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TRIXI visits CHINOOK Fish and Wildlife Area

Here Trixi's can be hardly seen at Chinook,at one of the 6 lakes to choose from. The clear waters make it a test for even the best of anglers.
TRIXI,can handle the best situations. The ability to get in and upclose helps when the fish are holding tight to the shoreline.
The ability to transform herself into an easy thing to store and transport make TRIXI,a better project than most for the fisherperson who needs or wants a boat,We can recommend that they should try something along these lines. After a day on the water,you do not want a hassle in getting the gear home.
With a couple of turns of a wrench,TRIXI does her act.6 easy 4" bolts inbetween frame# 1 and frame# 2,an we're done! Only two(2) of the bolts(2) are even close to waterline,Which should put the mind to rest.

Trixi's each halfs of the infamous("sawed in half Lady routine")are, Easy to maneuver as shown.It can be handle by just about anyone.Once the routine of assembly and unassembly has been gone thru it becomes old hat. Here the Bow section is being maneuvered for transport.Trixi's can be assembled in moments.

Here she is loaded and ready for the trip to the house and a long awaited fish dinner.

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