The Break-Up

All right guys... Anyone who knows me knows how big of a JEW (Jimmy Eat World, that is) fan I am. Now, I do not know if good old JC is playing tricks on me, or what the hell is going on.... WHY CAN NOBODY GIVE ME A DAMN ANSWER TO MY QUESTION?? Did they break up?? As Lisa mentioned, at the current moment, I am an extremely busy and (extremely) stressed girl as a result of a certain publication that will remain nameless. One of the first rules of journalism is to not complain (coughripapartcough) the publication you work for, because nobody will want to read it, right? Anyways, please, if you have any RECENT info on the break up of one of the greatest bands ever (along side the cure "wink wink Lisa"), please tell me. In all honesty, i would probably be happiest if you were able to tell me that it was just an extremely horrible rumor... peace and love--Ashes

Quick update: I am almost positive now that it was indeed just a horrible rumor.. I love life again. And I am sleeping much better, too.