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Benton County Courthouse

Benton County Courthouse

This undated postcard shows the tower before it was removed.

County Number: 4
Seat: Fowler (1874-present)
(Milroy - later named Oxford 1843-1874)
Built: 1874
Cost: $62,257
Architect: Gordon P. Randall (Chicago, Illinois)
Builders: Levi L. Leach
Style: Second Empire French
Population - Benton County (2002): 9,207
Population - Fowler (2002): 2,415
Size: 406.3 square miles
Date of Organization: February 18, 1840
Named for: Thomas H. Benton, U.S. Senator
Dates visited: 9/14/2003
Courthouse address: 706 East 5th Street, Fowler, 47944

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