This is the art of divination through reading tea leaves.  Tasseoraphy dates back thousands of years in China. 


For best results use an excellent grade of tea, with minimal tea dust.  Be sure to use a non-decorated white teacup.

For each cup to be read:

1.5 tsp. of loose tea in a tea pot.  Add boiling water, and let stand 3 minutes.

Fill cup.  Get the person to drink the entire cup until there is just barely enough liquid to cover the leaves. 

If you are right handed pickup the cup(by the handle) with your left hand. And vice-versa.  Gentlymove the cup in a clock-wise circular motion, 7 contiuous times. then place back on saucer.

Stare into the bottom of the cup. Concentrate on the images of the wet tea leaves until you can pick out the symbolic shapes. Always look out for numbers, initials, and astrological symbols.  These will quite often play an important role in the interpretation.

What The Symbols Mean


Airplane:  Travel is in the near future for you;  however, it would be wise to cancel your travel plans should the pattern be broken, for this indicates a serious accident.

Anchor:  A safe journey or successful new project or career move is portended.

Angel:  You will soon receive some very good news.

Ants:  There will be many difficulties to overcome before you reach your goal.

Arrow:  You will receive an upsetting letter or telegram. Money will be involved if dots or dashes appear near the main symbol.

 Axe:  Beware of impending danger

 Banana:  An omen of good luck.

 Basket:  You will be the recipient of a pleasant surprise.  If dots or dashes are also present, a legacy of money is indicated.

 Bat:  This symbol indicates that your life may soon become complicated by an enemy or a higher authority.  If dots and dashes are nearby, it almost always means that money matters are involved.

 Bear:  A symbol of misfortune.  If squares are near or touching, there is a good chance that the misfortune can be averted.

 Bed:  This symbolizes a desire to "put to rest" problems.  It can also mean that you are working too hard and are in need of some rest and relaxation.

 Bell:  There will be a wedding in the near future for someone who is close to you.  Look for significant numbers, initials, and/or astrological signs.

 Bird:  A symbol of good luck, money, or a journey that lies ahead of you.  If its wings are spread, it indicates travel by air.  If leaves are close by or touching, it means you will be traveling with friends.

 Boat:  This symbolizes that you possess a strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

 Bottle:  An indication that there will be an illness in the very near future.  Be sure to watch your health and take extra special care in all that you do.

 Bouquet:  Blissful matrimony is portended. If a number is nearby, it could signify the number of children you will have or the years the marriage will last.

 Branch:  You will form a good friendship with a person you have either met recently or will encounter in the near future.

 Bridge:  An obstacle will be overcome.

 Broom:  there are new prospects ahead for you.

 Bull:  It is best to avoid an argument. The symbol of the bull may also represent a person born under the astrological sign of Taurus.

 Butterfly:  A symbol of happiness, love, and beauty.

 Car:  Be prepared to expierience sudden changes in your surroundings.  A possible move in the near future is foretold.

 Castle:  You will come into an inheritance.

 Cat:  A good friend or aquaintance will prove to be untrustworthy.  Be mindful in whom you confide.

 Circle:  A favorable symbol that always foretells success, whether inlove, career, or health matters.  If dots and dashes are close by or touching the circle, however, the success could be short-lived.

 Clouds:  Beware of trouble brewing.

 Clover:  Happiness and good fortune are coming your way. 

 Coffin:  Be prepared to receive some disturbing news. The coffin is an ominous symbol, often indicating the death of a relative or friend.

 Cresant Moon:  For a man - think twice before taking action. It is important that you avoid rushing into hasty decisions. For a woman - a female problemis indicated.

 Cross:  This is a sign that misfortune will come into your life.  A sacrifice of some sort may be necessary, but in the end it will prove to be beneficial. If the cross appears inside a square, the misfortune can be averted.

 Crown:  A powerfuul or influential friend will help you to achieve success, especially at your place of work.  The symbol of the crown also signifies highest honors and praise.

 Cup:  You will form a long-lasing friendship with someone you have either met recently or will encounter in the near future.

 Dagger:  You will be faced with a dangerous situation.  The symbol of the dagger also indicates a loss of somekind.

 Dog:  This symbol indicates that a friend is in need of your help.  If clouds are nearby or touching, beware of unsuspected enemies.

 Door:  Be prepared for something out of the ordinary to take place.

 Dragon:  A new project or career move lies ahead.

 Eyeglasses:  Be prepared for a surprise in the near future.  Be especially careful in all business matters.

 Fan:  This is an indication of a secret admirer.  Be careful not to get involved in a secret love affair or you will be faced with unhappiness in the end.

 Fish:  Your future will be filled with happiness and good health.  If a pair of fish appear, it may represent a person born under the astrological sign of pisces.

 Flag:  You will be forced into an unpleasant situation in which you will have to defend yourself.  Be prepared to fight for what you believe is right.

 Flower:  This is a very good symbol, indicating love and happiness, and fondest wishes fulfilled.  For a single, divorced, or widowed person, the possibility of a new relationship is indicated.

 Fox:  A trusted friend or business acquaintance will attempt to deceive you in someway.

 Frog:  A drastic change will take place in your life in the very near future.  Be prepared for a possible change in residence or career.

 Gate:  You will find a solution to a problem.

 Gun:  It is best for you to avoid arguments with friends or family members.  For men and women in the military, the symbol of the gun is an indication of active service.

 Hammer:  You hard work will pay off shortly.

 Hand:  An understanding friend or business acquaintance will offer you help.

 Harp:  You future will be filled with romance and joy.

 Hat:  A happy marriage is portended if the symbol of the hat appears at the bottom of the teacup.  If it appears at the side, it means honor and praise are ahead of you and your family.

 Heart:  A broken friendship or love affair will be restored.  The symbol of the heart can also mean that an existing romance will grow stronger.

 Horseshoe:  This is an obvious symbol of goodluck, especially for gamblers who frequent the racetrack.  Look for significant initials and/or numbers if you place bets on the horses.

 Hourglass:  It is wise to take your time before rushing into a decision. There is possible danger ahead, so think twice about a new plan or intended project.

 Key:  New interests or a new opportunity is on the horizon for you.  If two keys are shown, it is a warning that you could be robbed or taken advantage of.

 Ladder:  This is a symbol of advancement.  Your ambitions will take you to high places.

 Leaf or Leaves:  This is a symbol of renewed hope.

 Lines:  Straight lines indicate journeys.  Indecision and frustration are portended if the lines appear wavy.

 Numbers:  Although numbers usually indicate time and are reletive to other symbols in the teacup, then they appear by themselves they take on the following meanings:  (1) The beginning of a new projector the birth a child.  (2) Home renovation or a changeof residence in the near future.  The number 2 also indicates a relationship.  (3)  Then number magick, divinity, and fate;  regarded as a lucky number.  (4) You will soon recieve news regarding financial matters.  (5) A settlement of legal matters.  (6)  A life filled with harmony and balance.  (7)  Good luck is coming your way.  (8) You will become more independent. (9)  There is romance in the stars for you.  (13) Bad luck is forthcoming.

 Octopus:  Beware of dangerous situations ahead.  It would be wise to reconsider a plan or intended project for the moment.

 Owl:  You will be faced with problems arising from te sickness or death of a loved one.  If large dots or dashes are present, it indicates financial complications.

 Pig:  This is a symbol of good luck, abundace, high honors, and all ambitions realized.

 Pipe:  It is important for you to keep an open mind at all times.  Avoid trouble or getting involved with other peoples problems or else you may be sorry in the end.

 Ring:  If the symbol of the ring appears on the side of the teacup, it indicates that a marriage ceremony will take place shortly. (Look for significant initials, numbers, and/or astrological symbols.)  If the ring appears on the bottom of the teacup, an engagement or wedding will be postponed.

Saw:  This is a warning of an impending obstacle.  Someone may be trying to interfere with your business or relationship.

Scissors:  A bad symbol, indicating arguments resulting in separation.

Scorpion:  This is a symbol of secretiveness and suspicion.  Beware of jealous rivals and potentially dangerous situations.  The symbol of the scorpion may also represent a person born under the astrological sign or Scorpio.

Ship:  Travel is indicated in the near future.  If the symbol appears on the side of the teacup near the rim, be prepared for an unexpected journey relating to your home or business.

Skull:  An ominous symbol, usually indicating a death.

Snake:  Beware, for the snake symbolizes enemies and minor misfortune.  If it appears next to or inside of a square, the trouble can be averted.

Spider:  Someone close to you is keeping a secret from you.

Star:  This is a symbol of peace and healing.  It indicates a return to health in either physical or spiritual sense.  Your problems will be resolved and you will experience a feeling of renewal after overcoming a period of great difficulty.  If the star appears in a circle, forming a pentagram, it is a favorable omen (especially for Witches and Pagans); if the pentagram appears upside down, however, it means that someone has cursed you or is using black magick to work against you.

Sword:  Be prepared to deal with problems arising both at work and at home.  Complications of some sort may temporarily interfere with your plans or project.

Tornado:  Beware of impending disaster and misfortune.  If dots and dashes are nearby, the possibility of financial hardship is indicated.  If squares are near or touching, the misfortune may be averted.

Tree:  This is a favorable omen of good health (both physically and spiritually).  More than one tree indicates that a practical wish will soon come true for you.

Triangle:  It is time to start a new venture, especially if this symbol appears near the rim of the teacup.  An upside-down triangle is an omen of bad luck.

Umbrella:  A closed umbrella signifies that you will be temporarily unable to possess the things you desire.  An open umbrella means you have a friend who will help you when you are in difficult situations.

Wheel:  This is a symbol of advancement.  If the wheel appears near the rim of the teacup, you will receive some unexpected money or perhaps a salary increase.

Windmill:  This is an indication of major business success.


All Tea leaf information is from the book:

"The Wicca Spellbook"

by Gerina Dunwich