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Clark County Courthouse

Clark County Courthouse

This undated postcard shows the old courthouse at Charlestown before it was demolished in 1917.

This undated postcard shows the old courthouse at Jeffersonville before it was demolished in 1970 to make way for the City-County Building and Jail which was built around it.

County Number: 10
Seat: Jeffersonville (October, 1878 - present)
(Springville - February 3, 1801-July 31, 1802)
(Jeffersonville - August 1, 1802-December 5, 1811)
(Charlestown - December 5, 1811-October, 1878)
Built: 1970
Cost: $5.2 million
Architect: Wright, Porteous & Lowe
Builder: F.H. Wilhelm
Style: Modern
Population - Clark County (2002): 98,198
Population - Jeffersonville (2002): 27,362
Size: 375.0 square miles
Date of Organization: February 3, 1801
Named for: General George Rogers Clark
Dates visited: 7/21/2003; 8/10/2003; 3/28/04
Courthouse address: 501 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, 47130
Note: The government of the City of Jeffersonville moved out of the City-County Building on August 5, 2006 to a City Hall several blocks north to the former Quartermaster Depot, changing the building from a City-County Building to just a courthouse.

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