basically, i, along with meg, emailed a bunch of different supermarkets, asking where they got their meat from. i decided id post the replies on here.
((i also realized i owned a leather jacket and doc martens. doh. ive since emailed both companies..))

Update: so ashley and i both eat meat now. we both got really sick because were dumb asses and butler doesnt exactly have the best vegetarian selection. i still have a vast amount of respect for vegetarians and vegans that do it for the right reasons - my body just cant handle it. i dont have the money or the will power.

that, and meats just really fucking tasty.

but, ill keep this up anyway, for anyones viewing pleasure. a friend of the family brought up a point to me - that these big corporate supermarkets writing back to me are really just trying to keep a customer, telling me what i want to hear. *raised eyebrow* read some of those letters and emails: a lot of that is not what i expected or wanted to get.

--Meijer's reply
--Bigg's reply

--Kroger's reply (by letter)

--Doc Martens's reply