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Go Away (Kelsey)

Go Away (Kelsey)

Verse 1

I talk to you from time to time

you ask me whats wrong

if only you knew

that all my pain engenders from you

youre trust is fleeting

my hate is growing

and now all I want is for you to


go away

dont want to see your face

dont want to hear your voice

the love I had

was wasted away.

Verse 2

Im sick of being nice

all those wasted thoughts of you

Im never getting back

you stole my heart

theres one thing you should know...

you bite me, I bite back

Repeat Chorus


fighting the urge to let you know everything

nice is overrated

hope you're happy with whats-his-ass

so fickle

fuck you and your close-minded fool friends

go away

Šopyright Mike Knell