Nuggets 171


Hello again gentlemen.

Three weeks from today many of us will be bummed out at the thought of going back to work after a few days of enjoying the good company and the good weather (you’re in charge here Rich) during the meetings in Wilmington.  Rich will actually be looking forward to that last day of work!  EVERY!  Well, that is until he discovers what a honeydo list is. The teams will look nearly like they will for the upcoming season, aside from some tweaks here and there.  If you are looking forward to the Waiver Draft at that point, you may be in for a long season.

          Most of the world’s problems will be solved, or at least they would be, if the powers that be would listen to us.  No dice will make it to the ocean this year with the series being played between two computer players.  By the way, congrats to Dave and Nathaniel for making it to the finals.  We will all be stunned that Si not only watched the series, but offered advice like “You need to bring in the lefty vs. the SA5 hitter”, or “Go ahead and tag on that 29 arm!”  Anyone want odds on that? The all league game is completed, and nobody will be able to remember who won?

          I am not sure if I have officially welcomed Bo to the league or not, but I plan to buy him his second ever beer, so we will be pretty tight by then.  As far as welcomes go, a big one goes out to Eric!  Just for old time’s sakes, I will be on the phone with him during the draft and announce his first free agent pick as “Terry Crowley”.  And finally, about this time next week, I will be recapping what really happened all weekend.

          Burnie sent us something earlier this week that I want to pass along.  He has compiled a quiz that will test your knowledge of the managers of the NSL.  Please send your answers or responses to him for confirmation, because I honestly didn’t have a clue for many of them.  I did enjoy taking though, and I believe you all will as well.

          There have been 5 picks traded in the first round of the rookie draft, so Wil has put together Mock 2.0.  Many of the names my look familiar to the last mock, but the order could be affected.  This is partially a list that we compiled during an IM convo, but this his work and I imagine that we knock out one more on the road or air to Wilmington.

          So, enjoy the quiz and the mock, and try to get some rest!  You don’t want to be on the wrong end of camera with your mouth wide open and your hand half way down your pants!


 This is a quiz from the NSL history of Managers.  The answers are in a safe deposit box in the casino in Montreal.  IF, anyone can answer these questions, they will be able to travel with Rich to Switzerland to see the NSL deposits in a bank there.  I seriously doubt that anyone (even Rich) can answer them, but you can discuss them amongst yourselves and if any extra time talk about it at the meetings.



1.       What manager was a ticket holder to PSU and Eagles?


2.       Who is the oldest member and year of birth?


3.       Who are the 2 former state troopers?


4.       Whose favorite teams are listed as “Rangers/Twins”?


5.       What manager plays this song prior to all home games—“Hail, Hail, the gang’s all here”?


6.       What manager is from Findley, Ohio and Jose Feliciano sings the national anthem and has Mark Fidrych attempt to throw out the first pitch?


7.       What manager was born in Syracuse, NY and Jim Boeheim didn’t recruit him?


8.       What manager listed as his occupation “high school derelict” and enjoyed the game “Mickies Fastbreak (table basketball game) as a hobby?


9.       What manager was captain of his intramural team called “the Dangerfields”?


10.  What manager was born in Montpelier, Vermont and is a Red Sox fanatic?


11.  Not sure on this, but who has the only hole-in-one?  On the golf course SI!!


12.  What manager said “ he took a speed reading course and read War and Peace in 20 minutes and stated it is about Russia?


13.  What manager won the “Annual Silar APBA Invitational in 1980?


14.  What former manager fired “Large” Lenny Volbert for throwing the bat rack on the field?


15.  Who was the “Smurf”??


1.                Duneland- I think the trade of Zimmerman almost makes this a lock. Fernandez.

2.                Longstown- I had Myers as the number two guy, but after digging deeper, I have a hunch Denny takes Profar.

3.                Glenville- Coach is still in a tough spot as he sorts between Puig and Myers. I'm gonna stay the course and go Puig.

4.                Creekside- Scoop has his heart set on a guy, I just don't no who, but I don't see him passing Myers.

5.                Gulf Breeze- I still think Cole is the pick, unless Rich has a run in him, then I think it's one of the B starters. Just to give this mock a different look and feel, I'm gonna go ahead and give him Teheran.

6.                Canaan- Arenado and Gyorko are fits, and have near identical limits, but the second base eligibility wins out here. Gyorko.

7.                Marietta- Since I can't play the “homer” card with Teheran off the board, I'll slot Miller in here.

8.                East York- I expect Mick to deal some of his extra starts, so I've been thinking an arm all along, but with Lawrie yet to live up to the hype, I think Arenado is in play for the 66'ers, but I can't have Cole slide any further than this.

9.                Pennsylvania- Jack will get to go back to back here. Sweet...Jack has covered his starts pre-draft, but after struggling to stay healthy with his staff, I can see him doubling up here on two young arms, and set a base for the future. Wheeler would be the first block.

10. Pennsylvania- So Jack goes, Wheeler Wacha as he sucks on an Everlasting Gob-Stopper during the draft? Looks like a “golden ticket to me...I could go on and on, but I'll stop.

11. New England- Rendon/Arenado fit here, but Bill will kindly take the 30 B starts that Ryu has.

12. Keystone- Staying with the 3rd base theme, but Arenado this time.

13. Cleveland- Still see Iglesias in this spot for Al.

14. Kalamazoo- I've been thinking an arm all along for Chuck too, and I'm slotting my highest riser, Salazar, here.

15. Muncie- Bob has the luxury of taking whatever he feels like, and he's feeling Yelich in this mock.

16. Duneland- Dan will pass the grades and take Gausman.

17. North York- Welcome back Big E!!! Starts are still a need, and I have Archer, Perez and Cingrani rated all about the same. I'll go Archer just because he has the most starts.

18. New Hudson- I'll stay with Perez here.

19. Magic City- I need some second base at bats, so Rendon is fine here.

20. Crosstown- Cingrani and Gray are in play now and the future catcher will have to wait. If the 8 starts don't matter, it's Gray.

21. Sparrow Lake- Mark still gets a catcher, but this time it's Zunino.

22. Magic City- Wong. Just think how sick the BPD's will be...(Hey, I already had a Wang once, why not a Wong.) Hey, my Wong is up... My Wong is on fire...My Wong is huge...I could go on and on, but I won't.

23. Hew Hudson-  This looks like a luxury pick, and D' arnaud is the best on my board.

24. Keystone-  JB will gladly settle for Cingrani's B down here.








                                                          Schmidt Conference


Winfield Division


Canaan Polar Bears:


Cleveland Hit Men:


Kalamazoo Black Knights:


Sparrow Lake Stallions:


Murphy Division


Crosstown Clydesdales:


Duneland Crusaders:


Gulf Breeze Aardvarks:


Magic City Maulers:


Rice Division


Glenville Greys:


Longstown Prospectors:


North York Warthogs:


Three Mile Island Tigers:


Cooper Conference


Carter Division



Green Mountain Canucks:


Johnson Knights:


New England Elite:


Vermont Woodchucks:


Yount Division


Albany Wildcats: 


Indiana Imperials:


Muncie Black Wolf:


Pennsylvania Pounders:


Brett Division


Creekside Crushers:


East York 66er’s:


Keystone Comanches:


York First Capitols: