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Delaware County Courthouse

Delaware County Courthouse

This is the previous courthouse in this undated postcard.

County Number: 18
Seat: Muncie (June 11, 1827 - present) Originally called Munseytown, Muncietown, and then Muncie Town. Named changed to Muncie on January 13, 1845.
Built: 1966-69
Cost: $2.4 million
Architect: Hamilton, Graham Associates and George W. Cox (Muncie)
Builder: F.A. Wilhelm
Style: Modern
Population - Delaware County (2002): 118,197
Population - Muncie (2002): 67,430
Size: 393.3 square miles
Date of Organization: April 1, 1827
Named for: Deleware Indian tribe
Dates visited: 8/16/2003
Courthouse address: 100 West Main Street, Muncie, 47305

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