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Cass County Courthouse

Cass County Courthouse

This 1910 postcard shows the previous courthouse which was demolished in the late 1970's to make room for the present day courthouse.

County Number: 9
Seat: Logansport (August 12, 1829 - present)
Built: 1977-79
Cost: $1.7 million
Architect: Richard Byers (Muncie)
Builder: Jack Steinberger Building Systems
Style: Modern
Population - Cass County (2002): 40,752
Population - Logansport (2002): 19,684
Size: 412.9 square miles
Date of Organization: April 14, 1829
Named for: Gen. Lewis Cass - Governor of Michigan
Dates visited: 01/18/04
Courthouse address: 200 Court Park, Logansport, 46947

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