Nuggets 177


Hello again gentlemen.

††††††††† Well, school has kept me pretty busy and my time off yesterday was spent at a golf outing that Bob got us in.We had a good time and didnít embarrass ourselves.One of our guys has played quite a bit this year, but it was my third time out (I quit after 13 in round two). Tony was playing his second round, and Bob was breaking his cherry after only swinging a club in his garage.We managed 6 under without a bogey, but got lapped by the field that saw -14 win it.I drank more than on any day since the meetings (summer meetings that is) and I am feeling it a little today.

††††††††† Anyway, Wil got some inspiration from a recent call-up and decided to do a mock. Iíll let him take it from here, so for Wil, this is Cross signing out.


It's never to early for an rookie list, is it? The Baez call-up got me motivated enough to chunk one out there. It's still a hitters draft, but things could even out if Walker, Ranaudo, Heaney and Chafin would happen to get some more innings down the stretch. Things would get crazy if Bryant gets called up, but I'd be a lil surprised if he did. So, for now, here's my top 24.


1.     Baez- Yep... F*#K Abreu!!! I haven't trusted the Cubans since the bay of pigs, and I'm sure Abreu is like 38 and his real name is Jose Contreras. It should be fun watching the Rapp's and Dan jockey to try and get him the winter though. But back to the stud. Seen just a small sample, but I've seen enough. There will be some growing pains, but 30 homers a year is my baseline. He's a decade younger than Abreu, so he's my pick. Oh yea, he's also a Cub.

2.     Abreu- Ok, after all that bashing, I'm still not passing up 40 homers.

3.     Springer- A 200 strikeout, 30/30 guy in the future. The days of appreciating .240 batting averages are here.

4.     Hamilton- No doubt a game changer when he gets on, but he's one guy I could move down if others get enough limits.

5.     Taveras- I'm not sure why the Cards called him him and then not give him daily at bats. This ranking based more on the hype.

6.     Polanco- Cooled off after a hot start, but toolsy, and I like toolsy.

7.     Ventura- I like 100 too.

8.     Stroman- Has put a nice run of good innings together.

9.     Bauer- Mini pitching run started.

10.            Bogaerts- He's supposed to be good, but I'm not sold on him yet, as he's long.

11.            Castellanos- Not special, but a solid year going.

12.            Liriano- All hype here.

13.            Odorizzi- Numbers are trending the right way.

14.            Tanaka- Deserves to be higher, but I'd be scared of him. I think if you take him, you plan on TJ at some point.

15.            Singleton- The power is legit, but will have some ugly numbers.

16.            McHugh- In line for a B, and I don't see many of them.

17.            Alcantara- He's no Darwin Barney.

18.            Schoop- Could be a 20 homer guy at second. There's something there.

19.            Hahn- Nice arm and park.

20.            LaStella- Secondbase might be the strongest spot in the draft. No pop, but might be a solid on base guy.

21.            Solarte- I like his walk to strikeout numbers and I can see 15-18 homers down the road.

22.            Matzek- Swing and miss stuff and a former first rounder.

23.            Santana- He's having a nice year, but I'm not sure if he's legit.

24.            Taylor- This is Michael, although the other Taylor is playing every day in Seatlle, and could join the list too. I haven't saw Michael enough to say much, other than I picked him up in Yahoo!, which should light a fire under him.




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