Ha! I call it as I see it..

Everyone needs to visit this website so they can see and hear things just as cool as these:

Masturbate for Peace Bumper Stickers

Hairy palms, not cluster bombs
War's not kind, beat yourself blind
Help Hans Blix - whack your dicks
Cream your khakis, not Iraqis.
Peace is spiffy, stroke your stiffy
Don't send the fleet, just beat your meat
War is shit, rub your clit
Side with France, reach down your pants
Peace is the issue. Use a tissue.
War is Crappy, Slap Your Pappy
War's for squares, play downstairs
Stop war now, milk your cow
When you jerk tonight, keep peace in sight.
Down with war, stroke some more
War is cruel - flog your mule
Get peace fever, rub your beaver!
War is heinous, thumb your anus
You Can't Beat Off with Nuclear Arms
War is Mean, Flick Your Bean
War is wrong, whack your schlong.
I'm going blind for Mankind
War is silly, whack your willy
Think globally, whack locally
(Don't smitten, kill a kitten.)