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African Beliefs and Traditions

Mysterious and dangerous practices

Something else has just come to the world's attention *out of Africa, and it's about witchcraft. Something most "civilised" people thought we'd rid the world of, thanks to greater education, but which seems to be resurfacing in these strange times. It's been well known for centuries now, (especially to the British, who ruled most of Africa for a few hundred years) that many tribes have witchdoctors, and practice Voodoo.

Now, it seems, they are bringing this pagan belief back to Britain, as today's news reveals some very evil goings on with children and "exorcisms" which they are somehow blaming these new evangelical fundamentalist churches, for encouraging the "expelling of demons" ~ including the satellite channel, I sometimes watch ~ the God channel, which broadcasts from Jerusalem to Europe, Africa and Middle East

More on this, on a few letters to newspapers and government organisations, as this is something I know a bit about. In fact, I've been very concerned about some of the so-called *new* churches in England, and what it's done to people (including me) in putting too much emphasis on the devil and need for *deliverance*

**(I wondered why my normally sweet daughter, Katy, suddenly began to turn nasty and bring us bad *luck* soon after she'd visited my sister Barbara's church, and was *prayed over* by some enthusiastic, (fanatical) Holy Spirit freaks! (the kind who fall down in some kind of trance, after being touched by a minister or elder of the church)

Time for more studies!!! :((

So far, have found these:

(but, be careful! you know the old saying "Talk of the devil he's sure to appear" :(

if there is such a thing as an evil *force* or power, who has demonic followers, then they're sure to try to get at your weak spots (areas) Clever and cunning as a snake. They have "ways and means" of getting in, "underneath my skin"

yes, the devil IS the Original Sin!

more later............. (on a webpage, etc.)

Brenda (the *Heavy*)



**Don't mean to sound as though poor black Africans are like pagans, but some tribes have not come into modern times yet, in some ways, and in fact, one of the *stigma* they have about the AIDS epidemic is that it's sexually transmmitted and not from faithfully married couples, but those who either are promiscuous or practice unhealthy sex as a form of contraception. In this regard some are resorting to having sex with babies, because they believe the disease can be cured if they have sex with a pure virgin! (God Forbid!!!)

yes, there are a lot of needs in Africa.


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