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Cemeteries with the name Childers
Naples Cemetery, Grady County
Garfield Cemetery, White County
Hillcrest , Weleetka
White Church and Lockridge Cemetery, (Broken Arrow District)


KENNETH H. Childress b. 4-24-1910 d. 4-15-1991

Sunset Memorial Section: SE-R2-6

EFFIE N. Childers

B.8/17/1885 d.8/22/19 Lexington Cem. Section: plot NW-R2-3

ETHEL R. Childers Born: 3-8-1921 Died: 6-30-1976

Pilgrims Rest Section: R14-22 Notes: Wife of James M.

L. R. Childress Born: 11/29/1897 Died or Buried: 4/30/1937 Buried: Rock Creek Rd. Section: plot R2-38

JAMES M. JR. Childers Born: 11-24-1918 Died or Buried: 6-4-1996 Buried: Pilgrims Rest Section: R14-23 County/State: Cleveland, OK

RUSSELL C. Childress Born: 9-18-1921 Died or Buried: 10-19-1997 Buried: Sunset Memorial Section: SW-R8-9 Notes: SKC USN WW II & KOREA

ALBERT S. Childress Born: 2-1-1926 Died or Buried: 3-3-1998 Buried: Denver Section: S-R15-5 Notes: USN WW II

REGINA Childress Born: 6-24-1905 Died or Buried: 8-3-1983 Buried: Denver Section: S-R15-4


Tecumseh Mission

SIGEL H. Childress Born: 1868 Died:1955 Section: A4B3-R10-4

EVELYN GLEN Childress Born: 6/20/1920 Died or Buried: 12/20/1997 Buried: Fairview, Shawnee Section: B5A-R17-15

ADDIE B. Childers Born: 8/1/1890 Died or Buried: 7/14/1970 Buried: Hopewell Section: R5-5 Notes: Mar. Frank 1/15/1912

ALEX Childers Born: 9/22/1869 Died or Buried: 7/23/1909 Buried: Fairview, Shawnee Section: B5A-R5-35

EFFIE D. Childers Born: 3/14/1901 Died or Buried: 9/11/1985 Buried: Tecumseh Mission Section: A1B1-R2-22 Notes: Wife of James W.

ED Childress Born: 1866 Died or Buried: 1908 Buried: Fairview, Shawnee Section: B1-R16-23

FRANK A. Childers Born: 3/19/1887 Died or Buried: 10/5/1965 Buried: Hopewell Section: R5-6

FRED I. Childers Born: 12/8/1895 Died or Buried: 3/16/1923 Buried: Hopewell Section: R5-7

GEORGE E. Childers Born: 1/27/1899 Died or Buried: 7/9/1921 Buried: Avoca Section: R17-3

H. T. Childers Born: 11/14/1875 Died or Buried: 11/18/1948 Buried: Cummings Section: W2-R5-7

HERMAN M. Childers Born: 2/2/1921 Died or Buried: 12/31/1984 Buried: Hopewell Section: R5-3 Notes: RDM2 USN WW II

J. C. Childers Born: 6/2/1922 Died or Buried: 10/18/1932 Buried: Hopewell Section: R5-8

J. C. Childers Born: 2/27/1915 Died or Buried: 3/8/1915 Buried: Mars Hill Section: N-R14-15

JAMES D. Childers Born: 12/28/1907 Died or Buried: 12/2/1958 Buried: Bethel (township = Union) Section: R7-11

JAMES M. Childers Born: 4/9/1884 Died or Buried: 1/2/1975 Buried: Hopewell Section: R5-4 Notes: Mar. Leila 2/28/1914

JAMES P. Childers Born: 12/3/1892 Died or Buried: 7/4/1934 Buried: Dale Section: 035-29

JAMES WILLIAM Childers Born: 2/8/1895 Died or Buried: 9/20/1975 Buried: Tecumseh Mission Section: A1B1-R2-21 Notes: PVT USA WW I

JOE PARIS Childers Born: 4/25/1912 Died or Buried: 7/11/1954 Buried: Tecumseh Mission Section: A3B1-R18-4

JOHN CROCKETT Childers Born: 3/4/1883 Died or Buried: 8/24/1962 Buried: Fairview, Shawnee Section: B9-R22-15

LANTA IRENE (SMEDLEY) Childers Born: 12/17/1922 Died or Buried: 6/18/1965 Buried: Cummings Section: W2-R10-10

LEAVERN Childers Born: 6/1/1910 Died or Buried: 9/7/1974 Buried: Tecumseh Mission Section: A1B16-R6-3

LILLIE Childers Born: 5/19/1898 Died or Buried: 7/17/1925 Buried: Fairview, Shawnee Section: B5A-R5-34

MARGAURITTE E. Childers Born: 1/1/1899 Died or Buried: 7/20/1983 Buried: Fairview, Shawnee Section: B14N-R2-38 Notes: Wife of Thomas J.

MARTHA ADELINE Childers Born: 1/2/1895 Died or Buried: 11/5/1981 Buried: Fairview, Shawnee Section: B9-R22-14

OTIS JEFFERSON Childers Born: 11/15/1916 Died or Buried: 10/31/1993 Buried: Hopewell Section: R5-2

SUSAN E. Childers Born: 10/27/1885 Died or Buried: 10/8/1965 Buried: Cummings Section: W2-R5-8 Notes: Wife of H.T.

VIRDIA L. Childers Born: 4/9/1887 Died or Buried: 4/21/1915 Buried: Bethel (township = Union) Section: R7-12

JOHN CROCKETT Childers Born: 3/4/1883 Died or Buried: 8/24/1962 Buried: Fairview, Shawnee Section: B9-R22-15

SAM D. Childress Born: 7/13/1900 Died: 1/26/1942 Section: A2B7-R15-3