Nuggets 185


Hello again gentlemen.

††††††††† To steal a line from Bob.. Tick Tock.. The meetings are so close I can almost smell the scrapple.Smelling it is actually as close as I intend to get, but some chipped beef on potatoes is sounding pretty good.I need to remember my growler for the Mudhook and some Zantac to battle my over indulgence.

††††††††† Al asked for another mock, and requested a free agent version as well.We aim to please here at the staff of the Nuggets, so Wil put something together for the rookies and I muddled through the free agents.


††††††††††††††††††† A clown, a nun and and Bigfoot walk in a bar...Ah, never mind. There hasn't been a ton a pick movement, but enough to warrant mock 2.0.


1. CK- I've put Abreu on Scoop's team on the disc.

2. MC- Soler.

3. MC- The game plan was to take both Cubs. Baez, but a whiffy spring could change said plan.

4. MA- Bogaerts, still the pick to me, but Springer in play too.

5. NY- Eric will be happy to see Springer here.

6. FK- I'm still going with Hamilton.

7. CL- Ventura works for Al.

8. LT- Castellanos fits nicely.

9. CO- As does Tanaka.

10. KZ- The picks seem to slotting easier than mock 1.0, DeGrom.

11. GM- Polanco my biggest slider, but a nice get here.

12. NE- Bill will look at McHugh, but take Betts.

13. NH- McHugh.

14. CT- I think Sanchez was the target in Mike's move up deal.

15. YK- I have Si nervously changing his pick to Bauer.

16. NH- 2 picks in top 16 is nice, and I found Santana as good as fit as any.

17. VT- Starts in better shape, but still go arm and slot Odorizzi.

18. GB- Rich got some 2b, but giving him Schoop anyway.

19. SL- I can see Shoemaker.

20. MU- I have some new faces popping up. Hutchinson.

21. GL- Odor.

22. KY- Castillo, but like to see JB add some AB's before the final mock.

23. IN- Stroman

24. CK- Alcantara



#1 Albany: This pick is nearly as much of a no-doubter as Abreu in the rookie. JD Martinez adds another stick to a loaded team.

#2 York: Worley does two things for the First Caps. He gives him 17 good starts, and reduces the number of D starts by 17.At 26 he will be the guy that has to go get coffee for the veterans.

#3 Muncie: Bob says Harrison before any of us have the W written down from Siís pick.His versatility may take a hit if he settles into the regular 3B role.

#4 New Hudson: Michael has mentioned young outfielders and he could get a start here with the pick of VanSlyke. The .386 obp doesnít hurt a bit either.

#5 Cleveland: Sometimes the free agent picks are made for limits so that you can take the best available with your rookie picks. C. Young buys some time and makes pitching less of a rookie priority.

#6 Green Mountain: Burnie is 8 starts short and Fiers provides 10 B starts

#7 New Hudson:With the second of his 3 first round FA picks, DeFratus becomes a Nut Job.

#8 Crosstown: Rivera fits and will win out over A relief.

#9 Sparrow Lake: Mark moved up for a reason and I believe it is for a catcher.I am gonna go Cervelli here.

#10 Cleveland:A second top ten pick gives Al a chance to fortify the middle infield with E. Escobar.

#11 Coastal:Rather than spend a rookie pick on player to close out games, the Bulldogs add Duke to fill the role.

#12 North York: Eric could use some depth across the infield and Holt provides that.

#13 Marietta: Catching is a big need and Butera might be the best available.

#14 Keystone: 1B eligibility and the opportunity for a bigger role next year makes Ishikawa possible selection.

#15 Duneland: I think Iíll just throw some White Sox love around and say that Petricka fits here.

#16 Creekside: You can afford to do a little speculating right here and it could be an opportunity to see if Maybin can rediscover his potential.

#17 New Hudson: Things are starting to thin out a bit here, but Rasmus provides solid B relief and a few B starts.

#18 Gulf Breeze: Pickins are slimmin out, but 22 C starts out of a lefty ainít all bad. Morales here.

#19 East York: Mick has been known to stash starters and Noesi might be that guy here.

#20 Muncie:How about some infield depth and Santiago?

I think I will stop here. It starts turning into pure speculation, heck maybe it did after pick #1?




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