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ok this site isn't much right now
because i just started, and i am
adding more stuff at the moment, i
had to use a buisness page because
i though that it was probebly the only
thing that would suit my website style,
but, hey! If you only follow the links
on the page and don't mind what is
written on your link amabob,
everything is gonna be just fine.

Anyways, welcome to Inuyasha's
palace, a site deticated to Inuyasha
and his pals, there might be some
other stuff in here like quiz's and i am
sorta allying with a few other
website's, like my great friend Zack
that will be adding his website in here
at some time, and maybe dadead will
add the link to her website sometime,
but their working with Free home
pages, i think that Geocities is ok
though, i think i don't have enough
controle with Free home pages which
pisses me off, here at least i can set
what ever i want anywhere i want.
And i can add Shitty music to it,
maybe if i ever get my sound back on
my computer il be able to add music
to my site, anyways il post later.
Sayounara!!! =D

Fan art and fan fics:

i do have fan art but no fics, i
am working on one but its not
gonna be much, considering
my shitty imagination, so if
you ever have some fics or
art to send, send it to me at:

it will be posted as soon as i
check my e-mail.

Inuyasha: What!? a website deticated to me?

creepy voice: yes!

Inuyasha: um...right...whats a website?

Kagome: its from my time Inuyasha...

Inuyasha: HUH!? what are YOU! doing here kagome!!

Kagome: i was invited here Inuyasha...and don't be so rude!

Inuyasha: feh...yeah right...

creepy voice: ~stays silent~


creepy voice: i like chicken...

Kagome and inuyasha: O.O;;;;?

creepy voice: that shut u guys up, anyways back to the website...

Inuyasha: i still don't get whats a website...

creepy voice banishes inuyasha to the Fan section~

Inu-Yasha's palace