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Mike Knell- Guitar

So shall we dwell into the world of mike? lets shall. or something. where did my musical talent come from? what musical talent? i think my whole mindset on music started back in the third grade, when i fell in love with

...hootie and the blowfish, not to mention TLC. no joke. when i started to actually get a life (cough), i realized that there were alot cooler genres out there.

i think i can attribute my love of punk and hardcore to Joseph Jeffers, who let me listen to my first taste of real screaming and power chords. i started dreaming of creating music, and i picked up my moms old acoustic guitar, which was so warped that the string was about three inches above the twelfth fret. it eventually snapped in half, along with my dreams of creating music. so i honed in on my singing for the longest time, even joining chorus at my school. i finally got the courage to work (yes, labor) for my first electric guitar. i named my guitar Anchovie and every night i'd smear it with peanut butter and quietly lick it til i fell asleep. later i learned how to pluck strings, and i taught myself up to this point. so i went from the quiet south african kid with the weird accent to me, mike. weird. fear the clam.


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