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                  ABDUL RAHMAN BAWA






A Muslim are warned that the Qadiyani group also known as "Ahmedi" or " Ahmediyya" group are running a 24 hour satellite television channel called"MTA or Muslim Television Ahmediyya". This group is also active on the Internet and have  created a webside amongest many other on the internet.      

Through the TV channel and the Internet they propagate their infidel infidel beliefs under the guise of Islam. Their dogma is in actual fact blasphemous to Islam.This group believe " Mirza Ghulam Ahmedi    Qadiyani" (1840-1908) to be a Prophet. He is the founder of Qadiyanism, innocent and unsuspecting Muslim are being lead  to  believe that the on the Qadiyani Television channel and their webside are purely islamic and that Qadiyanism is just another branch of islam. This is an absolute lie as Ulama (scholar) of Islam have unanimously declared that Qadiyanis are anti Islamic and that their blasphemous beliefs have nothing to do with Islam.The Qadiyanis themselfs have been declared as infidels and non-believers by scholars of Islam.

This propagation by Qadiyanis through TV and the Internet is a blatant repudiation of Islam. This notice is to serve warning that we should all be aware of the transgression by the Qadiyanis and not fall into their trap.Do not understand Qadiyanis to have anything to do with islam whatoever.

We need to remind the Muslim ummah that the Muslim World League (Rabiat Al Alam Al Islaami) in makkah April 1974 and the Pakistan National Assembly on 7th September 1974 have declared Qadiyanis as non-Muslim through a consensus resolution.

                            Plaeas display this notice for all and make copies and distribute to all.

 For further information of Qadiyani deception Please contact:

Islamic Dawah Council UK