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rainbows, squeemish things, etc


9/28- BIGGEST UPDATE EVER...i added two new sections, named locations and baby pictures. view away.
9/18- added two new pictures in the "pictures of myself" section, kinda pointless, but still.
8/30- updates galore... i've been wanting to do this for a long time, so now there are no pictures on this page, and new sections and pictures have been added, so now you only see what you want to see.
8/24- the last thing that i should be doing at the moment is updating this page, but i feel obliged. i didnt have much time to find anything new and/or creative, so i bring to you the soy butter section. most people have already seen them, but i was strapped for time, what can i say.
6/24- odd and assorted update.
6/20- new section added filled with pictures of the DS concert at zach's house...rock on
4/30- pictures of me having sex with my guitar posted on the main page...this one, duh. scroll dowwwn.
4/21- picture of cassie added to main page...scroll down to see... plus some captions changed and picture removed, for space purposes.
4/4- two pictures added to "random house", 2 whole new sections added...Little Shop of Horrors (school play), and whitney's birthday party!
1/1- i added a picture of sarah to the 'random house' section. happy new years
11/22- Added Quotes! section
10/26- Added 'normal day pt. 2'
10/14- pep rally pictures! new section with those. 10/12- I added the 'normal day' section.
4/18I added two pictures on the main page, the DISNEY section has been added, and a picture has been added to the Random House section
4/24I added two new pages to the Disney section and switched a few things around.
8/08I added my trip to NYC and sneezed. cha cha.
9/1- i added the pictures i took of Nora to the Random House section

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