The Northern States League

Newsletter #469- October 4th, 2017




Dear Members,


The All Star Game capped an eventful month for us as coupled with our 2nd series within our divisions excitement was high in the league.  The Cooper Conference smashed the Schmidt Conference 8-5 in an eventful All Star Game- the score sheet of it on the web page at this time.  There will be more about that and the no hitters in a few.


Series #12:

CC 1 at MC 2, MC 2 at CC 1                                     NH 1 at Kal 2, Kal 1 at NH 2

Gle 2 at Fra 1, Fra 0 at Gle 3                                      Cle 1 at Mar 2, Mar 2 at Cle 1

Sou 2 at Coa 1, Coa 2 at Sou 1                                   Alb 2 at IN 1, IN 2 at Alb 1

GM 1 at Dun 2, Dun 3 at GM 0                                  Lon 2 at SL 1, SL 2 at Lon 1

Key 2 at Cre 1, Cre 1 at Key 2                                   Yk 1 at EY 2, EY 1 at Yk 2

VT 2 at NE 1, NE 1 at VT 2                                       GB 0 at Cro 3, Cro 1 at GB 2


Series #13:

Key 2 at Yk 1, Yk 1 at Key 2                                     Alb 2 at MC 1, MC 1 at Alb 2

NE 0 at GM 3, GM 2 at NE 1                                     Fra 1 at Kal 2, Kal 2 at Fra 1

IN 3 at CC 0, CC 1 at IN 2                                         Mar 1 at Lon 2, Lon 2 at Mar 1

Sou 1 at GB 2, GB 1 at Sou 2                                     Cro 2 at Coa 1, Coa 2 at Cro 1

Gle 2 at NH 1, NH 2 at Gle 1                                     VT 1 at Dun 2, Dun 1 at VT 2

Cre 1 at EY 2, EY 2 at Cre 1                                      SL 3 at Cle 0, Cle 1 at SL 2


Series #14:

CC 0 at Alb 3, Alb 2 at CC 1                                      Gle 2 at Kal 1, Kal 0 at Gle 3

Cle 1 at Lon 2, Lon 2 at Cle 1                                    GB 2 at Coa 1, Coa 2 at GB 1

Cro 1 at Sou 2, Sou 0 at Cro 3                                    MC 0 at IN 3, IN 1 at MC 2

NE 0 at Dun 3, Dun 1 at NE 2                                    Cre 0 at Yk 3, Yk 2 at Cre 1

EY 1 at Key 2, Key 1 at EY 2                                    NH 3 at Fra 0, Fra 1 at NH 2

Mar 0 at SL 3, SL 2 at Mar 1                                      GM 2 at VT 1, VT 3 at GM 0


The league’s best record belongs to Duneland, and Dan’s charges have taken a 10 game lead over Vermont at this juncture.  The club’s 12-6 month in their own division followed last month’s huge 14-2 record and has vaulted them to the best record in the league.  After a sluggish start, it appears they are in the driver’s seat.  Vermont did okay head to head with the Crusaders in a split, then went 4-2 with both GM and NE yet lost another game in the standings to the front runners.  Don’t cry for Vermont however as they are still in charge of the wild card by 6 games over the ‘zoo and Greys.  New England checks in at .500 this month after a dismal 5-13 record, the excitement of the first few months wearing away.  Bill’s 1-5 with GM was the lowlight of the month with 2-4 records against the two teams they are chasing.  The Canucks are ready for winter but had a sporadic month- taking 5 from New England but dropping 5 to Duneland.  A 2-4 with Vermont capped it- still though, just 5 games behind New England.


The best team in the Cooper resides in the Brett Division.  Of course, you could make a case that the top 3 in the conference are in the Brett.  But Keystone is still in charge, now by 7 games over both East York and York.  The C’s split with East York, but took 4-2 marks against both Creekside and York to keep them at a little more than arm’s length. The 66ers were 10-8 on the month with splits against both Keystone and York and 4-2 against Creekside.  Obviously since he’s still tied with York, Si was 10-8 as well, splitting with EY, taking 5 from Creekside, and dropping 4 to Keystone.  So both the 66ers and Caps dropped another game to Keystone.  Creekside rounds out the division and is struggling at this point after winning just 5 in 18 this month.  Best thing for Scoop is that he got a flu shot that didn’t work.  Guess it was better than a 5-13.


Our All Star hosting Albany Wildcats have the biggest lead in the league with now an 11 game margin over the Maulers.  The marquis match up of the month had the ‘cats taking 4 of 6 from the Maulers and letting everyone know who exactly is in charge in the Yount.  A split with Indiana and a 5-1 over Codorus Creek made it a dozen out of a dozen and a half and hence the 11 game bulge.  Magic City started the month off fine with a 4-2 against Codorus, but immediately fell to both Albany and Indiana 4-2.  So much for making up ground, eh?  But that’s exactly what the Imperials did- at least making up ground for 2nd place.  The Imps were 5-1 with Codorus, 4-2 with Magic City, and 3-3 with Albany to mirror the Albany 12-6 record of the month.  Codorus Creek hit the wall this month with only 4 wins in 18.  The best series for them was against Magic City when they won twice.


There is a team over .500 in the Murphy- and it would be the ‘dales.  In all face to face encounters, Crossie took 4 from both Gulf Breeze and Southport, and coupled with a 3-3 split against Coastal wound up 11-7 which was more than enough for them to take charge of the division.  The Bulldogs are now 1 & ˝ games back as they split with everyone which until this month would have been fine to rest atop the heap.  Southport continues to puzzle, as they got a pair of splits before a 2-4 against Crosstown.  Still just 5 ˝ back, but everyone is waiting for a little bit of a run from this team.  Running in the wrong direction is Gulf Breeze, at least competitive this month with 3-3s against Sou and Coa, for 2-4 against Crosstown and slaughtered in the first 2 games of that series. 


The other 1 ˝ game division is the Winfield where Sparrow Lake continues to reel in the Prospectors and trail by that small margin.  Longstown actually had a pretty good month, righting the ship after a lousy July and August, going 4-2 with both Cleveland and Marietta.  In the big battle with Sparrow Lake, the clubs split.  But otherwise, the Stallions went 5-1 with both Cleveland and Marietta to finish 13-5 and make up 3 more games on the P’s.  Marietta is now out by 15, their 4-2 mark with Cleveland being the highlight of the month.  Meanwhile, Cleveland went 5-13 and have settled in with the 2nd worst record in the league.  Don’t feel sorry for Al- check out the web page and see who has the most NSL wins.


The Rice has gotten very interesting.  New Hudson took the led last month and looked to be on a roll.  Kalamazoo slipped a bit this month, but the month belonged to Glenville, as Coach took 5 from Frankfort, 4 from Kalamazoo, and split with the Nutjobs.  12-6 vaulted them in to a tie for 2nd place with the ‘zoo, which checked in with an 8-10 mark including a nice 4-2 over Frankfort, and a not so nice 1-5 with Glenville.  But make no mistake, the division still belongs to New Hudson, and although the lead is up to 4 games, there are 2 clubs in hot pursuit.  New Hudson did what they had to do this month in splits with the 2 closest rivals and a later 5-1 over Frankfort.  Frankfort checks in in the cellar, winning just 4 times in 18 this month.  We’ll continue to say that better times are ahead for Tim.


The 2017 All Star Game was played this week at Albany with Nathaniel’s brother, Chad, and the Indiana Imperials in attendance.  The Cooper smacked the Schmidt 8-5 on a 12 hit attack and 4 runs in the very first inning.  Vermont’s Aaron Sanchez was no match for the powerful Cooper attack and gave up more runs in a start than it appears he has all year.  Charlie Blackmon was the hero of the game and the MVP- notching a 3 for 4 day with a triple and 3 rbi.  Crosstown’s Kris Davis was 2 for 3 and Keystone’s Trumbo left the building.  Correa of Magic City was 2 for 2 with a HR for the losers and Codorus Creek’s Molina was also 2 for 2 with 2 rbi and a bomb.  Although the scoresheet shows the win going to Verlander, the win belongs to Fernandez of Sparrow Lake.  Nathaniel’s write up and the score sheet are on the web page.  The team selection voting was on last week- let me know if you need a copy of that.


We had 2 no hitters this month.  First off was Kershaw’s effort in series #14 against Keystone, when he nearly had a perfect game but for an error in the 7th.  I’ll post this score sheet on the web page, but unfortunately the way the York guys keep score there is not a complete score sheet to show the pitching lines.  What you’ll see is JB’s scoresheet for his team only- and you’ll note 0 BB and 13 K on the offensive side for Keystone, obviously Kershaw’s numbers.  In addition, Green Mountain’s David Price threw a no hitter at home against New England also in series #14.  The Canucks had a pair of miscues, but Price only walked one on the day in addition to 14 punch outs.  I’ll get that score sheet to the web page soon as well.  Congratulations to all involved!


The former Sheri Tolland said “I do” to Mick last week and became Mrs. Richard Mickley, aka Mrs. Mick.  Sheri is a terrific person and despite her wayward thinking on liking the Yankees, she’ll fit right in to our league.  Welcome Sheri and congratulations to you both! 


Dave Burnham detected a flaw in the stat sheet that some of you use.  The stat sheet in question is the one Eric Wolfgang made for us years ago which you enter a series and it adds to the front page of the stats.  I do not use the stat sheet though I’ve sent it to a few of you over time and I think 4-5 of you still use it.  Regardless, there were two pitchers who were not having their remaining innings pitched figured correctly- I know it was from this month, but unsure exactly which series it was from.  I know Dave can better direct you on this than I.  I do have the corrected version of the stat sheet here if anyone needs it- and Dave has run a test on it to see that the proper formulae are in each cell.  So if you use the sheet- please see if Dave can better direct you as to where the error actually was.  Again- if you need a new copy I have it here.  Thanks to Dave for the work on this.


Please keep in mind as we plunge in to the home “OR” away series that we’ve decided that your roster can be different for both the home and away halves of each series- which is a change from previous years.  You’ll be able to have just 4 SP on your rosters for each half of the series which generally gives you another roster slot for each of these series.  The home or away series continue for this month as well as the first 2 series of next month.


There are several things that seem to have been misinterpreted over time.  We have a pretty complex constitution which I’m sure is rarely visited and we have voted on some issues- recently in fact- regarding play in the league.   I am going to highlight those on a separate e-mail to you all that hopefully can be used as a cheat sheet as you play your games- simple reminders of what you can and cannot do in league games.  It is readily apparent to me that in the excitement of game play, we often overlook the rules we’ve put in place to assure fair play.  You may even have that cheat sheet before you read this newsletter, but I do hope you’ll print it down and use it.


So to highlight just a few things:

--- computer game players do NOT dome your stadium.  Bunting for a hit is not an option

--- both computer and basic- the hit and run play CANNOT be used with 2 outs

--- both CG and BG- batter H&R attempts are determined by the number of 31s on their cards

--- computer game players- SB can only be attempted when available from the SB chart

--- computer game players- a G28 and higher, R, or N steal allowance base runner at 1st base cannot ever have the batter attempt a hit and run


*** My OPINION is that NSL games should be played in a realistic manner regarding use of players, the hit and run, and SB attempts

*** My OPINION is that all managers should attempt to manage the visiting team as the opposing manager would do if he were present, and if he is not, to make the best decisions possible for that team


I do not think we’re doing these things purposely, I just feel that over time we’ve perhaps forgotten some of the changes we’ve put in to place to assure fair play.  Please let me know of any questions you may have.


That’s what I have for this month.  Have a fun time playing your “sister” division and be sure to pull for Auburn this week!


                                                                                    Best Wishes,