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Dude...So its been awhile has it not? Well guess what? We have been practicing, and we are practicing together now..you know why??? Because we all live together!! (awww...I heart my roomies). So Hopefully this whole thing will work for us, its been almost over a year now and we only have one show under our belts. But be patient, as I have grown to learn, good music takes lots of time, something we don't have much of being that we are in college. Its coming together though, I promise =).

Anyone remember Bone Thugs and Harmony? Eh? Well, goddammit its the first of da month...and I (Ashley) decided that the page should be updated. Excitement is arousing (*hmmm, arousing...I picked a good word from my vocabulary) as we all head back to school later in the month. Look out for a show sometime in late September or early October, depending on booking. We all have a bunch of songs "laying around" waiting to be finished by each other. So I guess thats all for now, and if you can, catch the Fairweather show in Indy on the 27th, these guys are amazing and everyone should go see them, even though its Butler's first day of classes.

I'm pissed...emo kids can say FUCK too...right lisa?

took ashleys cue and updated my bio. its shorter ;]. enjoy.

I decided that I should change a couple things on the site that I said I would change awhile ago, which includes the fact that me and kate switched instruments. I also "updated" my bio, or just cut a bunch of shit out of it. And one correction, Krystal Lynn does smoke, so there is only a tad of irony behind Lisa's cause, but we all still love her to death. Stay tuned though, this fall should bring shows and all kinds of unknown shit for us crazy grrrrllss...

holy shit - its like the old days when id update every couple'a days. crazy ;]. anyway - the pictures from reality are up, check em out. and oh! i changed the intro pic, in case anyone hadnt noticed (though, if youve made it to this part of the web site, chances are you went through the intro pic). none of us smoke (kate quit, woot). oh, the irony.

its been nearly half a month since the last update, so i thought i might post something quickly to let everyone (i.e. the three or four people every few months who happen to stumble upon this page..) know whats been up with the jay oh dee why gals.
we had our acoustic unplugged show at reality down here in the kay why. for not having played together as a whole for two months and then choking ourselves to death with an eight hour acoustic guitar cram - i think we did pretty well. not great; but pretty well. for those not present, we played some classics (radio, though a two-guitar version, rebel, emo boy) as well as some new covers - wasted and ready, letters to you (i got to play kates/kevins acoustic bass for it!), celebrity skin. some really out there stuff. and ashleys acoustic guitar is a beautiful and serene blue.
anyway. no more covers. our next show will be completely jode-ified. and kristalynn will be there, too, kit and all. speaking of k-lynn - ashley and i (lisa) ran into her and her boyfriend at the indy warped your (which rocked the kabash when the suicide machines played). anyway - unrelated gossip.
speaking of unrelated gossip, what the HELL is with brand new's new album? so fucking slow. but - they played here, and it was very much rock-out-able.
*eyebrow* making up words. you know its getting bad when the english major throws vocabulary out the window.
but, back to jody website and band things. i have some pictures of the acoustic show - ill try to get those up soon. and im thinking about doing an acoustic thing alone - play some stuff ive written, as well as old jody stuff. well see where that goes.
so - that brings us to present and the point at which i take my leave. until next time..

YEHA!! I survived Friday the 13th!!! (it was officially over about 2 hours ago...I'm just up late for me and my crazy work schedule). Anyway, as Lisa reported, we do have a, ahem, ACCOUSTIC show soon. But I have further updates as well-> Krystal Lynn emailed me, Jody is still on for this upcoming fall, playing NON-ACCOUSTIC stuff, and me and Kate have officially switched positions in the band. So I guess at some part I'll have to update that part of the site too...but for now, I'm too damn lazy.

its been forever since anyones updated, so i thought id take it upon myself to do so.
shows page was updated because - hey! we have a show. an acoustic one. me, ashley, and our respective axes.
in other exciting and new.. uh.. news.. kates taken up the bass. i dont know details - just that its shiny, red, beautiful, and an ibanez. ashley took up the guitar a long time ago. so - i believe instrument placement within the band may be shifting very, very soon. i still play guitar. there is an inherent problem, though, that being kate and ashley live within a half hour of one another whereas i, lisa, live a good five hours from the two of them. god dammit. however, they practice together, i practice alone, and im sure kristalynns having a rockin time, bangin on her drums and cymbals.
and im still unemployed. but i look at it as a little glimpse into the future: "so what if i dont have a job? my bands gonna be famous!" ..heh.. yeah.. riiiiiight..

HA!!!! I AM CURRENTLY LISTENING TO THE NEW THIRD EYE BLIND CD AND IT FUCKIN (THATS RIGHT, FUCKIN) KICKS ALL KINDS OF ASS!!! ok, now thats outta my system. Sooner or later (for the benefit of the doubt, sooner) the website will hopefully be much better! We are hopefully going to have someone who knows what they are doing work on it...Even though they lovely miz LisaB and myself did decent, did we not(be gentle)? OK, so there was a point to my update...uhmm..the accoustic thing is probably still going to happen, but me and lisa will hopefully be getting together to write new songs whenever I am off work. Maybe there really was not a point to this update...if it comes to me later, i can always change it I guess.

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So I thought I'd update, just to let everyone know Jody's plans for the summer (I don't know about the other girls, but I've been asked a lot about Jody's summer happenings..). We plan to have an acoustic thang down here in Cincinnati (okay - I lie - it would be at a coffee shop across the river, in the Kay Why) with a bunch of cool covers and some original Jody stuff that still sounds quasi-good acousticy. So yeah. Me and Ash, doing our thing. Other than that, we don't really have anything planned. "Pack two years of getting better into four summer months," has basically been our mind set for the last week of school - and that's what we plan to do. Practice a lot and get better at our instruments - can't go out there sucking. So look for real shows around September or late August. Maybe sooner, though doubtful.
But Ashleys back in Chi-Town area; Kate will be the same come later today, after her exams; I've been home since Friday; and Kristalynn has decided on IUPUI for next year - rock on.
In other news - Ashley's hair is now dark brown. She looks really mod and emo and hot, so boys should e-mail her to tell her of her vast hotness.
Also - Meg is the shiznit because she is a smitten mitten.
Ooo.. Banana.

4*28*03 (wee hours of the morn)
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updated things just a tad bit. geoff's become an affiliate specifically because he asked not to be (even though my dedication page got taken down from his website, y'bastard)
also messed around with the links page. not very much. just a little bit.
and there really is an acoustic set in the works for ashley and i. were thinking mid to late june when ashley comes down to cincy with everyone else for the alkaline show and warped tour. well probably just do a vast amount of covers, sneaking in a jody song or two that might sound good as a dashboard rip-off. more on that later, though, when we know some concrete details.

I guess I could do all that updated by...currently listening to...but I guess I just do not get the whole live journal thing. Ah, oh well. So meg told me that the site was dying, so I decided to use this tiny bit of free time that I have now to give a couple final updates before we go away for the summer-I am seriously thinking about crying now...goddamn emo shite.
-We will continue to write NEW, BETTER SONGS over the summer
-We will for sure be able to practice more, as well as be LOUDER
-Best news yet-our drummer is going to school in Indy next year! so we still have a
drummer!! We love you k-lynn.
-Be on the look out for Jody's first show sometime next fall...or possibly and accoustic set with Lisa and Me, as I continue to write separate guitar parts and Lisa continues to write just plain beautiful music.
Ok, thats about it, if I forgot anything, I trust Lisa will make another update sometime in the near future as well, so she can build on my info for all of you kick ass kids out there that actually come to our site!!

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jody-related shite:
TOO FUCKING BUSY. ashleys going to be present in one of the next Collegians (ill let her write a tad bit more on that; she knows more about it than i) as being a Collegian musician (and so's zac - might as well link Heston on here).
weve both written and are currently writing new songs. and revising old shit. but songs could be discarded and brought back and patched up and torn down and pulled up and tucked in countless times. soooo yes. we're still listed as playing at the emerson in may. i assure you - we are not. some of us are ready to play, while others (*coughKATEcough* - play your axe more!)
note: i got quoted again on our favorite five-inched friend's other screen name, kids, as "the punkest most politically sound girl i know." *smirk*.. ah, time and time again, we prove that - indeed - the name truly does say it all.

So....at this moment I currently have in my possesion a digital camera worth about $700!! God sometimes I love working for a newspaper. So I am thinking we need new pics!! BADLY! not only are the first ones horrible quality, but uhmm...we have all gone through crazy hair dyes and cuts since then (I fuckin singed the front of my hair, but now I have these cool bang-looking things). Thats right, I CAN PULL OFF BANGS!! ya like that?? haha. Well, me and Lisa practiced, each wrote some more songs...Summer is nearing, we are gunna put about 2 years of learning into one summer, and hopefully, the results will be good...goddamn drummers who never call by the way... Peace, Love, Prosperity...fuck the queen by the way!! Ashes

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Jeremy's an affiliate!

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Meg made a pic for the website and asked me to put it up, so i thought it only appropriate for everyone entering the site to see her handy work ;].
as for jody - we havent talked to our drummer in uhh.. heh, a while. ash and i have been pretty busy with school shit (as ash shakes a fist at chinese studying and the collegian) and ive just got random shit to get done. jodys kind of on hold right now, though, as ash said in her last email to me "jody still kicks ass... we'll still be famous someday." and we will dammit, even if we need to go to california to do it (which is actually looking like a pretty nice option at this point.)
but ash and i have revised two songs (soon to rock both of your socks off) and are trying very hard to see one another, instruments in hand, as much as possible, though schools been getting in the way of that.

4*2*03 - I just ate a huge tablespoon of Peanut Butter...and it was damn good. I dunno, Lisa told me to announce that to the world, so I figured I would. Uhmm, and now to band stuff. Don't the new colors on the site kick ass? Doesn't Lisa kick ass? Doesn't EVERYTHING affiliated with Jay OH Dee Why kick ass too? Well, hold on to your socks (or braces if you are that punk rock)cause by the end of the summer you will finally get to see us crazy kids make beautiful music. And on that note, since Lisa gave me permission, I guess I will update my Banger Ai Li profile.
((Note: conversation between lisa and ashley added by lisa that preceded this update:

DevotchkaCO21 (3:37:33 PM): dude......theres a bunch of avril shit on mtv
DevotchkaCO21 (3:37:33 PM): lol
DevotchkaCO21 (3:37:35 PM): i was actually watching it
yourenotmyboss (3:37:44 PM): what about her?
DevotchkaCO21 (3:38:23 PM): i dunno
DevotchkaCO21 (3:38:33 PM): like a making of her new video and shite
yourenotmyboss (3:38:49 PM): ohhhh
yourenotmyboss (3:38:51 PM): and?
yourenotmyboss (3:38:55 PM): was she a butthead?
DevotchkaCO21 (3:38:56 PM): a becoming
DevotchkaCO21 (3:39:03 PM): yeah, she really is stupid
DevotchkaCO21 (3:39:11 PM): butthead...funny word though
yourenotmyboss (3:39:39 PM): :D
DevotchkaCO21 (3:40:33 PM): the site looks cool as hell
DevotchkaCO21 (3:40:55 PM): hmmm.....or.....hot as hell?
yourenotmyboss (3:41:14 PM): hahaha
DevotchkaCO21 (3:42:31 PM): ya know what?
DevotchkaCO21 (3:42:43 PM): i just ate a tablespoon of pure peanut butter
DevotchkaCO21 (3:42:46 PM): nothing else
DevotchkaCO21 (3:42:48 PM): it was good
yourenotmyboss (3:44:27 PM): oooooo
yourenotmyboss (3:44:29 PM): sounds yummy
yourenotmyboss (3:44:40 PM): make an update on the website and pronounce that to the world
DevotchkaCO21 (3:45:25 PM): lol, should i?
DevotchkaCO21 (3:45:31 PM): thats ridiculous
yourenotmyboss (3:45:42 PM): dooooooo it
DevotchkaCO21 (3:45:55 PM): ok lol, i will

okay, i posted that in an effort to clarify the random peanut butter post, but i think ive only succeeded in making us look like idiots :\ --end note--)

4*1*03 - ooo - new colors. meh, i like red and white on black better, dont you?
nevermind - you dont get an opinion. its up to jody. ill have to send him the link in one of the punk rock emails we heard so much about..
i also updated my bio - ashleys welcome to do the same. kate probably wont.
happy april fools everyone *grin*.

3*31*03 - its crazy guys - less than a month left to butler university, then out for the summer. then its all about practicing and making money for four months straight - i couldnt think of anything more worthwhile ;].
small updates: modified kates name on the band page and! i put something on the shite page that *new* and *cool* and everyone should go check it out ((ash - if you think its stupid, ill take it off)).
as my philosophy professor would say, "i'll see you next time. have a productive day."

3*30*03 - a whole week since the last update. i did do some random stuff all over the place. check out some new titles for some of the band members and an official addition to the band and also the merch page. it took all of 35 minutes to update ;].
new pics coming soon (hopefully). ash and i've decided to quit our god damn song writing and make our already-existing songs that much cooler and better. we have our hearts set on *not sucking*.
thats about it.. for now. the links page may get a bit longer at some point, too, if we get the motivation to list some of our favorite bands (local and un-local).
so, rock on - stay clean, stay focused - and, i implore you: always remain in that remarkable stage of clivison.

3*23*03 - I can admit when I am wrong...about fighting. I am sorry I used the line "uninformed jackasses," but I honestly did not know that anyone would take it, or anything else on the site so seriously. I'll admit, I went off a little-but to "beh" or whoever you are, I am sorry. Lisa made the best point between both of us...there is no need for fighting. As for the band, well, we are having practice with K-lynn today, lets hope it goes better than the past few days have.

3*21*03 - thanks to ashley for updating this really fast for me *wink*.
theres also a new intro pic! woohah! im linking this website everywhere - i thought it was the funniest thing since.. uh.. ashleys mom *smirk*. go to masturbateforpeace.com and listen to the mp3 they have on there.
what else.. anything else? no. no. nothing else. shall i ramble? .... no. i do entirely too much of that as is..

3*20*03 - Shit...I like starting things out with the word shit, cause it catches attention. So anyway, I am updating the same day as Lisa but thats cause I think everybody should hear about this AMAZINGLY(is that a word??)AWESOME band Chronic Chaos. If you would ever so kindly scroll down (that way you can read all the other shit me and Lisa write about)there is a link to their "brandnew" site with pictures that are not fuzzy like ours. ANOTHER quick note!!!! check out the random SHITE page...Lisa put up a really funny link to a site about the current state of our country-the war, that is for all of you uninformed jackasses. peace~Ashes

3*20*03 - this whole update thing is getting tedious, oi.
again, nothing new on the site - lots of things going on otherwise, though. firstly, id like to let everyone know how easy it is to convince people youre in a really awesome band. ((me: "yeah, our big problems just equipment - we're saving up for new amps and mics and stuff. were really just trying to *evolve as musicians* right now, so we're taking a break from shows.")) someday, im going to get caught in some really elaborate lie and ill just start giggling profusely, completely unaware of what im supposed to do. ill stop and just say, "excuse me - our entire relationship is based on a series of lies ive been developing and adding on to over the years." and then leave. because, technically, i would be a stranger to this poor person.
anyway. that was a random unnecessary tangent if i ever saw/wrote one ;]
jodys practicing a lot. my new song kicks ass and theres talk of incoporating a piano part. ashleys really excited about a new song or two she has as well. everything is fair and well in the world o' jody - keep checking back for updates and random nonsense ill end up writing..

3*15*03 - nothing new on the site, but its been a while since there was an update..
for the past week, good ol' b.u. has been on spring break, meaning that ashley, kate, and i have been in our respective hometowns. there was talk of practicing over break but that got to be a hassle. i did, however, write a new song! and i know ashleys been working on a few new things of her own. developing the jody sound - its a beautiful thing.
we have been talking to kristalynn, though, and a practice is in the works for monday or tuesday.
i think thats everything news-wise. oh - im looking for a new amp, if anyone out theres willing to sell me one cheap. im a poor college student with no source of income at the moment. take pity :\. 100+ watts - email me.

3*07*03 - i updated a few things that needed it today. the shows page and the meat random shit page were updated. clickity click your way on over there to see lisa ramble on and on like she normally does.
and our prospects for a drummer are looking pretty promising ((*glances at ashley*)), but alas - things wont happen until the end of summer. jody fans, do not despair. we'll be rockin your socks off soon, i promise.
and ashley is correct - weve decided to try and evolve our sound - get more complicated and *grow as musicians*. think the eyeliners meets taking back sunday. that will be the sound that is jay oh dee why rather soon.
and i thought i might post a list of all of our songs - weve generated a few more, and ashleys working on two, and im working on two, and kate better fucking put chords to those lyrics she wrote:
Songs As Of Late:
-->Queen of Apathy
-->Emo Boy
-->So This Is Goodbye
-->Pedastle ((someone correct my spelling on that..))
-->Peter Pan
-->TimeLine (new title in the works)
-->God Damn the Media for Making Me Think I'm Fat
-->Frat Boy (mxpx-social-distortion-sick-boy cover/rip off)
-->See You Again
-->Rebel (Crystals cover)
-->Radio (Alkaline Trio cover)
i dont think im forgetting any. if i am, ash'll make another update. but we're perfecting those, making harder bass lines, thinking up guitar solos (i'm getting there ash, just give me a while ;] ), and tuning into our creative little heads and sticking in cooler lyrics.
this was a long update. geez louise. (on her knees.. eating peas.. cuz she has a disease.. involving trees.. that lose their leaves..)

3*03*03 - I'm gunna stay 18 forever.. man I am really bent up about this whole turning 19 thing.. (my birthday is in 5 days!) but the band is more bent up about the whole drummer thing, so it appears things may be changing soon.. for anyone who frequents the site (me? Lisa? Meg?) we thought we had a drummer, but well.. shit happens. So thats whats new with the band. New songs are still being written, with a slightly different tone.. JUST STAY TUNED, SLEEPY SMILE!(anyone catch the reference?) we won't let you down!

2*23*03 - ah! look at all the updates; this is awesome.
new intro pic - can i getta booyah. thx goes out to meg for finding it at lamelife.com.
i also hid another cool random something in my bio - though i dont think anyones really found any of them yet, except for possibly ashley, who i told exactly how to find it.
hover above the red writing with your mouse, god dammit

2*21*03 - i updated the pics. theres nothing new, but damn me to hell if theres going to be absurdly huge pictures of me on the internet with red eyes. theyve since been fixed. the abbey picture was made smaller (note: ashley, look, im going back to my 'pooter nerd roots ;]).
i miss workin on the website :\ - whats a girl to do to pass the time..

2*19*03 - shite, its been a while since ive even thought about the webpage. sad day, indeed.
i just wanted to put something out there - see what you guys think - dude - lets get a webcam...

2*17*03 - damn, you guys just do not get to hear about me and Lisa's lives as much as before...I BET YOU CANNOT STAND IT! Whats goin on with those crazy kids your wondering? Well, I have just completed 2 (that is right, count'em, 2) new songs, and we are gunna have our first practice with our drummer tomorrow! So you will probably get an update on that too. Complete side note-Lisa got her Hoodie, and we both got our asses kicked at the Finch/Used/Movielife/MCR show last Saturday...WE ARE SO GODDAMN HARDCORE!!!

2*11*03 - wow - its been 6 days since the last update. CRAZY.
shows page updated - thats right, we have a show coming up in, uh, the next few months. (thanks ryan *smile*) more will be put up there when i find out.
we plan to practice a whole helluva lot, especially over spring break (the girls in Jody are, alas, poor, and cannot afford extravagent getaways to absurd places..).
on a completely un-jody-related note: ashley and i dyed our hair. ashleys supposedly a platinum blonde and i have this pseudo-goth dark brown shite going down. yikes.
also - new songs are constantly being written. i (lisa) am working on two, kates working on the lyrics to a couple (you angst-ridden bi-atch), and i know ashleys always got three, if not more, in the works. so look for that.
also - new meat news. check it out.

2*5*03 - update at the random shit page. ((note: hey - someone go buy a calf, raise it on a farm, let it live a long life, and kill it quickly so that i can have a fucking cheeseburger))
things as of late are looking pretty good outside of the website as well - practices and drummers and even show-wise, if you know what im sayin (('naw't'um'sayin'?! --"the industry")). keep checking back. we may have new pics up or new bios or new random shit - its kind of up in the air, not really planned out - ah! its crazy!

2*1*03 - ah, more pics on the pics page. theyre a little grainy, but you get the idea. theres a new intro pic, too - kates guitar in her dorm room (gives you an idea of where weve been practicing the last few weeks).
also been advertising more, a la internet, for a drummer. doh. just called kristalynn though - plugged the site - maybe shell end up here, see how absolutely insane/cool/etc the website is and think "damn! theyz some crazy web kids!" and well jam and make beautiful music and play shows and go on tour and have cracked out fans and die young like proper rock stars ought to..
also, total side note: weve got two new songs slowly being written by ashley. peter pan's sounding awesome, when we, uh, actually get to practice it. practicing times getting tough to fit in, what with ashley doing the whole collegian-features-editor thang and kate and i doing homework for entirely too long every night. and kates got that damn boyfriend (kidding :P). anyway - point being - were putting as much time as we fucking can, but its hard to balance all this shite.
anyway. i cant think of anything else wed ever want to post on this webpage. maybe new pics, maybe new random shite, maybe new members, maybe anything. so - sign the guestbook. check back - we like to keep some surprises hidden around..

1*30*03 - quickly put the pics page up. theres only 2 pictures there right now (props to meg), but ashley and i are planning on breaking all kinds of rules("fuck shit up," so to speak) by going into the collegians office tomorrow to scan pictures and use the adobe photoshop. we're rebels, we know (and we'll never be any good. we never ever do what we should. but just because we dont do what everybody else does, thats no reason why you cant give us all your love... *grin because only a slight few get it*).
point being - lots of pictures from practices and random parties and tattoo shops are gonna be up here sometime tomorrow.
again, if by some random act of god, a chick drummer from indianapolis happens to stumble on to this site - email someone.

1*29*03 - one quick update...Everyone who can should get a copy of the butler collegian, cause there is an awesome article written by a particular bass player (she did the layout too!) and a certain awesome guitar player is quoted....for all you straight edge kids. Oh, and sign the damn guestbook!!!! we like to know when we get visitors...peace/ashes

1*27*03 - new intro pic, yay! *makes eyes at you* honey, you can rub my belly anytime you want *winkwink*
i mean.. i need to remind myself that we'll only sell our bodies when merch runs low... ;]
ps - i stuck another *surprise* on my bio page. hint: hover above all the red writing to find them.
also - we failed to meet the prospective drummer this past weekend due to situations and circumstances beyond our control. for that, we apologize - especially to kristalynn, who's mother i keep talking to. her moms actually pretty nice, heh - we're getting to be pretty good friends, me and k-lynns mom. anyway - im going to bug the shit out of her family until we meet and she decides whether or not this whole *Jody* thing is for her.
on a happier note, however - 2 Jody members and a manager had a close encounter with the bands namesake - and were ten times more punk rock for doing so ;]
oh! and one more thing! we took a bunch of pictures and got them developed and should have them up within the next few days - you guys wont have to be forced into looking at just this horrifying picture (well - ashley and kate looks pretty normal actually..) anymore. soon youll be able to see muchMuchMUCH more of the hotness that is Jay Oh Dee Why...

1*26*03 - put a merch page up. granted, there is no merch yet but, i assure you, at some point - there will be (so we can sell out, yesss...).
theres also a special surprise in lisas bio, if anyone can find it - its hidden, ooOOOoooOOOoo...
and remember to clickity-click your way to the message board or guestbook over there to your left. itll be the experience of a lifetime for you - i promise - if it isnt, well make it up to ya.. somehow *winkWinkWINK*.

1*23*03 - lisa (in response to ashley): yikes. i vote for a non-slap ;]
also, we have a new song (woot!) called *Peter Pan*.
and i added this to go with our mxpx rip off frat boy song. woot.
and theres an entrance pic up! folk it up! ((ie. "fuck shit up".. hmm..))

1*21*03 - firstly - its my (lisa's) half birthday. id just like to draw attention to the fact that i didnt get any half-brithday-presents :P
secondly, we have frames!! score! now we look just that classy *wink*.
thirdly, the bios were updated, looks-wise. contents still the same. if anyone wants to see anything new on it, let someone, anyone, and everyone know and itll be up there faster than the preacher's loose-moral'd daughter.
fourthly, we have a guestbook for everyone who didnt feel like bothering with the message boards - this is not an invitation to forget about the boards, though. the boards love you, they always have, and youve always treated them like just another one of your hussies - have some decency, man!

1*20 (very early in the morn')*03 - so the links page is finally up - more to be added to that soon. the bios are also up, if we hadnt mentioned that. im too lazy to scroll down.
update un-website-related: weve taken some greater strides in finding a drummer: one prospective candidate has been called and will be called again sometime this week. weve also hastily posted a flyer at the emerson when we saw chronic chaos and fuller play this past friday (for meg's birthday, ow ow! one-nine, baby..). there were other bands, but theyve slipped my mind at the moment.
we also have a new quasi-cover/rip-off - we basically stole the verses from MxPx's 'Sick Boy' and turned it into a new, very funny, very short version entitled 'Frat Boy.' Stay tuned to that for more details.
we've been taking more pictures with ashleys new christmas camera - lots were taken last night around the wall o' naked women. soon, darlings, i promise - youll be able to view more of the hotness that is Jody.

1*15*03 - some updates, woot. the sites a little new, i admit. theres a pic up, taken at the abbey, on mass ave, last night. meg brought the ol' digital camera while we pretended to study. i added a message board, too - everyone go post - theres nothing on it yet.. -- alrighty, that is all :]

1*15*03-Well shit...I decided that I really should help Lisa out with the site a little-she has homework too. Anyways, I am Ashley (Ashes) the bass player, and I decided to take it upon myself to list the tracks me and Lisa have written so far...here it goes! (note: I am very sure that if you ask Kate or Lisa to sing any of them for you they will...but I will slap you if you ask me =)

Emo Boy
See You Again
God Damn the Media for Making Me Think I'm Fat (whew!)
So...This is Good-Bye?
Queen Of Apathy

Then We also do wicked covers of:
Radio (Alkaline Trio)
We Got the Beat (the GO-GOs)
He's A Rebel (The Crystals) <--this is our favorite!!!

Hopefully there will be more soon.