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Warren County Courthouse

Warren County Courthouse

This undated postcard shows a time and place where horse and buggy was still the mode of transportation.

County Number: 86
Seat: Williamsport (June, 1829 - present)
Warrenton (March, 1828 - June, 1829)
Built: 1907-08
Cost: $115,000
Architect: J.W. Royer (Urbana, Illinois)
Builder: Frank Jahn (Champaign, Illinois) and L.N. Cope (Decatur, Illinois)
Style: County Capitol
Population - Warren County (2002): 8,747
Population - Williamsport (2002): 1,958
Size: 364.9 square miles
Date of Organization: March 1, 1827
Named for: Gen. Joseph Warren - American Revolution
Dates visited: 9/20/2003
Courthouse address: 125 North Monroe Street, Williamsport, 47993

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