Fish Bands

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Look for The Hawg Stops Blues Festival in May, with Gene Kelton and Bert Wills along with other bands to be announced at a later date!!....
"Attention bands, now accepting entrees for the first Annual Flying Fish Productions "Battle of the Bands''(see ad in the Jan. issue of Music News for more details)". For more information on other Flyng Fish Production shows call the KLOL intouch line access code 2702.


Here are some names i have booked and have access to..
Rick Lee & the night owls
Jay Hooks
Tony Vega
Benny Brasket
Jaded Lovers
Plan b
Dark River
The Stooges
Gene Kelton
Mark May
Bert Wills
Sonny Boy Terry

The Otherside

and many others........

Current Bands


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