Nuggets 190

††††††††††† Hello again gentlemen.

We have had some positions filled and a couple of trades made, so without any pomp or circumstance, Mach II

1)      Iíd never believed it, but I am being assured that Correa is the pick for Magic City.I believe Bogaerts is available.I also expect some cringing each time Rizzo and Bryant go deep.

2)      Trader Bill has moved into the 2 spot (pending), and with limits being a factor Bryant seems like a slam dunk.I think the two top picks have been 1 and 1a all along, so Iím not changing now.

3)      New Bob has mentioned Seager, Cano, and Buxton, but seems content with Sano with less than 3 weeks to change his mind, or trade the pick.

4)      Vermont says SS, but Iíve heard a couple of names.With the mock as is, Iíd guess Russell, but if Dave can scratch out some abís before the draft, Iíd go Seager.I suppose until I see a deal or two, Iíll go with Russell.

5)      Mick would then sort between Seager and Buxton and the SS seems the more likely route.

6)      Frankton is in a bit of the same boat and would look at two OFís, Buxton and Pederson.Pederson offers the more immediate help on a team that needs some pop.

7)      This is a tough spot for Al, but actually makes me pretty happy.Iíd say the next two picks are Syndegard and Buxton.With the age and decline of Hamilton and Ichiro, Al chooses Buxton to roam the yard with Polanco for the foreseeable future.

8)      Iíd be perfectly happy to take the leftover player from the Cleveland quandary.Syndegard has the size and stuff to be effective for a long time.Plus Iíll have a jersey with my cockís nickname on it. Thor!

***Trade alert*** Al has made a deal that brought in another OF and B starter, so flip flop my 7 & 8 picks. Glad I didnít buy the shirt yet!

9)      Marietta gets Lindor and may get the best SS of the bunch.I was watching the MLB network the other night, and their computer ďThe ShredderĒ, spit Lindorís name out above the other rookie SSís.

10)  Unless Al traded down to take Rondon, Dan inherits the best White Sock on the board and selects Rondon to a stable of good young arms.

11)  I think I gave Chad McCullers the last time around.I think the logic is sound to a graded starting pitching to a good hitting lineup.

12)  Iím feeling like I have let Schwarber slide too much, but I still think Eric would like rooting for the Phillie and takes Franco

13)  Gulf Breeze takes advantage of the slipping of Schwarber and may get that 30 homer guy that he has been coveting since A-Roid got off the juice.

14)  I see a pitcher for New Hudson, but I really have no clue as to whether it would boil down to the prospect or the grade.All I can do is go by my list that says Walker is the next best pitcher

15)  Another catcher wouldnít hurt the Zoo, but I think it is a bit too early for Swihart.Duffy acted and played like he belonged all year, so I stay with that pick.

16)  I was tempted to throw Bour out there, since his age would not drop him down Siís board, but Conforto looks to be the long term and possible short term play.

17)  Used Bob hates to use a first rounder on an arm, so Iím looking at someone who can play some 3b. I see Kang and Tomas as the two likely suspects and saying Gong is just more fun.

18)  I like a few guys here, but it was hard to get past the fact that Conger was the only catcher on the roster. I have Swihart as the best at the position.

19)  Keystone looks like an early favorite with no real holes. It would be easy to slide in a snake and make Thomas the pick, but I think Travis has the better card and enough eligibility to play in the playoffs.

20)  If I were a betting man, Iíd say Nathaniel moves the pick, but heís also not opposed to stockpiling arms. Matz comes with a lot of promise and would be a good one to stash.

The last 4 will be based on regular season record.

21)  Glenville who always seems to be in contention, looks good for next year too.I think a 4th B starter would up the odds, so the next on my B board is Severino

22)  Searching for studs, Denny can look in all corners. BPA on my board is Piscotty and his new full time gig.

23)  This pick goes to Burnie, and I am going to make it based on the names he gave me as his 16 pick mock.He has Tomas 12, so I figured he be thrilled to get him this late.

24)  Creekside gets to speculate a bit here.I think Iíd swing for the fences and get a guy who could rival those top 10 picks.Iíll go with Michael Taylor.