2014 NSL Schedule
Series #1 Series #2   Series #3 Series #4 Series #5   Series #6 Series #7
April April   May May May 2 June June
4G A&H 4G A&H   4G A&H 4G A&H 4G A&H 0 4G A&H 4G A&H
Alb-IN Alb-Mun The Alb-Pa IN-NH IN-Gle 1 IN-GM IN-Can
Mun-Pa IN-Pa   IN-Mun Pa-GM Pa-Can 4 Pa-Gle Pa-Kal
Can-NE Can-GM Northern Can-VT Alb-VT Alb-NE   Alb-NY Alb-NH
GM-VT NE-VT   GM-NE Mun-Kal Mun-NY S Mun-VT Mun-NE
Kal-NH Gle-NH States  NH-NY NE-NY VT-Kal C NE-Kal VT-Gle
Gle-NY Kal-NY   Gle-Kal Can-Gle GM-NH H Can-NH GM-NY
Cro-Lon Cro-Dun   Dun-Lon MC-Key MC-Cre E  MC-Cle MC-GB
Dun-MC Lon-MC   Cro-MC Lon-Cle Lon-GB D Lon-Cre Lon-EY
Cle-SL GB-SL   Mar-SL Cro-SL Cro-Mar U Cro-Yk Cro-Key
Mar-GB Cle-Mar   Cle-GB Dun-EY Dun-Yk L Dun-SL Dun-Mar
Cre-Yk Cre-Key   Key-Yk Mar-Yk SL-EY E Mar-EY SL-Cre
EY-Key EY-Yk   Cre-EY GB-Cre Cle-Key   GB-Key Cle-Yk
Series #8 Series #9   Series #10 Series #11 A Series #12 Series #13 Series #14
July July 2 August August L September September September
4G A&H 4G A&H 0 4G A&H 4G A&H L 3G A&H 3G A&H 3G A&H
IN-VT IN-NE 1 IN-Kal IN-NY   Alb-Mun Alb-Pa Alb-IN
Pa-NY Pa-NH 4 Pa-VT Pa-NE S IN-Pa IN-Mun Mun-Pa
Alb-Gle Alb-Kal   Alb-GM Alb-Can T Can-GM Can-VT Can-NE
Mun-GM Mun-Can S Mun-NH Mun-Gle A NE-VT GM-NE GM-VT
Can-Kal GM-Gle H Can-NY GM-Kal   Kal-NY Gle-Kal Gle-NY
MC-SL MC-Mar E  MC-EY MC-Yk B Cro-Dun Dun-Lon Cro-Lon
Lon-Yk Lon-Key D Lon-SL Lon-Mar R Lon-MC Cro-MC Dun-MC
Cro-Cre Cro-EY U Cro-Cle Cro-GB E GB-SL Mar-SL Cle-SL  
Dun-Cle Dun-GB L Dun-Key Dun-Cre A Cle-Mar Cle-GB Mar-GB
Mar-Key SL-Yk E Mar-Cre SL-Key K Cre-Key Key-Yk Cre-Yk
GB-EY Cle-Cre   GB-Yk Cle-EY (88 GAMES) EY-Yk Cre-EY EY-Key
Series #15 Series #16   Series #17 Series #18 <<<<<>>>>> Series #19 Series #20 Series #21
October October 2 November November <<<<<>>>>> November December December
4G A&H 4G A&H 0 4G A&H 4G A&H F 4G A&H 4G A&H 4G A&H
Alb-Cro Alb-MC 1 Alb-Dun Alb-Lon U Alb-Pa Alb-IN Alb-Mun
IN-MC IN-Dun 4 IN-Lon IN-Cro L IN-Mun Mun-Pa IN-Pa
Mun-Lon Mun-Cro   Mun-MC Mun-Dun L Can-VT Can-NE Can-GM
Pa-Dun Pa-Lon S Pa-Cro Pa-MC   GM-NE GM-VT NE-VT
Can-SL Can-Mar C Can-Cle Can-GB R NH-NY Kal-NH Gle-NH
GM-GB GM-Cle H GM-Mar GM-SL O Gle-Kal Gle-NY Kal-NY
NE-Cle NE-SL E  NE-GB NE-Mar S Dun-Lon Cro-Lon Cro-Dun
VT-Mar VT-GB D VT-SL VT-Cle T Cro-MC Dun-MC Lon-MC
Gle-Yk Gle-EY U Gle-Cre Gle-Key E Mar-SL Cle-SL GB-SL
Kal-Cre Kal-Key L Kal-Yk Kal-EY R Cle-GB Mar-GB Cle-Mar
NH-Key NH-Cre E NH-EY NH-Yk S Key-Yk Cre-Yk Cre-Key
NY-EY NY-Yk   NY-Key NY-Cre (19-21) Cre-EY EY-Key EY-Yk
Basic Game played at home by: Can, Cle, Cre, EY, GB, Gle, Kal, Key, NH, NY, and Yk
Computer Game played at home by: Alb, Cro, Dun, GM, IN, Lon, Mar, MC, Mun, NE, Pa, SL, and VT
Entire rosters become active for series #19-21 (24 games)///AllStar break after series #11 (88 games)
All series are 8 games (4 away and 4 home) except #12-14 which are 6 game series (3 away and 3 home)
For 2015- Rice & Brett change conferences,  2016- Murphy & Yount, 2017- Carter & Winfield