Name: Kate (a.k.a. buckethead)

Instrument: Ashley filling in for Kate--> she's got an Ibanez bass...guess who picked it out?

Bands: saves the day is my all-time favorite, but alkaline trio is bad ass as hell, i have a new obsession with the distillers(bc brody has such a hardcore voice and i wish i did too), get up kids, finch(randy is mt future husband, he just doesn't know it yet)and pretty much everything on drive thru, yellowcard, no doubt(gwen is a goddess), the eyeliners(proud to have one of their drumsticks), NOFX, MXPX... and many more that i have yet to write, just you wait

Major: ((kates an internet jack ass so i, lisa, am filling in the next two fields for her. i hope kate gets offended so she can fill in her own god damn bio ;]))Marketing/Business. kates gonna be the corprate sell-out, mwahahaha..

Age/ Birth date: ((again - this is lisa filling shit out for kate)) kates 18. her birthdays a couple days before mine in july. ((the rest of the answers are pure kate. thank you for your patience.))

Likes: first on this list would have to be rockin out with my gals(of course), smokin squares and drinkin coffee is always a good time, sex(prefer it with kevin maupin),i still enjoy the ballet dancing, ...pretty much anything as long as i'm able to act like my fuckin crazy ass self(and if not allowed, i do anyway)

Dislikes: arrogant, ignorant, and ridiculously happy people, aliens, monkeys...i dunno, i don't like a lotta stuff

Favorite food, movie, book: food: anything chocolate(i am a chocolate fiend); movie: alice in wonderland(crazy, crazy); book: ummm...lemme get back to ya