Jody Affiliates
you know you wanna be one

so jody has a couple friends that we've designated as permanent parts of the Jody team - ie. Jody Affiliates: manager/merch kid/groupie/techie/etc. we love our friends - each and every one of them. so, the ones weve promised jobs to when we get big and known are going to be acknowledged now.
ps - if you'd like to be a Jody Affiliate, email lisa or ashley, or sign the message board/guestbook letting us know what you'd like to be exactly. one of jodys many bitches? jodys roadie? the guy that tunes our instruments since we joke about not knowing how? you can be THAT GUY! *eyebrow* its exciting; i know.

--> Meg "Hand Job" Farquhar : Manager/When She's a Famous Acoustic Singer/Songwriter, We'll Be Her Opening Band
--> Sarah Vogt: Merch Girl
--> Jeremy "Germy" Hanichak: Ass Cobra
--> Geoffrey Lord: Unaffiliated Affiliate