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--l,a,k: acoustic thang at reality tuesday coffee house in the kay why
--l,a,k + bill: bill, the owner of reality, helpin us with the mic's
--l, (blocked) a, k: during 'Wasted and Ready' cover at reality - l & k sans instruments
--a: a concentrating-sincerely close-up (and part of lisa's head)
--l,a,k + manager: after having played. a picture to appease a documenting mother.

--l,a,k + manager: meg's birthday at the spaghetti factory
--meg: in love with new car
--l,a,k: at the abbey (excuse lisa's bizarre expression - but no more huge red eyes ;])
--l,a,k + 3: see britney in the top right?
--l,a,k + 1: notice: a) the foot and b) the wall o' women
--k: (is not sXe)
--a: with bass
--l: with guitar (without face)

--our emo boy
--steak'n'shake, anyone?