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Jennings County Courthouse

Jennings County Courthouse

This 1913 postcard shows an earlier view of the Jennings County Courthouse with the jail and sheriff's office and residence connected to the courthouse itself. Also, horse and buggy was still the mode of transportation at the time.

County Number: 40
Seat: Vernon (February 1, 1817 - present)
Built: 1857-61
Cost: $26,375
Architect: Isaac Hodgson (Indianapolis)
Builder: Samuel Read (Vernon)
Style: Italianate
Population - Jennings County (2002): 28,192
Population - Vernon (2002): 322
Size: 377.2 square miles
Date of Organization: February 1, 1817
Named for: Jonathan Jennings - 1st Governor of Indiana
Dates visited: 10/5/2002; 8/16/2003; 9/4/2003
Courthouse address: 24 North Pike Street, Vernon, 47282

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