The Northern States League

Newsletter #462- February 5th, 2017




Dear Members,


I just had a few things on my desk to go through with everyone as the meetings time approaches.  Trading appears to have slowed down just a bit and in the lull between that and the Super Bowl it was a good time to type up a few sentences.  Maybe more than just a few- you know me.  By the way- the game has not been played yet, and I have Atl 41, NE 23.


The playoffs have gone through the Division Series and the Conference Series.  Since you keep up with the web page, you’ll already know the story, as Bob updates it like 20 times a day.  But in case you had a hard drive crash, here’s what has happened thus far.  In the Division Series- first the Schmidt: Longstown beat Glenville 4 games to 3, and Kalamazoo outlasted Albany by the same 4-3 game score.  Albany hit .162 against Kalamazoo which won’t get it done, and Glenville was outhomered by Longstown 13-2. In the Cooper- JB and I travelled to Atlanta and all the games were face to face- Keystone eliminating Sparrow Lake 4 games to 3, while Cleveland mashed Gulf Breeze 4 to 2.  So this set up the Conference Serioes.  In the Schmidt, Longstown took a thriller over Kalamazoo 4 games to 3, Becker’s boys launching 16 HR to 5 for Kalamazoo, and pitching to a 1.58 ERA.  Yet Kal hung on and was just one win away, yet couldn’t seal the deal.  Then in the Cooper, Keystone rode Greinke’s arm to a 3-2 lead- pounding 7 HR in game #5, but then as you would expect, they totaled none over the final 2 games, Cleveland winning the finale over Greinke 1-0 on Raburn’s HR.  So on to the Championship Series which should be played face to face at the meetings, a dominant Longstown club facing a savvy Hit Men team which is peaking at the right time.  It should be fun- well, for at least one guy.


Eric Wolfgang donated his cards to the league, and we sold them on eBay for a nice total.  After expenses, we netted right at $50.00 which has gone in to the league treasury.  E- I know you still read the newsletter- we all thank you!  In addition, Tim donated a bunch of cards and we look to have great success with that as well.  Hey- pretty soon there will be no dues and we’ll have to hire an accounting firm or something.  Thanks to both you guys.


As mentioned in a direct mailing to you, Rick Ashby has rejoined us as the head of the North York team.  As you all know, Ash has been with us before and after a brief hiatus, is ready to rejoin us and dedicate himself to the team and league.  Ash has renamed the team the Codorus Creek Mudcats.  His information is on the newest directory for 2017 on the web site.  We welcome Ash back, and can’t wait for him to play Marietta- Muddogs and Mudcats.  Could get dirty!  (Get it?)


The All League voting has been completed and the vote is on the web page.  From the headlines, you know that Arrenado is the MVP, Greinke the Nolan Ryan, and Bryant the Rookie of the Year.  Thanks to Mark for taking care of the voting this year.  In addition, the Class of 2016 Hall of Fame voting is complete, and Denny will have the results for us at the meetings.  Thanks to everyone for getting their votes in.


I think everyone not named Bob Jones has their cards by now.  In a nutshell- there were some issues.  If you received the first few orders of cards as a lot of us did, they were littered with errors.  I think 7 offensive cards had to be changed.  Then most pitcher cards which should have got an R or Y did not.  JB, Al, and I went to the game company when we had the playoffs and had a nice long chat with John Herson.  The bottom line is/was this- if you had already received the bad cards, he’d send replacements (and I have mine already).  You apparently do not have to do anything- they’ll be sent to you.  Once they caught the errors- orders filled after that had the corrected cards already.  Now I have found one issue on my own- Schugel of Pit did not get a replacement card, but should have- he needs to have a Y manually added.  The later disks and the one that Bob is using were corrected a while ago.  I’m sure none of this was any fun for the game company, but it appears everything is now fixed.


With the addition of Ash and old Bob buying a new house down here the divisions have been jumbled a bit.  It turned out to be a tougher than anticipated scenario, but the divisions are now set- the “draft changes” sheet on the web page has the new breakdowns.


For what it is worth- many guys have expressed interest in revisiting the “randomization of divisions” before the season.  That allows everyone to try and get the best team they possibly can, rather than just tanking things before trading even begins.  We can certainly try this and we can even work this where a division or two stay status quo each year and the others are randomized.  It’s just an idea, and this as well as any other ideas you have should be presented to the rules committee should you have interest.  It’s okay to have “out there” ideas, you just need to be able to present your case and how it would benefit the league.  JB is the rules committee chairman, with Cross, Al, and Dave as members.


We’re all set for the meetings.  It appears that we’ll be in the 15-18 range as usual with guys flying and driving in starting Tuesday Feb 21st.  We have the usual beach house for the entire week, so feel free to come down early if you can.  I still have room for 1-2 more at my house should anyone be interested.  As a reminder- we did not purchase the linen package.  You should bring towels and sheets if you desire them.  At the same time, Dayna and I have plenty of sheets and towels here- we’re happy to have you use them, but just need to know ahead of time should you want to borrow any.  Just drop me a line and I’ll take care of it, but I have to know in advance.  We have pillow cases as well should you want.


I’m not sure this has been posted anywhere or not, but Bob and Susan Chalfant have purchased a home down here on Oak Island- which is roughly 45 minutes from my house.  I know what you’re thinking- “there goes the neighborhood”, but it will be so great having them down here and we look forward to the arrival- I believe April 3rd is the closing date.  This, of course, leads to a local division of 4 teams and bib play days galore.  I look forward to it and can’t wait for Bob and Susan to get here!  He should be at the meetings by Tuesday- good reason to come down early.


That’s all I have for now.  Feel free to drop me a line with any questions or issues you may have.  I can’t wait for most of you to get here and no, like most of you, I haven’t done my draft lists yet!  See you soon!



                                                                                    Best Wishes,