at Cle 2                                       Lon 3 at Cro 1, Cro 1 at Lon 3

Fra 1 at IN 3, IN 2 at Fra 2                                         Coa/Yk delayed until June


This month I want to visit the Winfield first.  Our defending champions are out to the best record in the league at a gaudy 28-12, adding 7 ½ games to their lead over Sparrow Lake this month.  The P’s are playing well for sure, and looking at their roster one can see why- all those studs (word taken out of Denny’s mouth) yet a still suspect pitching staff.  But the 9 ½ game lead is the largest in the league and should the Prospectors continue play this way, there’s a great chance they’ll be in the post season again.  After the Prospectors took 5 of 8 from Sparrow Lake, they did the same with Creekside before a 6-2 over Crosstown.  So, nothing particularly great, but a fine 16-8 record for the month.  That would lead us to believe that the rest of the division had some issues.  Second place Sparrow Lake went 8-15, Marietta 13-11, and Cleveland 9-15.  Not much ground made up there.  Marietta crunched Cleveland 6-2 in series 3 then was 3-5 with York and 4 all with Gulf Breeze.  Cleveland took 5 of 8 from the Breeze before an ugly- 2-6 with East York.  Puzzling for sure was the Sparrow Lake performance, 2-5 with the ‘dales (1 rain) and 3-5 with Keystone.  I’m not sure where the pressure on Longstown will come from, but the rest of the division has to play better at some point, don’t they?


The Yount remains are most competitive division from top to bottom with just 4 games separating top to bottom.  Albany and Magic City are in a dead heat for first with .500 records.  Indiana trails by 2 and Codorus Creek is still in great shape, down 4.  Magic City has the best record within the division at 14-10, even after a 5-3 loss to Albany in series #3.  The Maulers were then solid against Green Mt in a 5-3 win, yet not so much in their 1-7 debacle with New England.  One could say that the Wildcats were the favorite going in to the season, but .500 won’t win it (at least I don’t think so…) and they were 10-10 at home, 10-10 on the road, 12-12 in the division, and 20-20 overall.  It sort of looks like .500 to me.  The Wildcats actually made up 4 games this month, though, after the 5-3 with MC, they went just .500 (get it?) the rest of the month, 5-3 with VT and 3-5 with Duneland.    Indiana and Codorus flipped slots at 3 and 4, the two clubs splitting series #3 before Indiana went 3-5 with NH and 5-3 with Frankfort, while the Creek was 2-6 with both Glenville and Kalamazoo.  But three 2nd place teams in the league are 4 or more games out of first, and this division has all 4 teams within the same 4 games.


There are lots to look at in the Carter.  Yes, Duneland doubled their lead, but are only up by 4 games over Vermont.  Green Mountain and New England switched positions, and Dave Burnham won #3000!  Wow- let’s dig a little.  The biggest surprise isn’t Duneland’s lead, but how small the advantage actually is.  Vermont took 5 of 8 in series #3 to keep it close, yet the Crusaders were able to get some breathing room with a 6-2 over Glenville and 5-3 over Albany.  Yet their 14-10 intra-division mark is the same as two other clubs in the mix.  All except the Elite that would be.  But Waller put together one of his best month’s ever.  It started ugly with a 2-6 against the Canucks, but NE got it together and took 7 of 8 from both Frankfort and Magic City.  We usually talk about Bill in the trading department, and rarely about his team’s success, but here’s why we play the games- New England 5 games back and at .500 at press time.  Burnie has the Canucks in last place- but it’s a comfortable last.  The month included a nice 6-2 over New England, followed by a 3-5 with Magic City and even worse 2-6 with Kalamazoo.  But the deficit is just 6 games and the Canucks haven’t played that great yet- they’re due.  Finally we talk about the Woodchucks- and despite a .500 record for the month they’re hanging tough with Duneland.  After their 5-3 with the front runners, Dave dropped 3 to Albany before a New Hudson split.  In series #4 at Albany, the ‘chucks came from behind and scored 3 times in the 9th to win #3000.  Dave becomes the first non-original member to win his 3000th, and 5th manager overall.  Congratulations, Dave!


In the Brett, East York ha stayed at the top, but now they’re joined by defending division champ Keystone.  Neither got anything done in series #3 as they both split- Key with York and EY with Creekside.  But a huge 7-1 for Keystone over Coastal propelled them in to the division tie, While EY was taking 5 from Southport, then Mick had to actually climb back in to the tie with a 6-2 over Cleveland while Key was 5-3 with Sparrow Lake.  No matter how you look at it, it appears that these two will battle for the duration.  York was up with the big boys for a while, and are currently just 3 games off the pace, taking a 5-3 over Marietta after their split with Keystone- nothing wrong with those results.  A delayed 8 game set with Coastal is on the docket for the summer meetings face to face.  Creekside is on the bottom- now 10 games back yet still turning in a decent 11-13 month, yet dropping 4 games further back.  The Brett teams like to make you think they have the best teams, and the results from this week could back that up pretty well. 


Crosstown has taken the lead in the Murphy, and although it is just by a game and a half, they’ve shown that they may well be the team to beat.  They lost the first 3 to Coastal in series #3, then stormed back to take the next 5 for triumph #1 of the month.  Then a 5-2 with Sparrow Lake had the ‘dales feeling pretty good about themselves.  But- yeah, you guessed it, series #5 brought Longstown to the table and a 2-6 loss to the P’s dampened an otherwise fine month.  So who in the division will challenge?  Well, likely not Coastal- a team with a nice offense and suspect pitching.  After the 3-5 with Crosstown the ‘dogs dropped 7 of 8 to Keystone and are now just a game out of the cellar.  In that cellar slot is Gulf Breeze, with a whopping 24 HR hit in 40 games showing you I know how to roll 65s, but not 64s.  So for those of you keeping track, the challenge to Crosstown better come from Southport.  The Pirates had a .500 month, yet lost just ½ game to the ‘dales.  First was a 5-3 over Gulf Breeze, then a 3-5 with East York, and finally a 4-4 split with Creekside.  The team has all the parts, maybe a little light on power, but a nice bullpen and a savvy manager at the helm.  For now, though, it’s Crosstown by 1 & ½.


Lastly we slip to the Rice, and a true “what happened here anyway?”  You may recall last month it was Glenville leading New Hudson and Kalamazoo by a game with Frankfort 2 out.  Now?  Kalamazoo with the 2nd largest divisional lead (6 games) followed by Glenville and New Hudson tied for 2nd and Frankfort last, 15 games back.  So, was it all the ‘zoo having a terrific month or failure of the others to hang in?  Well, start with the ‘zoo, and a 7-1 over Frankfort basically placed both clubs in the position in the standings that they now have.  But the Black Knights then took 6 of 8 from both Codorus Creek and Green Mountain.  So all in all, a 19-5 record for the month tends to put you in pretty good shape, and is better than all teams not named Longstown at this point.  So the 6 game bulge they enjoy is from their own great play, but what of the 2nd place teams?  Glenville split with the other 2nd place team, New Hudson, so no issue there.  But Duneland clobbered Coach 6-2, just before the Greys smacked Codorus Creek 6-2 to finish up .500 for May.  That’s okay.  New Hudson took 5 from Indiana and split with Vermont which actually made them gain a game on Glenville, but watched from the side of the road as Kalamazoo streaked by.  Frankfort took it on the chin to Kalamazoo 7-1 in series #3, then dropped 7 of 8 to New England, before turning in a decent 3-5 with Indiana.   So they battle on, and Kal could slip, but 6 games is a nice advantage at this point.


A quick look at the stats this month, and the Cooper is batting .248 to the Schmidt .253.  That’s a noticeable difference.  But the Cooper trails in HR by just 3 (587-584) and that’s with 8 games (one series and a rainout) not included.  All the team stats and leaders are on the web page for your enjoyment.


Mick has moved.  His new address is 2560 Brighton Rd, York Pa. 17402.  Please make note of that.  JB retires tomorrow (5/31/17).  Please remove his e-mail address at work from your records (the one) and contact him through his aol account only.  Both of these changes are noted in the newest directory which I’ve sent to Bob for posting.  Congratulations to you both for the changes in your lives!


Ex-NSL manager Jim Gillen has been in a rehab facility in Vermont for a while.  It seems that he’s having some trouble with his legs- you may remember he has knee replacement surgery when he was still in the league. I’m unsure if he’s still in the facility, but have the address and phone number if you’d like to give him a shout.  I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.


After a year and a half, Bob Jones finally checked in with his team/manager info sheet.  The Bulldogs have an obvious White Sox attachment, as all his coaches are old ChiSox.  The club plays in Home Run Alley with a whopping capacity of 55,555.  He uses WGN with the Hawk and Wimpy- those were the days…  Bob was born 6/23/53- remember that when you’re sending him a card and attended Butler University (hence the Bulldog thing).  His wife’s name is Nancy, and he has two grown kids- Andrew who is in San Francisco and Allison- right up the road here outside Raleigh.  With both his kids being big swimmers, Bob spent a lot of his parenting years as a swim official (for more than 10 years).  I had no idea that he was born in Fort Knox, KY.  Wonder how much gold he has?


One thing that crossed the desk this month- as a home manager, you are responsible for getting the stats (of course) to your opponent for each series.  But we sometimes forget that you are also responsible to get the score sheets to the opposing manager as well.  We sometimes just blow it off, and in fact, many guys don’t want them.  But, some do, and it’s your responsibility to follow through with that, not just assume they don’t want them.  The visiting manager shouldn’t have to ask- it should be taken care of automatically.


Computer guys- I know I’ve talked about this a lot.  You must reset the stats and initialize the schedule before each series that you play.  There are two ways to play a computer series.  One is using the original NSL disk made available by Dave, Bob, and I’m sure others, or “reuse” the disk from last month.  So honestly, if you use the original disk each time, you wouldn’t have to do this, but when you reuse a disk from last month, the two above steps must be followed.  You all have your own way to play the games, and I wouldn’t try and disrupt that.  But when I play a computer series, I take the original NSL disk and load it, go in to draft and cut the rosters (if needed) to 25 active, then reset the stats and initialize the schedule.  It’s simple, and allows for few errors to be made.  But anyone that tries to do it other ways- just let me know if you need help.  It can be confusing with all the disks hanging around. 


The summer meetings are nearly upon us, and the NC crew will be headed north on the 29th or June (probably) for some fun and recreation- of yeah, and some games, too.  Everyone is welcome to come to York for the event- it’s just always so much fun just to get together and enjoy some games, eat too much, and roll 65s.  You can contact Dick Silar or me for more information.


No doubt next month the newsletter and standings will be a little delayed due to the summer meetings.  I won’t be home from them until July 2, and will tie everything together as quickly as I can when I get home.  But just keep things coming in in a timely manner and we’ll stay on top of things as much as possible.  I wouldn’t look for the next newsletter until roughly July 7 or so.  That shouldn’t be an issue as we have just two series this month and next, and face it we’ve already taken care of the month with the most games in it already.  As usual, I’d hope that you get your instructions out in a timely manner even should we be delayed slightly due to the meetings.


That’s all I have for you this month.  I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for being on time in May!



                                                                                    Best Wishes,