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WeLcOmE tO tHe WoNdErFuL WoRlD oF LiSa, wHeRe AnYtHInG iS PoSsIbLe. =] sTiLl uNdEr CoNsTrUcTiOn

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well hi there everyone! this is like the first entry im doing and might do in a longg time! this page is takin a me awhile to do, so its gonna be a while before you see the finished result. leave a message in the chatta box, n i'll get back to ya. aite then thanks fo droppin bye. latez!
daym, i'm finally getting back to this but i know its gonna take forever! im such a lazy person. but hey you cant blame me because i dont know what else i should do! anyone got any ideas? hMm..what else should there be on lisa's angelfire, other then pictures, me writing in here like its a xanga..oh and that reminds me..HEY ANNA!!I THOUGHT GANGSTAS DONT HAVE XANGAZ? WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT?!?! haha..yeah uh huh, thats what i thought! well yeah..uMm..i guess thats is a bitch cuz everything is so damn boring, and then after drill team, im just hella tired. i come home eat and then sleep. fun isnt it? well yeah i guess this is all for now. later kids!
this is gonna prolly be the last lil comment/blog thingy in here. i wanted this site to be of familee, friends, and shit. but i dont have enough time, yeah i'll be here to update it from time to time but you might see more shit on my xangerRr then on here. school is ok, i made first cut on drill team...haha...and uMmm...yeah i sooo tired and now im hungry. and uMm..yeah i guess thats all..if u wanan see more stuff about what goes on in my life just go to my xangerRr..theres a lot of stuff there. okies then bye!