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Crawford County Courthouse

Crawford County Courthouse

Crawford County built a new courthouse in 2003 and moved into it March 8, 2004. I was not aware of this until I re-visted English on August 28, 2004 and noticed that the courthouse and sheriff's department looked understaffed since there were no vehicles there. Upon further notice, I found this letter on the front door of the Courthouse and one on the front of the Sheriff's Department:

Here is the new Courthouse which stands behind the Dollar General Store on State Road 64 in the new part of English. Of course, new courthouses are called "Judicial Complex" or "Justice Center" or "Government Center" instead of just plain "courthouse", which I think everyone is used to. I am unaware of any of the data for the new courthouse, however, I am trying to get the information for the book. If anyone knows anything about it, please email me.

Here are pictures of the Courthouse and Sheriff's Department used from 1957-2004:

County Number: 13
Seat: English (1894 - present)
(Mount Sterling - November 11, 1818 - December 16, 1822)
(Fredonia - December 16, 1822 - January 4, 1843)
(Leavenworth - January 4, 1843 - 1894)
Built: 2003-2004
Cost: ?
Architect: ?
Builders: ?
Style: Modern
Population - Crawford County (2002): 11,076
Population - English (2002): 673
Size: 305.7 square miles
Date of Organization: March 1, 1818
Named for: Col. William Crawford
Dates visited: 8/3/2003; 8/28/2004
Courthouse address: 715 Judicial Plaza Drive, English, 47118

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