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Col Leach Commanding


  Colonel Leach at his change of command at Ft Wayne Fort 2010.


After Action Report

Billie Creek 2010


To those of you who attended this fine weekend I give you my thanks.  For those of you that wished you were there you missed a good time,  and lastly to those of you who could not make it due to personal reasons you were missed.

Billie Creek started out like all other Billie Creeks nice and sunny, but just like all other Billie Creeks it quickly turned to rain.  Luckily for us it decided to stop raining for most of Friday night.  Most everyone who was going to be in attendance showed up Friday night, and after setting up camp we sat around the fire and hazed on each other.  Eventually we broke down into a famous singing scene from the movie “Glory” as we made a member of the 44th IN repent for a sin committed at an earlier event.  Eventually we bedded down for the night but not before the union commander had to come out and tell us to “knock it off!” and that it was time for lights out.  


We awoke early the next morning to find a few more comrades in arms finding their way to the camp and we started to make our breakfast. At 8:00am we turned in our battalion morning report and had over 35 members of the brigade present at that time.  8:30am saw the officers of the two companies and the staff head to officer's call where they received the marching orders of the day.   The battalion then participated in a Drill Competition that in my mind we rightfully won. The men did an outstanding job. 

After drill we went back to camp and enjoyed each others company while we ate our lunch.  At 1:00pm we formed the companies and by 2:00 pm we had taken the field. 


The battle that day was a victory for the union as well as Col. Leach's first time commanding the men on the field.  After a salvo of rounds fired by both sides of the artillery we watched from the shade of the great oak on top of the hill as the dismounted cavalry took to the field to engage the “Rebs” as they started to form.  Alas, the fire from the “traitors to the union” was too much for the dismounted cavalry and their repeating rifles. It was then that the Indiana Brigade was put onto the field of battle to reinforce our bewildered cavalry. My hat is off to the brave fight that the dismounted boys put forth, but sometimes you just need the infantry.

We took the field and engaged eagerly and proceeded to push into the confederates only to have them push us back. At that time command committed the rest of the union forces and we managed to push the confederates all the way to the wood line.  It was a good fight, but boy was it hot!


After leaving the field most of the men sat around cleaning their weapons and enjoying each others company as we attempted to escape the heat in anyway possible.  As the day drew on and the afternoon turned to night a dreadful storm blew in that managed to knock down or flood the majority of the men’s tents.   While this would normally be cause for alarm and men leaving the event I am glad to report that our numbers the next day were not that far off from the previous day. 


Saturday night the members of the 44th IN had “Mandatory Fun” as all members were required to attend the evening ball.  Needless to say it was a good time had by all that attended as we watched many of our younger members attempt to win the hands of the fair ladies present.


Sunday morning found us wet but alive.  We ate our breakfast and then formed for brigade drill.  After brigade drill we broke down into battalion drill and then company drill.  To no ones surprise we watched as the Cumberland Guard did there customary walk through the creek as they left the drill field.  


Just before the battle we formed the battalion for Dress Parade and read the notes of Merits: 

Logan Culbertson for courage in his first action.

Joseph ”Kiwi” Laskowski for finally dancing with a girl at a dance.

Brian Roseburgh for courage in his first action. 

Don Bryan for all his hard work in the running of the event. 

James Bryan for his assistance at the registration booth. 

Robby Combs for his assistance at the registration desk. 

Aaron Mathis for his service to his country in the United States Marine Corps.

And lastly Andrew Cable for bringing cold refreshing water to the men on the field of battle.


We formed for battle at 1:30pm and marched out to the sounds of the beating drum.  Sunday was the day we were to lose. Prior to taking the field the Battalion Commander had discussed a mass artillery hit amongst his ranks with his Capitan’s as well as the confederate artillery. 

The battle started the same as the day prior except this time the 1st battalion took the field before we did.  This worked into our master plan as this put the confederate artillery on our right flank. We gave a good fight to the rebel infantry to our front but the overall union command decided we weren’t taking enough hits. So they ordered us to take hits.  This too played perfectly into our master plan. It seemed as soon as the order had been given we observed the confederate artillery awaiting the signal from me.  I gave it and two cannons roared into our flank.  Like dominos, just like we had discussed doing it with the men, the entire battalion was eliminated as a fighting force.  I was told you could hear our laughter at the overall union command's shock all the way at the union artillery line (which was at least 200 meters away).


Upon completion of the event the men said there farewells and we all headed home to enjoy what time we had left.   Thankfully the sun shined the entire time. 

Thanks again to those of you who made it, and I hope to see you on the field again. To those of you that didn’t make it I look forward to the next time we meet.





                                                                                                                                                    On behalf of Colonel Leach,


                                                                                                                                                                   2nd Lt. Andreas Allcock

                                                                                                                                                                   Acting Adjutant, Billie Creek Village 2010