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CMT Award Show!
I hope you got to watch this show!
Jeff Foxworthy
hosting this show made it a modern day Redneck Hee Haw Show!
They did a terrific job the show was very
entertaining as well as being an excellant Awards
Show that the fans voted for the winners!

The skit at the beginning of the show has sure
caused quite a stir in the CMT community. Some feel
Shaina has ruined herself and CMT has came to an all time low
(For more info check out CMT's message boards! WOW!)
Post your opinion on my message board...
I would love to hear what you have to say on this subject!

Breakthrough Video Of The Year

Gretchen Wilson ... Redneck Woman
Best video from an artist's major debut album.
Gretchen's Comments:
"Thank you so much. I can't even express to you
how much it means to me that this is fan voted
and that you guys are so involved. I want to
thank the fans." -- Gretchen Wilson

Collabortive Video Of The Year

Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss ... Whiskey Lullaby
The best video that featured a special collaborative appearance by artists.
Brad's comments:
"Thanks to the fans who voted for this.
Itís always better to win one from you guys.
Second of all, thank you, Rick Schroder,
for the best dang video you could have ever done." -- Brad Paisley

Group or Duo Video Of The Year Award

Rascal Flatts ... Feels Like Today
Best video by a group or duo.
Gina Gershon accepted on their behalf.

Hottest Video Of The Year Award

Toby Keith ... Whiskey Girl
Sexiest video.
Toby's Comments:
"So check it out.
CMT has the most kick-ass awards show on TV. ...
And I'll tell you why:
They let you people do the voting.
When the fans get to vote, nobody will be bitchin'
tomorrow because it don't matter if it don't matter to you guys." -- Toby Keith

Most Inspiring Video Of The Year Award

Tim McGraw ... Live Like You Were Dying
Video that celebrates the human condition in a positive and optimistic way.
Director Sherman Halsey accepted the award for Tim

Female Video Of The Year Award

Gretchen Wilson ... When I Think About Cheatin'
Best video by a female artist.
Gretchen's Comments
"I don't know what to say. ...
I want to say thank you again to the fans
for believing in me and for making this one of the
most incredible years of my life.
Thank you, Miss Reba McEntire for being an incredible inspiration to me,
and also [thanks to] Martina McBride.
I can't even believe I'm in the same category with these ladies,
but thank you so much for this. It means the world to me." -- Gretchen Wilson

Johnny Cash Visionary Award

Loretta's comments:
"I want to thank you all and say how much I appreciate this award.
I really do." -- Loretta Lynn

Male Video Of The Year Award

Kenny Chesney ... I Go Back
Best video by a male artist.
Kenny's Comments:
"This song was written about my life and about how I lived it growing up.
I want to thank [video director] Shaun Silva and
[cinematographer] Steve Gainer
and all the guys for bringing ... it to life. ...
And to all those fans out there that give me and the guys
out there on the road one incredible life.
I really appreciate it. Thank you very much." -- Kenny Chesney

Director Of The Year Award

Rick Schroder ... Whiskey Lullaby
Video with the best direction (video that best captures the mood,
tempo and intensity of the song). Awarded to the
video director for work on a specific video and
accepted by the director and the artist.
Rick Schroder's Comments were:
"I can't tell you guys how proud I am to be up here now. ...
The CMT fans, thank you for liking this video.
The last thing, I want to thank my grandfather
for the service he gave in World War II,
and I want to thank all our armed forces." -- Rick Schroder

Video Of The Year Award

Keith Urban ... Days Go By
Best video of the year.
Keith's comments were:
"Thank you, first of all, to everybody who voted.
I really, really appreciate this award more than you know.
I just really enjoyed making this video." --
Keith Urban





April 12, 2005