The Govans are as nice a couple as one could hope to meet.

  Edmond grew up in the English orphanage system very reminiscent of Oliver Twist.  Indeed his life took many adverse twists and turns before he found the path that led to Mary's door. His assignment with the Yank troops in Holland gives us a unique view of our boys, and his time in the desert of North Africa speaks of the hardships our troops have faced in the latest desert wars.

  Mary, born Marijke de Groot, gave us two riveting accounts.  The first audio clip tells us of the German invasion and occupation of the Netherlands, from a ground zero perspective.

A country stolen

  The second clip is the heart wrenching story of the Jewish baby the de Groot family tried to hide from the SS.


The Govans have written a book, "The Power of Love and War",  detailing their story.  It is the best example of the old John Wesley belief of previenient grace, and a testimony that love is truly greater than war.

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