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About Us

Owner - Amy

Barn Colors - Teal & White

Motto - Where Horses & Their Owners Come Together In Unison

Specialization - We specialize in eventing horses of all breeds (specifially colored ones), Wolfdogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and cats of all breeds!
Location - 1,000 Acres of fields, barns, & kennels!

Barns - We have 28 barns altogether, each with 20 stalls! We have 4 very large tack rooms, and 1 office in every barn. Also with lockers in the boarders barn. Every barn has a bathroom also! We have 1 feed room and 1 bedding room! There are also four wash/grooming racks! Along the isle way there are cross ties set up every 10 feet. The barns are heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.

Stalls - Every stall is 15 x 15 but brood mare stalls are 20 x 20! Each stall also has double dutch doors leading outside to their own private 2 acre run. They also have sliding doors leading into the barn isleway that have double doors also and a complete wall surrownding them. (no bars anywhere) There is a little door that opens up on each side of the doors. One has a hay rack and grain feeder. The other side has an automatic waterer. There is also a salt block in the stall.
Arenas - There are indoor arenas in the middle of every four barns. (they are in a square shape around the arena). Next to the stallion barn there is a dressage arena. Next to the show mare's barn there is a jumping arena. Next to the training barn there is an exercise barn with a 2 hot walkers and 2 horse swimming pools. The arenas are also air conditioned and heated. They also have 20 small 10x10 stalls in each of them w/o runs for when shows are held there and for if people need to put their horse up for a moment when riding. There is an outdoor dressage arena next to the brood mare barn. There is also an outdoor jumping arena next to the yearling barn. Next to the foal barn there is another exercise arena but outdoors this time.

Trails - We have 100 acres of trails out in one of our large pastures, surrownded by wooded lands and meadows! There is also a 50 mile cross country track.

Pastures - We have 7 100 acre pastures that horses may go out in once a week. We also have 14 smaller 20 acre paddocks that the horses can also romp in for a few hours daily.
Race Track - We also have a 5 mile race track with a starting gate large enough for 10 horses! In the middle is an indoor/outdoor pleasure riding ring. Half of it is covered!