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The foregrip in the kit will need to be shaped for your customized look.This is done by a lathe,or simply with a course sandpaper.This one will be cut down to only 3".The foregrip needs to be as close to the blanks outside measurment but enough room to allow it to be set into place(roughly 1/4 smaller than the blanks size at the spot of greatest thickness).

A grip setter can be made from a simple 1" board wiith a hole drilled big enough to fit over the blank.Both rear and fore grips are first shaped to size and fit,Then with a mixture of 1 part water and 3 parts white glue spread on the blank,this will be used to be a lube of actualy getting the grip in it's proper place,You will not be able to pull it.But only a gentle push from the top.

The grip will want to bunch up into a odd space but you can work it back in to shape,as well the glue will ooze out of the ends.Clean this off quickly as it will be hard after the glue drys.Once the glue drys and you like the shape,you can add the butt cap.You may have to do some shaping to get the butt cap on.

In your quest to build your own fishing rods.
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