Nuggets 186


Hello again gentlemen.

Iím pretty sure that I am all in favor of moving the meetings back a couple of weeks.I think that we have had a good number of early departures that may not have occurred, if the weather was better.The thing that wonít be fixed by the chance of better weather is that it is still going to be a bummer to have to leave the festivities.Iíve written a good number of post-meeting Nuggets and itís getting hard to come up with superlatives that express the good time and good will that is experienced.

Differences get put aside (for the most part) or at least hashed out, and the greater good takes on more of a focus.I expressed it to Si in an email as, ďwishing we could bottle the meetings and break open that bottle when we feel that something is unjust or personalĒ.Part of that is the planning and welcome that is extended by our hosts.I mean all of our hosts.Iíve some great memories from York, Wilmington, Atlanta and Louisville, and I have heard enough great stories about times in Vermont, that I know a good time was had by all there too.It is not a surprise that I have fewer memories from Cooperstown, than from any other meetings.

From a personal perspective, I leave town for more than an afternoon, around three times a year.There are the winter meetings, the summer meetings, and a week in Wilmington with my wife and step daughter.While hoping not to sound gay, I need my adult male contact.I live with two women, three if you count the dog, and I spend my work day with 14 Ė 18 year olds.There is the occasional conversation with a colleague during a passing period or in the hall before or after school, but for the most part my time with men consists of the meetings, big play days, and beer runs to get Yuengling with Bob.I need you guys, and thank you for being there.

Okay, enough of the love fest.Talking to some of the guys, we decided that Dave had a real nice draft by acquiring two guys that were mocked in the top 16, without the luxury of having a pick in the top 16.Nathaniel went 19 of 24, failing to include Betances, Bethancourt, Schoop, Hutchinson, and Santana.Wil went 20 of 24 and the four he missed were the first four picks in the second round.My selections netted the same results as Wilís.Just 20 free agent picks were mocked and I managed to pick 17 of them.

I donít feel that there were any real reaches?There were definitely some guys that I had slotted lower, but Iíd be hard pressed to call any of the picks screw ups.I may have even reached for Castellanos myself.†† I guess the Baez drop caused the biggest buzz.I also think that it is kind of futile to rank the drafts, since it will be a few years before we really know the results.

At this time I would like to give an editorial, get on my soapbox, or just offer my opinion.Yes, we play a different gameÖ.For the most part, we try to do things the same way MLB does.MLB also plays two different games.Each side feels like they are at a disadvantage when they play by the other leagues rules.It has not stopped inter-league play from being one of the most popular aspects the schedule.In truth, they have an advantage an equal amount of time that they have a disadvantage, with the exception of a World Series game 7.

They also bitch and moan that it is unfair when they have to play a ďdifferent gameĒ.I shrug it off as much when the MLB does it, as I do when we complain.The MLB can change their roster with call-ups, leaves, and all sorts of ways to make the roster as they wish for an inter-league series.We can put a different roster out there for every series as well.

I am sympathetic to the claim that board guys send instructions to steal a guy, whenever allowable.I have received instructions like that and it disappoints me when I canít accommodate the request.I try to send a note on why a guy didnít get a large amount of attempts, with reasons including: He just didnít get on much. He got on with runners on ahead of him. And, possibly not being allowed to, because of out or score restrictions.I am not going to try to rack up a steal for you or me, when losing the runner would be bad baseball.But, if your instructions are not being followed, you have a beef.

Aside from that, I only played 8 games via instruction last year, but on the occasions in the past, when I played more games by instruction, the most common thing to see was, ďPlay them as you would play your own.ĒThis gets tricky.The home team knows how often they can use their own guys.Do I bring in your guy to try and steal a base, without knowing if playing him in 4 games will hamstring his limits?Would I walk my own clean-up hitter to set up the double play, especially if his run was the tying or go ahead run? Can we even imagine what instructions might look like if we planned for each scenario?

With a runner at 3rd, against a (whatever grade), pinch hit this guy because of the amount of 8ís or 9ís on his card.Or, bring in this reliever, based on the amount of 8 or 9ís on the hitterís card.

With less than 2 outs and a runner at first, bring in a straight C to make the 25ís and 27ís DPís, providing the hitter has (however many) of those numbers on his card.

Use my relievers in situations that provide them the upgrade.

All the while, donít use these guys more than this amount.

All of these are easy to do when youíre playing other board guys ftf, but are not second nature to computer players.


The instructions for a computer player could be just as cumbersome.

Run on RF arms of 33 or less, CF and LF arms 31 or less with less than 2 outs.

Run everyone with 2 outs, unless the lead runner is a 6 or less and the OF arm is greater than 36.Donít try to score a guy from 1st on a ball in the corner, unless he is a speed 15 or greater.

Steal these guys in this situation if #### is catching, and steal these guys if #### is catching.Donít steal against this pitcher because of his +move.

I like to suicide squeeze in this situation, but now that I have told you this, donít do it if you decide to play in.


My point is that the phrase home field advantage did not just come out of mid-air, it is a real phenomenon.I have received a set of boards from Bob, with the hopes of making better decisions and instructions when playing on the boards.I am also offering my help to anyone who plays the boards pertaining to the inís and outís of running, throwing, and platoon (batter vs. same side pitcher) nuances of the computer.

This is what we have gentlemen, so we can bump heads, learn each otherís game, or just accept the consequences of being the visitor.

That is my position, so accept my ďThis is Cross, for Wil, signing outĒ, as Just My Humble Opinion this time.





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