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We share some of these stories in a column written each month for the Anderson Herald Bulletin.
  The column is published every second Sunday.
Here is a list of the published columns.  To view them just click on the titles.
Ordinary Guys Extraordinary Duty

The Armed Guard and the Merchant Marine

The Man Who Skied in Antarctica

The Bitter and Sweet Story 

The Strength of a Remarkable Generation

My Endorsement for Mayor 

He Was So Young a Couple of Hours Ago

Good News Bad News and Junk Mail

The Art of Staying Alive

Twenty Four Hours in OKC

The Greatest Generation

Mrs. Eisenhower and Mrs. Ford

The Lessons of a Good Father

Breathing New Life

Red Tails and Blue Skies

The Once Idyllic Island Okinawa

Silent Night Holy Night

The Christmas We Seldom See

Heroes and Clerks

A Little Traveling Music

Two Song Biscuits

Two Song Biscuits Two

Two Song Biscuits Served

The Dennard Family Saga

The Dennard Family Saga Continues

The Shining Metropolis on the Texas Plain

Commander Wilbur Y. Morton

How to Detect a Yankee

The Longest Day

The Story That Can’t Be Told

Better Days and Throwed Rolls

The Story of Anna Jean

Well Done Soldier Welcome home