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Show Grounds

Below is a list of diciplines that you can enter your horse in, your horse must be trained in that dicipline and must be the appropriate age usually 4 and up.

To enter a horse in a show e-mail me with this info:

Your Name

Your E-mail

Horse You Would Like To Enter

What Class

Western Shows (next=?)


Calf Roping

Barrel Racing



Team Penning

Team Roping


Halter Shows (next=?)

Tell me your horses breed when you enter it then I'll post the halter classes

Eventing Shows (next=?)

Show Jumping

X Country


Endurance Rides (next=?)

20 Mile Endurance Ride

30 Mile Endurance Ride

10 Mile Endurance Ride

40 Mile Endurance Ride

50 Mile Endurance Ride

English Shows (next=?)

Hunt Seat


Harness Shows (next=?)

1 Horse

2 Horse

3 Horse


Fox Hunts (next=?)

Easy Course

Hard Course

Academy Shows (next=?)

Saddleseat W/T

Saddleseat W/T/C

Hunt Seat W/T

Hunt Seat W/T/C



Races (next=?) Maiden

2 Year Old Race

3 Year Old Race

4 Year Old Race

5 Year Old Race

6 Year Old Race

7 Year Old Race

Here is the list of points you can get

5th place=10 points

4th place=20 points

3rd place=30 points

2nd place=40 points

1st place=50 points