Nuggets 184


Hello again gentlemen.


We have to start in a sad place.Burnie shared the word with us today that our league has lost its elder statesman.Knowing that John had been having a rough time and that the outlook was not optimistic does not make our loss any easier.I shared in an email that I feel like I missed out on a chance to meet a great guy, because all that knew him described him as a great guy.I felt the wit in some of his emails to me or quips to be added to the Nuggets.You could sense the optimism he had for his team each year, even if they didnít look like a challenger on paper.I know I am not the best person to describe all of his virtues, but I felt enough of them to know he will be well received going forward.Rest in Peace, Head Polar Bear.

I want to invite members to send stories to me, which can be relayed through the Nuggets, or send pictures to Bob, for display on the web page.

We all know that when a door shuts that somewhere a window opens.We lost two great members for the 2015 season.John and Jack will be tough acts to follow.Jack, I hope you continue to keep up with us, as you are responsible for grandfathering the 6 current members from Indiana.As far as the window opening, I want to welcome Bob and Tim to the league and hope they have the lengthy careers that John and Jack had.We hope to see you at the meetings in around 6 weeks.

I remember the clown that Wil spoke about in the last Nuggets.I got a feeling that dude had fifth of something stashed, because he sounded like a mean drunk sometimes.We ate it up, but from a distance of course.You wanted to be close enough to hear him, but if you got too close or made any loud comments, you got on his radar.I had a complex for a while, because he called me ďNeckĒ.ďLook at the neck on that kid. Hey Neck, you come from a family of giraffes?Ē It was suicide to walk past him before the crowds got big, because he had a comment for every passerby.

ďGot a ball, need a ball player!Ē

Only four teams have a ball left as Mick destroyed me in a ďget off of my lawnĒ spanking.He came to my park and outscored me 14-1 in two games (hot <enters>), before pulling off a couple of one run wins at home. He also managed to complete the lower seed sweep in this yearís playoff.No team with home field advantage was able to advance past the first round. Congrats to Mick, and as for me, well I know my draft slot now, so Iím ready for my first mock.

I think we could call the lists that we have put out before the lottery, more of a ranking. They didnít take in to consideration, limits or possible preferences. So, here is my first official mock, with picks 21-24 based on chalk.As usual, Wil and I have a lot of the same names, and as usual we have some guys that we disagree on.I am copying Wilís picks on here after mine, since they have not been up very long and to make sure everyone gets a chance to read them.

Jim Valvano said that if you think, laugh and cry in a day, itís been a full day.John has moved us to tears today, maybe Wil and I can help you think and laugh.For Wil, this is Cross signing out.


#1 Creekside: Even if it is not Scoop making the pick, Abreu is the pick.

#2 Duneland: I think the Soler pick is a little smoke. Dan traded out of #1 last year and could do it again this year, even if it is up this time. Springer goes second.

#3 Keystone: With no real holes, why not a middle infielder who may hit 40 bombs? Baez here.

#4 Marietta: I get that SS could be a need, but Franklin was drafted high last year and will get his opportunity in TB this year. I still like the limit play, but Iíll go Hamilton here.

#5 North York: I gotta agree with finding eventual replacements for Vargas and Harang sooner rather than later, so Ventura here.

#6 Frankfort: Wow Tim, 6th pick in your first draft!In my first year I was in a lottery to see if I picked 21st, 22nd, 23rd, or 24th (but Iím not bitter). With a solid staff in place OF and SS both make sense.I think Bogaerts is the play.

#7 Cleveland: It must have been a great day to see Smja (close enough) come to the Sox. Last yearís draft built a staff with Wheeler and Cozart. Letís try to build an OF with Polanco.

#8 Longstown: A SS makes sense with Hanleyís move, but Bogaerts may be the only top 10 caliber candidate and that could be Profarís role? Best on the board is Soler.

#9 Coastal: Welcome aboard Bob. You will probably get a few ďHey BuddyísĒ about moving up to get your pick, but should you decide to keep it, I see DeGrom as a nice first piece.

#10 Kalamazoo: I think Chuck was overheard talking about Castellanos as far back as last yearís meetings, so Iíll buy it.

#11 Green Mountain: What Tanaka showed before being shelved was pretty impressive (for a Yankee). Is he going to be great or injured? Burnie opts for the former and adds Tanaka.

#12 Sparrow Lake: Seeing the Bís start to disappear gets Mark trying to choose the next best one. McHugh might be that guy.

#13 New Hudson: I think the choices might boil down to Betts or Sanchez.Both are probably wrong, but Iíll stick with Betts

#14 New England: I said a while back that if a reliever turned out to be truly great, it wouldnít be a bad to pick him high. Betances has a chance to be that guy.

#15 York: I guess it has to be a pitcher with good limits and upside.That could apply to a few guys, so how about Odorizzi?

#16 Albany: Iíd lay pretty good money that Nate doesnít make this pick, but I donít know who will.Iíll guess it someone wanting a B, so Shoemaker could work.

#17 Vermont:A shortstop fits here and I like Owings better than Wil does

#18 Gulf Breeze: The opportunity to draft a Saux playa doesnít come around that often and there is one out there. No track record, but sometimes you make big swings right here. Castillo.

#19 Crosstown: Pretty sure I would take Sanchez if he was available.

#20 Muncie: It about has to be an arm and Bauer is next best, I guess?

#21 Indiana: With McCann getting up there and Gattis moving out of Atlanta, I think Betencourt finds a way on the Imp roster.

#22 Magic City:Wil usually tries to move way up, or just move the pick. Iím guessing that heís got an arm he likes stashed, but for the time being, Iíll say Alcantara.

#23 Glenville: I think all of the catchers have warts that keep them out of the first round, so Schoop is worthy here.

#24 East York: Iím going to stay true to my board and watch Mick take another guy that hits the long ball. Singleton will close out the round.


Wilís picks:


1.     Creekside- Congrats to Scoop on landing the top spot and Abreu. I can see the Blacksox boys lining up offers as I type.

2.     Duneland- Dan just missed his boy Abreu, but he's close enough to move up possibly. He told me Soler was his guy. Not sure if that's actually true or he's just trying to piss me off. I'm a believer until he trades up.

3.     Keystone- Springer is an easy call here for J.B.

4.     Marietta- With at bats an issue and Barmes at ss, I think Bogaerts is the call here.

5.     North York- Polanaco is Wolf's kind of pick, but that staff needs an anchor, so Iím going with Ventura.

6.     Frankfort- For now, were gonna call the new guys, the new guys. Have no inside trinkets yet, and as Mike pointed out yesterday, maybe he's a Reds fan since he's in Kentucky. I'll buy that and give him Hamilton.

7.     Cleveland- Not sure if it's a fit, but Baez falls no further.

8.     Longstown- A much improved Becker will look to add some offense, so I'm giving him Polanco.

9.     Coastal- The staff needs some help, so pencil in R.O.Y. DeGrom.

10.  Kalamazoo- Chuck will sort between Betts and Castellanos, but will go with the latter.

11.  Green Mountain- Tanaka makes Burnie interesting, but let's go with Betts.

12.  Sparrow Lake- Mark looks at his division and says...hmmm. If I take Tanaka and then...

13.  New Hudson- Here come's a mini- pitching run. McHugh.

14. New England- Waller won't pass the last B starter with decent limits. Shoemaker.

15.  York- Si will sort one of the C's, and it will be the worst one. I just don't know which one that is yet. Let's go Stroman.

16.  Albany- Nate needs little, and A. Sanchez is a fit.

17.   Vermont- Starts are a lil short, but my brain says Odor. However, my heart says Castillo.

18.  East York- Utley rebounded somewhat, but Odor an option for down the road.

19.  Gulf Breeze- With Dunn's retirement and Gabby Sanchez going overseas, first base will be a hole this time next year, but not sure if Vargas is worthy here, but I think Bauer is.

20.   Muncie- Short starts makes Odorizzi a nice find down here.

21. Glenville- Mauer's loss of catcher eligibility puts Vazquez in play here.

22.   Magic City- A reliever and a Yankee in round one for me? I bet Randall K. Myers is rolling over in his grave. (I know he's still alive, but he's dead to me.) Give me Betances.

23.   Indiana- Bethancourt wouldn't shock me, but Elias helps his limits.

  1. Crosstown- I was so excited about Crossie being the 24th pick, I thought I'd pour some champagne on his head the next time I saw him. Changed my mind, and got out the naked clown pics and poured lotion on my penis instead. Mike said Alcantara was a first rounder, I believed him.







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