Nuggets 178


Hello again gentlemen.

Well, I wasnt all that excited about the rookies, but Wil got the ball rolling and I had to get my two cents in. I pretty much just used the Kilgus site and scrolled to the bottom team. From there you will see about 150 names to choose from. I think I saw about 70 sticks and 80 arms. Of course not all of them will get cards, and there are likely some guys who are yet to get cards who will add to the list.

When I see the list of names I am seeing a good amount of limits and pretty good position coverage. Overall, I am not really wowed by the group except for top 4. I think these are guys you can count for long productive careers. I do see a lot of good players who could grow into potential all-stars, but they could become afterthoughts as well. I guess that is true for all of them.

So, without further ado, here are some more names to throw on the fire.


#1 Abreu: I dont care if he is a little older and under an assumed name. Some still think Albert fits that category, and Id take another Albert. If the Sox were in the hunt at all, hed be battling Trout for MVP honors.

#2 Castellanos: I hear the crickets as I type it, but hes been a top prospect and has now produced in the bigs. More of his doubles will find their way over the wall and should settle nicely into the 25 homer range. Watching vets like Miggy, V. Mart and Tori can only have a positive effect.

#3 Soler: I saw a good comparison to Vladdy Guerrero with his two handed follow through and his power is easy, rather than the come out of your shoes pop of pick #4.

#4 Baez: What in the name of Jerome Walton is going on here?? Ive seen some of his at bats and it takes me back to what Harry Carey said after watching Ron Cey strike out. I dont know why ANYONE would throw him ANYTHING but a curve ball.

#5 Springer: He is going to hit bombs and I think he has a chance to cut down on the Ks in the process. I guess I find him the least risky of the toolsy guys.

#6 Taveras: He should get plenty of opportunities since I believe the Cards have made a couple of moves that were counting on his success, maybe as far back as not offering Albert a big contract. Certainly in moving Craig in the Lackey deal.

#7 Hamilton: There is something to be said for a bird in the hand. You know what you are going to get from him, and he could hit enough homers in that ball park to lose the flea status.

#8 Polanco: The Pirates have been cranking out outfielders. I may have said this before, but youre hoping for McCutchen, but you may get Tabata, or you could get Marte or Presley.

#9 Singleton: I think he is Adam Dunn without the walks. Is that any good? I dont know how Dave Kingmans card played.

#10 Ventura: I guess you have to have at least one arm in the top ten, and unless his recent struggles are injury related, hed be my first option.

#11 Betances: Blasphemy! A reliever and a Yankee to boot! Calling it like I see it and thinking that in hind sight, Mariano may have been top 11 pick.

#12 Owings: He was fulfilling the promise before a shoulder knocked him out. Rumor has it that he will see some time at 2nd upon his return.

#13 Schoop: As an Os fan, they are just better when he is out there. I always envisioned Machado moving to SS, but two knee surgeries will keep him at third. Schoop can play a little SS if Hardy moves on, or could settle into the everyday 2b.

#14 Alcantara: I saw something that had him as a utility player when the full group of prospects arrive in Wrigleyville. Hes better than that.


**And the pitching run begins. I dont know if this is actually the way I see them, or I am just seeing one name and having it remind me of another.


#15 Odorizzi: The Rays have stayed more than relevant for a long time, due to the fact that their targets usually pan out. Maybe not a true #1, but could be a solid 2.

#16 deGrom: Wouldnt his great long flowing locks look good in a first cap uni? The Mets have been cranking out the arms, and his appears to be a keeper as well.

#17 Strohman: They ought to shut him down now. I am leery of the smaller guys who throw hard. It just seems like his max effort will cause arm woes down the road.

#18 Bauer: I think we have been expecting a breakout for a couple of years, but maybe the slower road will pay off in a longer career.

#19 Shoemaker: Could go higher if he finishes strong, or drop if everyone notices that he turns 28 next month.

#20 McHugh: I may give him a bump up as well. I didnt see that he has only allowed 102 hits in 126 innings, with 132 Ks. Hes no spring chicken either, so you pick him and hope its not a fluke. The name reminds me of the time I saw Hugh Hefner beating up Dennis Weaver. I shouted Hey hey, Hugh, hugh, get off of ma cloud

#21 Bogaerts: I know he will go higher, but this just represents my diminished value of him. Hell, scratch him and put Betts here.

#22 Liriano: High upside that would be well worth the risk here.

#23 Vazquez: There has to be a catcher in here, league rules. I liked Pinto better for most of the year.

#24 Cron: He could hit 30, or he could be that AAAA guy.


I think I have the arms way too clustered and I wont know for sure until I actually see some of the guys, or get a newer copy of the BBA prospect handbook.



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