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We all hate em' but we gotta have em'.
This is the rules page. There are quite a few rules that you will need to know about. Also a couple tips and things like that. If you don't pay attention to all of the rules you will be take out of the game. But yet, some rules are just for the horses (seeing as they are to be taken care of as real horses) if you don't take care of them, your horses will slowly be taken away and sold.

You may make up 5 horses when you join, you may include a picture if you would like or I will find one for you.

You may own as many horses as you would like as long as you can pay for feed, bedding, ect.....

You may bid on horses, buy horses, breed horses, import horses, and adopt horses.

Horses age one year every 2 months and foals age a month every weeks.

When importing a horse it costs $500. Just e-mail me the horses stats & pic & I will put it on the game!


You start out with $200,000

You get a weekly pay check of $200

Horse Care

You must buy bedding monthly (1 bag per horse, or none if you board)

You must buy a bag of feed and hay monthly (1 bag per horse, or none if you board. You must buy the proper hay and grain for that horse, if they have a medical condition and the vet sugests a different feed you must buy it. You must also buy supplements for younger, performance, and older horses.

Buying treats helps keep your horses healthy.

You must take your horses to the vet and farrier whenever I say it's time.

There is a page in town called the disaster and suprise page, if you get a disaster take care of it immediately.


You must buy a halter for every horse, and you must own a grooming box.


You may create a stable after 2 weeks. It may be private, boarding, lesson, a kennel, or breeding.


Your horse must be 3 years old before it can breed. It can only be bred once a year. I will choose the foals stats. The parents must have vaccinations and have all medical problems taken care of.

Your horse will be pregnant for 2 weeks


You may own pets and you may keep them at your house or at a kennel if you think it would be better for them.

The only pets you may own are dogs & cats.

Pets must be taken care of at the beginning of every show season

And have food bought every month if you own your own Kennel

Importing a pet costs $50.

Breeding rules also apply here, your pet will be pregnant for 2 weeks!


To build an association you must be a member for atleast a weeek.

Your association must hold shows atleast once every other month.

It must also have a stud book and a members page!