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~*Great Quotes*~

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Below are some quotes, relevant to the IU basketball program, that I've found. More will be added soon.

"Effort? EFFORT!? What the fuck is that!? These guys are going to be fighting a war! They're going to be second lieutenants with their fucking lives at stake! If all they give is effort, you might as well get the body bags ready NOW! What the hell are you talking about, effort! We go for victory here." ~Bobby Knight after an Army game
"The reason a lot of people are Purdue fans? Because they can't afford Final Four tickets." ~Tom Swanson
"When I crossed over the river, the sign said: 'Welcome to Indiana,' it didn't say a damn thing about Purdue." ~Greta York
"Ya can't get into Heaven unless you're a Hoosier fan." ~Larry Hawkins, That Sandwich Place, Nashville Indiana
"Knight gave IU the rings, IU gave him the finger." ~Don Pence
"Coach Knight has always jokingly said that he threw the chair across the floor to an elderly lady who needed a chair to sit down on to watch the game. A few years after the chair incident had occurred, I am at an Indiana pre-season luncheon at which Coach Knight was speaking. He opens the floor to questions and comments from those attending. An elderly lady who appeared to be in her eighties stands up and says, 'Coach, I just wanted to thank you for throwing that chair to me.' Coach and the audience just busted up laughing. To this day, there is cable that runs through the Indiana bench locking all the chairs together. Some preventative maintenance to keep chairs from ever being thrown again." ~Brian Spurlock
"..And then I'm leaving and you fucking guys will run until you can't eat supper. Now I am tired of this shit. I'm sick and fucking tired of an 8-10 record. I'm fucking tired of losing to Purdue. I'm not here to fuck around this week. Now you may be, but I'm not. Now I am going to fucking guarantee you that if we don't play up there Monday night, you aren't gonna believe the next four fucking days. Now I am not here to get my ass beat on Monday. Now you better understant that right now. This is absolute fucking bullshit. Now I'll fucking run your ass right into the ground. I mean I'll fucking run you, you'll think lastnight was a fucking picnic. I had to sit around for a fucking year with an 8-10 record in this fucking league and I mean you will not put me in that fucking position again, or you will goddamn pay for it like you can't fucking believe." ~Bob Knight
"There are a lot of people who follow our every move and give us a lot of support. They give us pride. We are playing for those fans every time we run out on the court." ~Jarrad Odle
"We messed up a lot of brackets...tear them up and throw them away." ~Mike Davis
"Hey Duke, didn't you used to be everyone's Final Four pick?" ~Anonymous
"After seeing so many people jump back on the bandwagon, it's nice to know that some of us never left!" ~Matt Taylor
"We're going to shock the world!" ~Mike Davis
" are an IU freak." ~Troy Lehn
"Our goal at the beginning of the season was to be undefeated going into the Big Ten season." ~Tom Coverdale
"We're winning. We don't take that for granted, but we are still learning." ~Jeff Newton
"Like I do, like you do, and like every single Hoosier fan does, Mike Davis wants to beat Kentucky and he wants to beat Purdue more than anyone else." ~Terry Clapacs
"Tom Coverdale. If I had to recruit him today, would I recruit him seeing him in a high school jersey? And just look what he did. Thirty points. Thirty. You canít measure his heart." ~Mike Davis
"Thirty-two thousand people who hate each other? Man, it was like Final Four atmosphere. Every trip down court possessing the tension of a full-count pitch in Game 7 of the World Series. Or the last volley of the last set at Wimbledon. Or, at long last, any old Indiana-Purdue basketball game." ~C. Jemal Horton
"Are we finally done talking about Mike Davis' outburst against KY?" ~Andy Katz
"Few sports stir the passion of their fans like college basketball." ~Joe Lunardi
"If there was ever a 3-point specialist, itís Kyle Hornsby." ~Terry Hutchens
"When we play our game, our rhythm, our spacing and just take care of the basketball weíre a pretty good basketball team." ~Mike Davis
"Some people say you make your own luck by just preparing. That's what we're doing." ~Kyle Hornsby
"The guy that Bracey should be trying to follow as a role model is Kyle Hornsby, not any other guys on the team." ~Mike Davis