The Northern States League

Newsletter #463- March 3rd, 2017




Dear Members,


It was a great time here in Wilmington last weekend.  Some might have enjoyed the Championship Series the most, some the drafts, and still others the perfect weather.  But everyone that got here had a great time, and most everything worked like clockwork.  Here’s some residual cleanup from the meetings as well as some going forward issues.


Denny Becker and his Longstown Prospectors beat Al Rapp’s Cleveland Hit Men in the face to face Championship Series.  Denny captured his 2nd league title and gets to carry the league Commissioner’s Trophy around for a year.  The stats from the series and write ups are not available yet, as you know from the web page bulletin board, Denny has many things happening in his life these days- but they should be on the web site shortly.   Congratulations to the champions!


We did have a great time at the meetings.  After the Championship Series, the next biggest league activity was the Free Agent Draft on Friday night.  Despite the internet issues, the draft clicked along very well.  Albany got Rich Hill with the first pick then Duneland took Leon and Glenville Bedrosian.  You know you’re old when sons of guys you used to own are in the drafts.  Cross and Dan were able to run some sort of chatrooms/on line stuff (I have no idea- you know that…) and everyone did a great job of staying up to date.  I believe Dan was actually broadcasting the draft, at least to Coach Kerr, and others took him up on that on Saturday.  Anyway, it was smooth as we grabbed all 79 Free Agents, with Mr. Irrelevant being Emilio Bonifacio (Indiana).


On Saturday the Rookie Draft took just 2 ˝ hours to complete.  I never recall any Rookie Draft of less than 3 hours, so I’m sure the Cross’ chatroom and Dan’s broadcast took care of most everything- it just worked like the weather- about perfectly.  It was no secret that Cross would take Gary Sanchez then although I was sure Dave would take Benendenti, the call was Trea Turner, and York scooped up Trevor Story 3rd.  Anyway, the results of both drafts are found on the web page.  I hope Dan doesn’t bill me for the broadcast- hey, I guess we should get him for broadcast rights, right?


Saturday afternoon was filled with a number of items.  Most important to everyone there was the annual All League game.  The Schmidt had just 4 members at the meetings (the Cooper 11 of 12) but the away conference was able to hold on and defeat the homies 3-2.  Harper was elected the MVP on a 2 for 2, 2 BB day including a bomb and a double.  He also scored twice.  It was a pretty nice weekend for him as he won the championship, then the MVP of the All League game.  As usual- a great time was had by all.  The voting for the All-League team can be found on the web page.  In addition, the other awards voting is found there- with Arenado grabbing the MVP, Greinke the Nolan Ryan, Kris Bryant the rookie of the year, and Jim (JB) Barnes netting the Manager of the Year.  Congratulations to all!


We have two new members of the Hall of Fame (Class of 2016).  Craig Biggio was elected with 18 vote, 17 needed for enshrinement.  Biggio got in on his 4th ballot.  The other was the no brainer- Pedro Martinez who got 21 votes of the 22 ballots cast.  For some reason he just fell short last year, but 2016 became the charm on his 2nd ballot.  Congratulations to both, and I’ll update the web site with their monographs sometime this spring.


We had some rule change discussion, and JB will have some sort of ballot out just as soon as he can on the items to be voted on.  There were an awful lot of ideas exchanged- some will make the ballot while others will fall short.  There was talk of changing the schedule, but nothing concrete came of that.  We discussed the basic game pitcher fatigue rating and I think everyone at the meetings wound up with a good grip on that.  There was discussion also about a “2nd lottery”, that is once the top 6 drawn get their rookie slots (and their corresponding FA slots) there would be a 2nd lottery of the 10 leftover franchises for the first through 6th FA picks (and corresponding rookie position) rather than just having them fall by record.  This item was hazy (at least in my eye) and has potential should it be presented in detail.  I do not believe that one will qualify for voting, although JB will let you know if it does.  Sort of tied to this was the basic game changes sheet I sent out on Tuesday with the differences between the basic game and things we’ve incorporated.  This was just a reminder sheet to keep everyone on board on what are actually quite a few changes that we’ve incorporated.  We also discussed having a different roster (if you choose) for the home and away portions of series 15-18, since you play different opponents.  There were other items discussed, and you’ll likely see them through JB’s synopsis.  A quick check of my e-mail just now (4:15 on 3/3) shows a note from JB- likely addressing this voting.


As you know, Codorus Creek is the new name for the North York franchise.  Old Bob has renamed his Muncie team, Southport Pirates as he gets ready for the big move down this way.  Argh!


Another topic of conversation was perhaps doing spring training two years from now as our meeting place, in celebration of completing what will be then our 40th season.  Al will take the ball on this one and contact him should you have any ideas or thoughts on that.


Many miscellaneous things have been updated on the web page as well.  Feel free to cruise around and check them out, I’m sure Bob has them dated as to the date of the newest updates.


The schedule for 2017 has been posted on the web page.  Hopefully it is a little easier to understand with each month a different color.  October and November are clearly printed out for you and hopefully we’ll have no problems with it.


The league calendar for 2017 into 2018 is also posted for you on the web page.  You have quite a few items coming up soon and they’ll be here before you know it.  Trading ends on March 14th at midnight.  Any trade will have to be time stamped before midnight and in my e-mail.  Your rosters are then due here in Wilmington on the 16th.  When you send in your roster be sure to indicate your 35 keepers AS WELL AS all of your cuts, including those guys you’ve forgotten about since the opening of trading.  Everyone has at least some no cards on their teams, be sure to account for all of them.  Thanks in advance.  Then I’ll post the list of cuts which are then eligible for the Waiver Draft.  The Waiver Draft will be on Sunday March 19th at 8 PM.  It will be done differently this year- and will actually be a conference call.  Many of you have done conference calls before, others have not I’m sure, but it’s pretty straight forward where you simply call a number, enter your meeting id# and perhaps state your name.  Dan will be setting this up, and I’ll still be running it.  Most conference calls have a “mute” button or “listen only”- where if it’s not your turn you mute yourself so that we get no background noise.  With up to 20 or so of us on the call, just one guy not muting can really mess up others with the background noise.  Should we not be able to mute ourselves, just keep the jabbering to a minimum so others can enjoy the draft.  We’ll see how this works this year, and of course, you will get a worksheet ahead of time with the draft order, which is by the exact reverse of the finishing winning percentages of last year regardless of playoff participation.  Hopefully, Dan or I will have a little more info on the call before it happens.


Opening Day for the league is April 1st.


We have potential dates for the summer meetings in York, and it appears that June 28- July 2 will be best for our hosts.  I’ll have more on the summer meetings later as well as firming up this date.  Generally, we all get together in York and play some games, some of them baseball.  But overall it’s just another great time with league members together.  Keep the dates in mind.


Good luck in your final trades and preparations for the Waiver Draft.  Remember and keep up with all the dates and deadlines, as things begin to move rapidly as we get ready for Opening Day.  As always, drop me a line if you have any questions, and keep up with the web page as most things are answered there.


                                                                                                Best Wishes,