Nuggets 191


Hello again gentlemen.


Hey, once in a while the sun shines on the same dogís ass.I know that is not exactly how that old phrase goes and Iíll have to go back and re-watch Hoosiers to get it right, but it is meant to mean I that I got lucky this past Friday, when the King of Diamonds appeared out of a sauce pan.

I had asked my wife to wish me luck as I walked out the door, much earlier in the day.She complied with the wish, but she really didnít know what I was asking for, after all, if you remember my old Halloween story, my wife once dressed as ďCal GriffeyĒ.†† So, since I had never picked first, I was going to be happy with any pick in the top 6, especially in a draft with a lot of help, but no clear #1.

Ok, Iím done gloating now and will get to the reason I am putting out the first Nuggets in quite some time.It is mock time!Since the entire 24 are not set, Iíll mock the 17 we know and list 7 more that I think are worthy of first round consideration.

So, since I am on the clock and writing the article, Iím gonna talk about me some more.If I had to pick today Iíd be flipping a coin between Sanchez and Turner.Both have great cards with Turners having more on base #ís, but Sanchez has the 1 1 0 0 0.Both also give me reason to pause.At this time, I have 3 SSís that play only SS.Turner fills a need at 2b and in the OF, but could be a full time SS next year, furthering the log jam.If you know me very well, you know the hesitation with SanchezÖ. Fuckin Yankee!!


#1 Clydesdales.For the purpose of this mock, Iíll put away my Yankee hate for a player that should hit in the middle of my order for a few years.The Dales take Gary Sanchez, if they still have the pick.

#2 Vermont. I spoke with Dave briefly and he was similar to me, in that he didnít commit to anyone.My guess is that he likes the same two I do and takes the player I donít. Turner to the Chucks.

#3 York.The First Caps have a potent lineup that can rake with anyone.With a couple more B starters, he would be firmly in contention.Fulmer is there, so it makes sense, right?Nah, gimme that Shortstop with 27 bombs! Story to the Caps.

#4 East York.The OF does a lot of the heavy lifting for the 66erís, but between Joey Bats getting up there and Stanton not being able to put together a full season, it might be time to send reinforcements.Iím giving Mick the other hot Rockie and see him selecting Dahl.

#5 New Hudson.Another team on the cusp.A B starter sure stoutens the rotation, but Mazara provides help every day, rather than every 5.

#6 Muncie. Used Bob said he needed pitching, but he hates to take one in the first.So, his shortstop for the next 15 years could be out there in Swanson.The pick also allows him to needle Chad the entire trip home back to Indiana.

#7 Coastal.With a top rate offense, already in place, New Bob likely looks at the staff and looks for the upgrade.I know Fulmer has the B, but Urias and Reyes are likely the best prospects.Iím gonna go the Reyes route for New Bob.

#8 New England. Bill watched a couple of division rivals fare well, so he may not be as aggressive.With Hendrick departed Urias might look pretty good next year, so thatís how Iíll go.

#9 Marietta. Iíll have to admit that I didnít look at this pick too long.I started at C and saw Joseph and Ross, then I penciled in the name Contreras.

#10 Indiana. I see two needs. One in the OF and one in the rotation.That would suggest a decision between Fulmer and Benintendi.However, I canít see Bregman dropping out of the top 10, so Bregman it is.

#11 Frankfort. Tons of new faces on this squad and Tim has done a great job getting to a point where he can draft the best available, rather than for need.Sometimes you swing for the fences and in this case I think I see taking a shot on Josh Bell.

#12 The team formerly known as North York.By the way, let me take this opportunity to welcome back Ash to the league.Got a hey buddy for me?Also, a thanks to Eric for stepping in and ďWeíll see you at the summer meetingsĒ.So, on to the pick. The choice looks between the B and the Oriole.Heck, no-brainer as Bundy joins the fold.

#13 Magic City. This is a tough one for me.During our many years of mocking, we always had some differences.He loves the younger guys and doesnít show the same fear that some of us to take an arm in round 1.I donít think he likes Fulmer as much as Taillon, so Iíll go that way.

#14 Glenville (via Duneland).A good chunk of the rotation was sent, with this being part of haul.The overhaul will need to include some rotation pieces, so why not the ROY and a B to boot?Fulmer here.

#15 Creekside. Iím not sure here, but it has been my impression that Scoop sticks pretty close to the BPA philosophy.I have probably ignored this guy too long, since he was voted the best hitting prospect for the coming season.Iím going with Benintendi.

#16 Green Mountain. Iím trying to do the impossible here, because even if I mock him Babe Ruth, Iím gonna hear that Iím off in the think heíd like a SS, but I have Diaz as the next option there.Iím gonna be wrong, so Iíll try to be wrong big and pencil in AJ Reed.

This just in:

#17 New England. Stop me if youíve heard this one before.The Elite will have a different look than last year.. Iíd be sorting between Velasquez, Kepler and Naquin.With no real needs, I go with the highest ceiling and call on Kepler.


So, that leaves 7 picks in round 1 and these are the next 7 on my board, well maybe not the exact 7 since I pick 25th, but not total bullshit picks anyway.So, in no particular order:













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Winfield Division


Canaan Polar Bears:


Cleveland Hit Men:


Kalamazoo Black Knights:


Sparrow Lake Stallions:


Murphy Division


Crosstown Clydesdales:


Duneland Crusaders:


Gulf Breeze Aardvarks:


Magic City Maulers:


Rice Division


Glenville Greys:


Longstown Prospectors:


North York Warthogs:


Three Mile Island Tigers:


Cooper Conference


Carter Division



Green Mountain Canucks:


Johnson Knights:


New England Elite:


Vermont Woodchucks:


Yount Division


Albany Wildcats:


Indiana Imperials:


Muncie Black Wolf:


Pennsylvania Pounders:


Brett Division


Creekside Crushers:


East York 66erís:


Keystone Comanches:


York First Capitols: