The Northern States League

Newsletter #441- May 4th, 2015




Dear Members,


Did you miss us?  Yeah- it happens sometimes.  But we’re back at it and ready to jump into 2015!  Here’s what is happening around your league.


Series #1 results:

Cro 1 at Lon 3, Lon 1 at Cro 3                                   MC 2 at Dun 2, Dun 4 at MC 0

VT 0 at GM 4, GM 3 at VT 1                                     GB 3 at NE 1, NE 1 at GB 3

Kal 2 at NH 2, NH 2 at Kal 2                                     Fra 1 at Gle 3, Gle 2 at Fra 2

Coa 0 at Mun 4, Mun 0 at Coa 4                                Alb 4 at IN 0, IN 1 at Alb 3

SL 3 at Cle 1, Cle 1 at SL 3                                        NY 3 at Mar 1, Mar 1 at NY 3

Cre 2 at Yk 2, Yk 0 at Cre 4                                       EY 2 at Key 2, Key 3 at EY 1


Series #2 results:

MC 4 at Lon 0, Lon 2 at MC 2                                   Cro 3 at Dun 1, Dun 2 at Cro 2

GB 3 at GM 1, GM 2 at GB 2                                                VT 3 at NE 1, NE 2 at VT 2

Gle 2 at NH 2, NH 3 at Gle 1                                     Fra 2 at Kal 2, Kal 1 at Fra 3

Mun 0 at Alb 4, Alb 4 at Mun 0                                 Coa 2 at IN 2, IN 3 at Coa 1

Mar 2 at Cle 2, Cle 2 at Mar 2                                    NY 2 at SL 2, SL 2 at NY 2

Key 2 at Cre 2, Cre 3 at Key 1                                   Yk 2 at EY 2, EY 1 at Yk 3


As mentioned in the headlines, the Wildcats are off to the best start I’ve ever seen.  I didn’t have any notes about anyone being fired out of the Albany front office last year as they fell a game short of the post season, and keeping the staff intact might have been a good thing as Albany took 7 of 8 from brother-rival Indiana and all 8 from the Black Wolf.  Let’s see, 15 wins in their first 16, guess they’re on pace for 150 wins.  Anything less would be disappointing!  Coastal is your surprise 2nd place club as they split with Muncie- home teams winning all 8 games and dropped five to the Imperials.  Indiana is 3rd, already 9 games back and defending divisional champion Muncie is a league worst 4-12, some 11 games out of the top.  Yes, it’s early, but…..


The Winfield has developed a fine race to start with both Sparrow Lake and North York checking in at 10-6.  Padded by Lee’s no hitter (more on this later), the teams fought to a 4 all split in series #2, after both taking 6-2 wins in series one, SL over dad Cleveland and NY over Marietta.  In series #2, Marietta and Cleveland split.  It’s too early to say that this trend will continue, but for now, 2 are tied for the top and 2 are tied for the bottom.  Yet unlike the Yount, there are just 4 games from top to bottom. 


The Rice may well be our most competitive division for the 2nd year running.  You’ll recall last year that Glenville won it very late in the season and rode that to the championship series, where they fell flat against Magic City.  So right back at it they go, and after a successful 5-3 over Frankfort, they dropped 5 of 8 to New Hudson.  So atop the division yet again are the New Hudson Nutjobs.  This club was in it all year last season (as well as the year before) and perhaps will put things together, with arms galore in the pen and a more than decent offense.  Yet they lead the Greys by just a game.  Enter the Cardinals of Tim Meador and a respectable start at 8-8 thanks to a 3-5 with Glenville, then a 5-3 with Kalamazoo.  The ‘zoo is just 2 games back now albeit in last place, splitting with New Hudson before dropping 5 to Frankfort.  Yeah- this one is shaping up to go right down to the wire….. again.


If you look at the Murphy fast, you’ll notice two weird things.  First off, defending champion Magic City is not in first place.  Yet more impressive is that Duneland is.  Oh yeah- Crosstown, too!  But Duneland takes the cake after they lost like 170 games last year.  The highlight of the month and perhaps the season was a 6-2 over the defending champions in series #1 before a 5-3 stumble at the hands of Crosstown.  But Dan will take it, and will live the high life as long as possible at 9-7.  Checking in with the same mark are the Clydesdales, winners of the division last year, yet faltering in the post season.  The ‘dales split with a refurbished Longstown club in series #1 before their 5-3 series win over Duneland.  The Maulers are just toying with everyone at .500, while Becker’s boys have slipped in to the cellar with a 6-10 mark.


The Carter has spread out just a bit, but surely will contract next month.  In series #1, Burnie clocked Dave 7-1 while the Breeze was taking 6 of 8 from the Elite.  Series #2 brought the 2 division leaders together and the ‘varks grabbed 5 of the 8.  Now we know that Vermont will be right there at the end of the season and the Elite will play better, but 4 games between Vermont and Green Mountain is already a nice cushion for both the leaders.  The ‘chucks got things back together a bit for a 5-3 over New England in series #2 and have taken some of the rust off from their opening series with the Canucks.


The 2nd best record in the league belongs to Creekside, winners of 11 of 16 and thrilled to be leading the division by 3 games.  The Crushers did just that as they won 6 of 8 against York (4-0 at home) and 5 of 8 over the Comanches.  That first rookie pick of Abreu might be helping some as well.  JB occupies 2nd as the C’s bested East York 5-3 in series #1.  York was able to take 5 of 8 from the 66ers after their disappointing loss to Creekside and at 7-9, and is 3rd in the division.  Defending division champion East York is in the cellar thanks to a pair of 3-5 series- a tough start for now, but look for East York to be back in it pretty soon.


In series #2 at Sparrow Lake, Cliff Lee tossed a no hitter at North York in game #3.  The lefty walked 3 and struck out 8 on the day and was backed by a large Dee Gordon day (2 for 3, D, T, R, rbi).  No word yet as to how much Eric likes being in the division.  The no hitter list on the web page has been updated and is current.


You’ll find stats for each team on the web page on the team icons along the bottom of the front page.  These will, of course, be updated monthly as will the leaders and team rankings on the front page.  It’s a great scouting tool when you get ready to play a team you haven’t followed during the year and are unsure who has the best power and average on a team.  I can’t believe Morneau will continue to bat .460 with 8 HR in 16 games, but guess you never know.  They are off to a great start, aren’t they?


You’ll recall we had one item to hit a vote this year in the league.  The proposal passed 18-6.  The vote was for implementing limits on the Hit and Run play with 2 outs in the computer game only.  As such, any player cannot attempt a hit and run if a G28 or less SSN number, an R SSN letter, or a N SSN letter base runner is at 1st with 2 outs.  This was discussed at the meetings and will immediately be implemented.  It is, of course, a rule directly from the Master Game, which is the basis for the APBA computer game.  If you have questions, let JB or me know.


Most of you have seen the correspondence we’ve had with Bruce Taylor, the founder of our league and recent inductee in to our Hall of Fame.  I have Bruce’s address should you want to communicate with him and he has said that he’ll be at the meetings next year here in Wilmington.  Thanks a lot to Kathy Rapp who helped us track him down.


We’ve had some good news from the card selling front.  Eric (and Mayor) donated their cards for sale and we netted $4 from that sale.  JB donated his cards, and we netted $35 from those.  Both guys have donated that money to the league treasury, and we thank them! 


Brandon Crawford of New Hudson had 3 triples in a game at Kalamazoo this month- which ties the all-time league record.  I’m sure Chuck was happy rolling those results.  The league record book and top 100 in most stat categories are readily accessible on the web page.


You may have noticed this month that Si won game number 3000 against Mick.  Si is the 2nd league member in the 3000 win category, following Al Rapp into our hallowed history.  No word yet on whether Si will buy us all a round of our favorite beverage this year at the meetings.


You’ll notice the league calendar for next year is posted and has all the deadlines you’ll need over the season.  The winter meetings will be here next year in Wilmington, and as we all know, will remain the same weekend as years past as the idea to move it just met with too many problems.  So- we’ll shoot for here with no snow in the forecast!


Regarding your pitcher rotations, remember that you must have at least a 4 man rotation and as far as when figuring your rotation, chronologically, your away series is first, then your home series.  This leads to some back to back pitcher use in face to face games on occasion, but the rotation goes from 1 away, 1 home, 2 away, 2 home, etc.  Let me know of any questions.


We received Tim Meador’s managerial questionnaire since we last talked and I’ll share a bit of it here.  Nothing from Bon Jones yet- come on, Jones!   Tim is a bank examiner and has been doing that for 40 years.  He’s been married for 42 years to Julia and has 8 children.  He graduated from Austin Peay with a major in accounting (ed. Note- let him keep the treasury!) and a minor in economics (i.e. smarter than most of us).  He was drafted during the Viet Nam era and wound up serving in Alaska.  He was introduced to APBA by a friend at work and his favorite APBA player is Jimmy Rollins (2009).  He’s been in 2 mail leagues for a dozen years each and played the computer game in 1987 for a single year.  He enjoys reading, hiking, and doing his family history.  Favorite teams are the Cards and Reds- not sure which is his favorite when they play each other.  Tim is the author of that spreadsheet we sent out last year with player positions, stats, etc., and I’m hoping he’ll do the same for us this coming year.  Tim has an open viewpoint on the game and as far as interfering with his home life, he states “you make time for what is important”.  Thanks for sharing, Tim!


Here’s just a general reminder regarding monthly schedules.  I update standings throughout the month as series come in, and Bob posts the standings nearly daily- sometimes a couple of days between postings.   Once the monthly games are complete, there is like a 7-10 day lag period where I’m updating the stats and preparing a newsletter.  You can follow the progress of the stats as I continue to update the standings with an X for teams that have stats in.  On occasion, that is misleading as I need to wait for both teams stats to come in to balance a team out- that way things stay balanced.  By roughly the 3rd or 4th of the month, I’ve got everything done and knock out a newsletter.  Very soon after that newsletter is posted, or even a day after, I update the standings with the series that have already come in for the month at hand, and the process continues.  This tends to keep everyone on time fairly well and lets you see if there is a hold up, where it happens. 


I believe this is all I have for this moth.  Enjoy your May series and be thankful that winter is over.  Really.  No kidding!



                                                                                    Best Wishes,