Official 2013 NSL All-League Ballot


                    First Team                                                           Second Team


1B-                                                                  1B-


2B-                                                                  2B-


3B-                                                                  3B-


SS-                                                                  SS-


C-                                                                    C-


DH-                                                                 DH-


OF-                                                                  OF-


OF-                                                                  OF-


OF-                                                                  OF-


SP-                                                                  SP-


SP-                                                                  SP-


RP-                                                                  RP-


                   1st Choice                                       2nd Choice                                 3rd Choice


MVP-                                              MVP-                                        MVP-


Ryan-                                              Ryan-                                         Ryan-


Rookie-                                           Rookie-                                      Rookie-


Manager-                                        Manager-                                    Manager-



Your Team Name-                                                Manager-


Please vote for 2 players (1st and 2nd Team) at each position.  Also a total of 6 OF (3 1st and 3 2nd team) and 4 SP (2 1st team and 2 2nd team).  Keep in mind the positions listed on the final stats. Vote for your top 3 choices for MVP, Nolan Ryan, Rookie of Year, and Manager of the year, keeping in mind that rookies are designated with an asterisk.  You may not vote for your own players or yourself for manager of the year.  You may vote for players on any of the other 23 teams irregardless of division.  Please complete and mail (or e-mail) to Wilmington by 1/31/14.