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I am Massoud Tami, born: 21 March 1964, Tehran, Iran. My brother, 5 years younger than me, lives and works in Essen, Germany. I went to primary and secondary school in Iran. When I was 15, my dad an accountant for B.F.Goodrich (American Tyre Company)took us to U.K. We arrived in Clacton-on-Sea: 13 January, 1978. I went to Language school in Clacton then Colbayns High School, where I passed Economics and "O" level English. 1982, my dad went back to Iran a few months later, my mum and brother went to Germany. My parents later divorced.I stayed behind in U.K., went to college in Colchester and got married to Trudy Ann (Wink) on: 19 June, 1984.

I was given indefinite leave to remain in U.K. by Home Office in 1985. However, Colchester Social Security, denied my wife and me of any state benefits that we were entitled to saying: "If you didn't have enough money to support yourself and your wife for the rest of your life, Home Office should have not let you stay here."

We lived in Mistley, Clacton-on-Sea, St.Osyth and Jaywick, Essex for two years, before moving to Walsall, West Midlands, in 1986. We lived at 74c Corporation Street West, Walsall, West Midlands, next door to a black guy by the name of Dennis Warner, who had been to prison for attempted murder, was a pimp, drug pusher, body builder and schizopherinic. Dennis Warner became obssessed by me from the moment we moved next door to him. He used to call me "Nelson." And would sometimes get frightened when he'd come across me. I was attacked by Dennis Warner, when he broke our flat door in the broad daylight, pulled out a table leg confronted me saying: "Nelson, if you want to kill me, you better kill me now, otherwise if you leave me alive, I will come and kill you." All I could think of telling him was: "How many times do I have to tell you, my name is not Nelson." When we called the police over the attack, they said: "If you haven't got a cut more than an inch long, there is nothing we can do, that's the law."

For the first time in my life, I went to a church: Walsall Evangelical Church, across the road from us. Me and my wife found people from church very friendly. We bought a small printing press and from our rented flat did small run printing: business cards, letterheads...

We moved back to Essex: 25 November, 1991. My wife Trudy met up with her old school friend: Maria Welham. With her and her husband's encouragement we applied and were housed by Colchester Borough Council. A Falklands war veteran: Brian Humble, helped my wife get all the Disability Benefits she was entitled to. We were given a flat at 18a Stalin Road, Colchester, next door to a notorious family of 34 children by the name of "Coppins." Rumour had it members of this family had incest and brothers and sisters had children from each other. A 92 year old man and a 75 year old woman lived in the flat above us, when one day the old man came after us with a rifle, thinking he was still in second world war and we were Germans. Police sealed off the street, he later moved to an old peoples home. When we were out one day, our flat was burguled by Christian McShane, a drug addict. Him and his friends stole every electrical item in our flat and had urinated in our bed. Christian McShane had just come out of prison and wanted to go back inside because he said his addiction to drugs would be better provided inside. He wrote a letter thanking me for trying to get him off drugs.

Whilst at 18a Stalin Road, I was head-butted by another drug addict: Gavin Carter. He broke my head, blood pouring everywhere. When Colchester police turned up, they said: "we'll come to get a medical report with you and then arrest him, but I am warning you, once released, he is likely to get much worse."

We were re-housed to: 3 Mayflower Close, Stanway, Colchester. Neighbours that moved upstairs months after us, were young, very noisy and had a new-born baby. I remember Sheena (of Irish decent) coming downstairs to borrow money from us saying: "My dad is a vicar and I was adopted as a child, you had no idea we'd move next door to you and would make life hell for you." We did a "mutual exchange" with a lady from: 47 Kinlett Close, Highwoods, Colchester, where we got on well with everyone, and our neighbours at 39 Kinlett Close, Thompsons, would get us to look after their two young girls, as they trusted us with them.

Me and my wife were baptised at Colchester Evangelical Church, by Rev. Graham Stevens, year 1996. Days later, our car aquaplaned on a rainy day on the London to Colchester road, and hit a telegraph post at 70 mph. My wife's left leg was broken in several places, she under-went an 8-hour emergency operation and stayed in Colchester General Hospital for 10 weeks, were I visited her every day, she had lots of cards and flowers from well-wishers from church.

My friend, Tony Francis, became more addicted to alcohol and brought a long-standing friendship to an end by becoming racially abusive. I had a "caution" from Essex police over an arguement with him. Then our neighbour's husband: Peter Thompson, who was also an alcoholic, became abusive towards us. January 2000, his wife attacked my wife, inside our flat, and bruised her, two weeks after I had come home from a Hernia operation. We called the police, a PC David Spurrier assaulted me in front of his collegue, PC Butters, who just stood there saying "I never saw nothing." We made a complaint, the incident got recorded at the Police Complaints Authority who apologised. Nevertheless, I was charged with "common assault" over our neighbour attacking my wife at our premises, for which I was fined. Mrs. Thompson alleged I had punched her once on the arm, when she was shown the photo of the alleged injuries and questioned by my solicitor Mr. Malcolm Jones, she changed her story, sayimg: Mr. Tami had something sharp in his hand." She alleged she had made a subsequent police statement, of which there was no trace of. When I protested at Witham Magistrates Court, with our neighbours laughing their head off, the Magistrates said to me: "Mr. Tami, they are not on trial here, you are." "You are walking on rocky grounds here."

Subsequently, friends of our neighbours, Sue Weldon and Maureen Ashcroft, carried on with the onslaugh. They shouted at me, I shouted back at them. A WPC Warzac, from Colchester Police Station, charged me with "public order offence section 4 and 5." Crown Prosecution Service did a deal with my solicitor, Malcolm Jones of Hargreaves Solicitors: "If you admit to the one charge, we drop the other." I was advised to plead "guilty." They even shamelessly used my letter of apology to the neighbours as evidence of "guilt." My solicitor Mr. Jones said after the court case: "Massoud the Crown Prosecution Service are supposed to be there to act in public interest, but in reality, they don't give a toss about the public, it's all about winning, you are just another piece of meat to them."

Our Salvation Army Major, David Frye said to me: "Massoud, I apologise to you on their behalf." Kathy Healy, from John Grooms Housing Association, apologised and re-housed us to: 133 Trenchard Lodge, Chelmsford, Essex: 30 October 2000.

19 June 2004, me and my wife Trudy have been married 20 years. Both of us 40, the age gap between us is 3 months. I have known Trudy's younger sister, Tracey since she was 11 years old. When Tracey was only 14, she wrote a letter to us, saying: "I have some shocking news for you: I have had a baby." She was sexually abused by a Scottish man (Stuart Arnott)5 years older than herself. Tracey always insisted it was her mum's fault she fell pregnant by that man. She kept saying, "mum took me by the hand and took me to his room and left me there with him, so she could go out and enjoy herself. Tracey lived with Stuart Arnott 7 years and had three children by him. Stuart Arnott was an angry person, who was always shouting at Tracey and children, took drugs, did petty crime and went fishing alot. Tracey broke up with Stuart Arnott and married Les Thomson. She had Ashley (my 7 year old niece) and a mis-carriage, and then John (who is now 5). That marriage didn't last more than about 3 years. She got divorced in year 2000 and Les Thomson who was diabetic, with alcohol and drug problems, passed away in hospital last year.

Summer 2000, Tracey told me and my wife, she had had sex with a young boy "Perry" about 15, initially Kelly's boyfriend from Harwich school. Tracey admitted she had "led Perry astray when he was still a virgin" and Perry ended up living with my sister-in-law.

Me and my wife used to spend a lot of time at my sister-in-law's old council house: 35 The Close, Dovercourt. We used to stay up to 2 weeks at a time, and spend all our money on the kids. We love Tracey and her children a lot and it was a joy to help her with her children as she was going through a bad time.

Social Services and Child Welfare Officer at Harwich School became aware that as a result of my sister-in-law's relationship with this young boy, Tracey was neglecting her own 5 children. A Social Worker by the name of Jackie Montague was appointed to come and visit Tracey's house, once or twice a week. Again, Perry would hide everytime there was a visit. Tracey also had a Health visitor. Even the local shopkeeper (Keith from Happy Shopper) knew of the situation and was commenting: "the mother of 31 wants to be 16 again." Family were branding Tracey a "cradle snatcher." She had arguments with her parents over her relationship with young "Perry." She insisted it is not his fault, it is hers. Kelly was getting bullied at Harwich School because of her mum's relationship with Perry. So, Kelly started not attending school. Tracey told us she had signed an agreement with Harwich School that Perry would go, as his stay had ill effect on the welfare of her children. Tracey told us: "I know what I have done is wrong, but if I didn't have Perry in my life, my children would suffer even more."
In the middle of all this, Tracey started an affair with a married taxi driver by the name of Adrian (Starling Taxi's), which she kept a secret from Perry. When Perry became aware of this, he got very tearful and her children got confused further. Adrian's wife came after Tracey at one stage and out of fear, Tracey and the kids went to live with Tracey's mum for a while. Then Tracey sent her two boys: Shaun and Ryan to live with their dad - Stuart Arnott, which wasn't a happy situation for them.
Tracey was for ever glued to Perry and would do nothing for her children. I was doing all the cooking and my wife the cleaning. Tracey would get paid on Mondays, by Tuesday all her money was spent. So we used to buy food for them, or sometimes they would go to their nan's. And my mother-in-law started complaining the children were not being fed. Tracey would get her daughter: Kelly (12 at the time) to look after the youngest: John (18-months at the time), change his nappy, feed him, put him to bed, in return for being allowed to have sexual activities with boys older than herself: (Gary Payne 17). My niece: Kelly kept a diary of such sexual activites.

Tracey would never cook for her children, they had to feed themselves, she wouldn't get up in the morning and get them ready for school, others had to do this. The house always in a mess, other than when she knew Health visitor was coming. Toilet unflushed, dirty laundry everywhere, mattress torn, bed broken, her neighbours complaining of the noise, Shaun got into trouble with the police, always short of money, always shouting at her kids. Perry fighting with her kids, kids fighting with Perry for their mother's affection. Tracey sometimes out of confusion in her life, used to stare at me and say: "what I've done is wrong isn't it? It's wrong though isn't it?" I used to say to her: all I can do is pray for you! Tracey boasted she had allowed some other school-age youngsters to have had sex in her house, she said "they rocked the bed for hours." She said: some boys had played cards in her house sitting there in the nude. And I wouldn't put all this pass my sister-in-law who has always taken pleasure in discussing her sex life in intimate details, in front of other people, including children. Tracey became a bully towards my other niece, Donna (12 at the time). We reported the matter to Donna's Welfare Officer.

But one incident that sticks out in my mind, is that John, about 2-years-old then, wanted a cuddle from his mum, but was constantly being told to: "piss off" and physically pushed away. Her mum was nearly always in bed with Perry by 10 slamming the bedroom door to John's face crying, so the next morning, John went to his mum's bedroom and while Tracey was asleep in her bed, he set the bedroom, the carpet and the mattress on fire. We heard a scream from upstairs, bedroom was pitch black with smoke and Tracey's clothes on fire and her skin burnt. John's face was slightly burnt too, but that little might showed no sign of emotion whatsoever. He never shed a tear. Her mum was sobbing: "he's trying to kill me, he's always pointing a kitchen knife at me, he's trying to kill me." My mother-in-law was called to come over, we gave her some money to get medicine for Tracey's burns. When Perry found out about this, he pulled John's arm and dislocated it, his arm was in bandage for a while. But Tracey never took John to hospital out of fear of hospital and social services finding out Perry had done this to John.

Trudy, my wife stayed with Tracey between October 2002 and January 2003 and witnessed neglect of the children. Beginning of year 2003, we reported my sister-in-law to authorities over her relationship with Perry, which she had admitted to us, and which everybody knew about and also the neglect of her 5 children. Tracey has been to court in the past over the neglect of her children and told off by a judge. What follows is the result of us reporting Tracey to the appropriate authorities:-

I had a telephone conversation with Crime-Stoppers, they told me to go to Chelmsford Police Station, they passed us on to "Child Protection Unit" in Colchester. I phoned "Child Protection Unit." I gave them my name and address so they would come and see me and me and my wife were willing to make a statement and attend court if necessary. They said I needed to speak to a DC Charles Cadwallader. Could I ring back before 2 that afternoon. I phoned back at around 2 that afternoon. They said: "DC Cadwallader is already on his way to your sister-in-law's in Harwich. Can you call back later this evening to speak to him. He should be back by 7. I called back DC Cadwallader in what I consider a rude, arrogant, intimidating manner replied: "Oh, it's Mr. Tami, is it? Yes, I did go to Tracey's house with Social Services, and it caused her a great deal of grief." DC Cadwallader said I had reported Tracey "anonymously" which I hadn't. He said: "No, she is not sleeping with under-aged boys, No her children are not starving, No her children do not have scars all over their bodies."

A few weeks later, police came round to our flat asking: "have I assaulted my nephew, Ryan?" I said: "no." I explained my sister-in-law is making allegations against me because I have reported her to Child Protection Unit. They said: "your sister-in-law is taking the piss" and went away.

15 August 2003, I had a visit from WPC Barlow and PC Kettle from Chelmsford Police who gave me a harrassment warning not to contact my sister-in-law, Tracey Thomson.

No sooner I complained against Essex Police to Professional Standards Department, in a bizarre turn of events, I had a visit from PS Dines and PC DJ Thurston of Harwich Police. They asked me to introduce myself, when I did, I was arrested on the "suspicion of making threats to kill a police officer" ie PC Goldstone, someone whom I've never met and whom has never met me, whom we have never had any conversation or contact with. They took me to police station, during taped police interview, in the presence of my solicitor from THB Solicitors, PS Dines said: "You are trying to make yourself look whiter than white, your complaints against the police hasn't got you nowhere, you are very twisted in your head about the things your sister in law never did, I can make life very difficult for you." I was charged and a trial date fixed for 29 and 30 April 2004 at Witham Magistrates.

Before the trial, my barrister requested they do not preceed with the case. PC Goldstone in an attempt to intimidate the court into thinking he was scared of me, requested to sit behind a screen and give evidence, the court declined saying: that kind of thing is for children. PC Thurston swore on the Bible to be telling the truth and said: he's had a 15-second telephone conversation with someone on the phone, they asked PC Goldstone's name and asked if PC Goldstone was male or female, he told them they did not need to know that, he told them PC Goldstone would be on duty the following day, the caller said: "well, the cunt is dead now." 5 weeks after this incident, he came to meet me for the first time and recognised my voice as that of the caller." Police IT Department in a report confirmed that telephone call lasted 26 seconds. When my barrister put it to PC Thurston that conversation could not have taken place in those few seconds, and that he could not recognise somebody's voice after 5 weeks, PC Thurston blatantly said: "Because threats were made to the life of my collegue, it stuck in my mind like a knife." Magistrates never held his bizarre allegations as contempt of court.

Furthermore, the police brought forward a Julie Ann Gouldstone as witness, whose telephone number is ex-directory, she alleged: "the phone rang, a voice said: "I am going to kill you, I said OK fine fuck off you bastard." She said the caller was an Iranian, between 40-50 years old. .... Guess What! ... I am an Iranian 40 years old.

Witham Magistrates Court dismissed the case, asking me if I had any expenses coming to court, I was too tearful to answer.

After the court case, Detective Inspector James White came to see me saying: "we have come to tease out of you what it is you want." I repeatedly said to him I wanted police officers concerned prosecuted. Inspector White said: "you have been a victim of Malicious Prosecution, the whole system have failed you, the worst thing that could happen is the officers would get the sack, I can't prove anything unless they confess, difficulty being we have certain procedures to go by."

We wrote to Independent Police Complaints Commission 24 July 2004, they wrote back saying "Because your complaint was made just before IPCC was established, there is nothing that can be done."

I phoned Crime-Stoppers and asked why no-one didn't come to see us about my nieces and nephews and my sister-in-law's relationship with an under-aged boy. This is what the gentleman from Crime-Stoppers ( a retired police officer) turned round and said to me: "Somebody, somewhere, must have seen his penis enter her vagina when he was 15-years old. And be willing to come forward and give good reliable credible evidence. Something that would stand up in the court of the law. And even then, the boy himself, he's not going to complain, is he? He is what we call a "hostile" witness. Now, I agree with you, what has happened is morally wrong, but legally nothing can be done about it. You see my friend, morality and legality don't go hand in glove. Not in this country."

Between January and April 2006, me and my wife, Trudy Ann Tami received lots of racially abusive and threatening phone calls on our secondhand mobile phone.

Mrs.Tami complained to her G.P. Dr. Simon Schultz of Beecham Surgery, Chelmsford, Essex and her Psychologist Dr. Carmacu of Linden Centre, Chelmsford, about these abusive calls. We also went to Chelmsford Police Station to make an official complaint about these abusive phone calls, only to be told by a woman seargent at the counter: "sorry, nothing can be done, as there is nothing on paper. It's not like a land-line phone at home, where you receive bills to your name." We also went to the shop where we got our mobile phone from and reported the matter to 3G Network, along with the fact that our phone went missing and was recovered and we noticed a drop in the available credit on the mobile phone.

30th. March 2006, officers from Belgravia Police Station, London, headed by D.C. Jim Ried raided our flat at: 133 Trenchard Lodge, Chelmsford, Essex, UK. There was a police photographer who asked me to strip half naked so he could take a picture of me. I refused, he took a picture of me clothed in the front room.

D.C. Jim Ried took a Plunger, amongst other personal belongings from our flat and a carrier bag outside Trenchard Lodge. Mrs. Tami got very tearful and a taxi was called to take her to her mum's in Harwich, while I was arrested on the suspicion of "Public Nuisance" and driven to Belgravia Police Station, London.

In the afternoon, I was interviewed by D.C. Elaine Payne, D.C. Jim Ried and my solicitor from Sheratte and Caleb Solicitors, Jyothi Somavarapu. A London woman by the name of "Jo" has made allegations that she received phone calls from whom the police suspect me of, she says: "One minute he said he loved me, then he said he'd rape me." "Jo" who is supposed to be a witness in a murder trial is also alleging: "He video called me and masturbated using a carving knife." "Jo" also says in a statement to the police: "I had a text message saying: Look out for a blue car, I looked out of the window, there were six blue cars parked outside."

A statement was read by my solicitor, during the taped interview, stating Massoud and Trudy Tami had been victims of a Hate Campaign and received racially abusive and threatening phone calls, records of which were kept on their mobile phone, in the form of text messages, video messages, and answer-phone messages, also records kept on paper. During the taped interview, D.C. Elaine Payne came across such papers, amongst many phone numbers were that of "Jo" and her family and friends phone numbers, with "Called me a Paki" and "Threatened to Kill me," written in front of "Jo's" friends numbers.

Having explained to my solicitor how often "Jo's" daughter, Sam, used to call and send text messages to our mobile phone saying: "When you don't call us, it gets very boring here, "We have a bigger fish to fry," and showed pictures of horses saying: "Is yours as big as this," "We want to meet you so you can strip for us." And that "Jo" had put a young girl with long brown hair, not any older than 10-12 years old in front of the video phone and had asked me to expose myself to her, Jyothi Somavarapu informed me I had been Set Up, and if the police decide to bring charges against me, she would ask abusive calls made to us to be investigated. I was released on bail pending further enquiries.

Me and my wife left U.K. 18 May 2006, for Iran, where my darling wife whom I worship the ground she walks on, received private medical treatment for her mental health problems, and we stayed with my 76-year-old father in Tehran.

I phoned Belgravia Incident Room on 020 7321 9251 to ask about the progress of police investigations, a D.I. Dobson said to me: "I'm not saying we want you back here, but if you do decide to come back, phone and let us know so we can charge you with Malicious Communications. Don't worry, it's only a summary hearing. We're not coming to look for you in Iran."

Prior to leaving U.K., May 2006, me and Mrs. Tami again went to Chelmsford Police Station, a duty sergeant and his collegue assured us: "any racially abusive calls or threats you have had would automatically be investigated by Belgravia Police Station." My papers have been passed on to a D.C. Karen Hunt, and my solicitor, Jyothi Somavarapu has declined to ask police to investigate the threats to us, saying: "that's not my job, I am only a defence solicitor, you have to go and see another solicitor about that."

Last time I spoke to my solicitor on the phone all the way from Iran, she said: "The police are saying you have sent pictures of weapons to a lot of other people from your phone." When I asked her: "What kind of weapons?" She continually kept laughing on the phone and wouldn't tell me. Then I had an email from my solicitor's senior, David Caleb saying: "Dear Mr. Tami, since you have chosen to make official complaint I shall wait for The Law Society and will respond to them, However since you appear to be disseminating false information on the internet and the overall tone of your email is frankly highly abusive I assume that you are waiving any privilage that exists between solicitor and client and you will accordingly have no objection to us responding as we see fit to the misinformation that you are apparently bent on providing."

Me and my wife made an official complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) against Essex Police and London Metropolitan Police. Both complaints have been recorded by the respective Professional Standards Departments. However, Metropolitan Police have decided not to investigate the matter, while Essex Police concluded as there are no recording facilities on the cameras installed at Chelmsford Police Station, the officers we spoke to cannot be identified.

We wrote to the Court of Human Rights in France, October 2010 they wrote back saying our complaints against UK government did not comply with their protocals. .

Tuesady 20 November 2007 about 12 noon UK time, phoned Belgravia Incident Room: 020 7321 9251 asked to speak to D.C. Karen Hunt. This was the first time I'd ever spoken to D.C. Karen Hunt, who had Afro accent, as soon as I introduced myself, she shouted: "Oooooi Yoouuu, listen if you ever call me again, I will bring another charge against you, I will only speak to you, when you get back here at the police station." Shocked, I said: "I will complain against you to IPCC," to which she replied: "you can go and complain to whoever you want." I hung up. The whole conversation was listened to by my wife and father.

I remember the first time I ever appeared before a Magistrates Court in Britain back in 1998/1999 charged with making a Threatening Phone Call, to a Mrs. Edmunds of Bramston Sport Centre, Witham. I had that very phone call recorded on tape, which I handed to my barrister Mr. Mark Ruchove to present as evidence in my defence.

Cometh the day, Mr. Mark Ruchove turned up at Witham Magistrates Court drunk, smelling of alcohol and looking not with it. He commenced by insulting the Magistrates: "Do you know what your honour, I don't Fucking understand the law, and if I am a barrister and I don't understand it, I am sure my client Mr. Tami doesn't understand it either."

The Magistrates Mr. Brades was so short that even when he stood up he looked like he was still sitting down, he got up angry and said to Mr. Ruchove: "I suggest we adjourn the court till you go and satisfy yourself as to what the law says." To which Mr. Ruchove replied, under his breath: "No, no, no, piss off." At that point the Magistrates gave me a dirty look. I explained I had the telephone conversation in question recorded and that Mr. Ruchove hadn't brought it to court, everybody just kept laughing, Mr. Ruchove sometimes falling half asleep and waking up.

In the end I was found "Guilty" and Mr. Ruchove asked the court for the one charge to be turned into Four, and the Magistrates happily obliged. Mr. Brades asked Mr. Ruchove: "I thought you knew Mr. Tami." Mr. Ruchove laughed: "No."

A few days later, when I returned for sentencing, different Magistrates, different solicitor, they sent me to see a probation officer, I was offered councelling for the stress I went under. My solicitor Mr. Richardson advised me against making an appeal to Crown Court, saying: "the judges there are even worse than the Magistrates."

Subsequently, Inspector Steve Mullender from Colchester Police Station, listened to that taped telephone conversation and said: "Mr. Tami, you are not the one who is threatening Mrs. Edmunds, she is the one who is being rude to you. You had the right to sack your barrister on the spot. I should complain to the Bar Council if I was you."
God knew there would be no Justice for the Meek men, that is why He said in the Bible: "Vengence is Mine."

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