Hobby: Reading

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You are probably wondering why this page is concerned with internet telephony, when the hobby I placed here is reading. Well do not get me wrong an occasional talk on the phone to friends is a favorite past time of mine, reading I find takes me to places that can only ever be imagined. Whether it be a good crime thriller to a good old fight against good or evil, books explore themes that are sometimes untouched unless for some reason or another we have to actually analyise why it was written and for who.

Over time my taste for books has changed. I'll admit to saying that comics are still a good read, especially a couple of The Simpson comics. Even though they are not technically what shall we say 'reading material' nevertheless knowing that a good chuckle may come out at the end of reading is more or less an advantage. However my ultimate favorite book would have to be J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings. Before the hype of the movies I had no idea what Lord of the Rings was all about. I knew it was popular but other than that nothing. So you could say that the movies got me interested. Well then yes, but then after reading it the book stood alone. The movie could not hinder the essence this book had on me personally. (It was so good that I started reading other books in the J.R.R. Tolkein collection. Lets just say I'm still in the process of finding some of them and reading them.)