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First decide which kit you'll need,But before you do,check your options.As to which rod you chose,That is up to you.

We'll do our best to show the basic steps,you can be as detailed as you want.
First decide what type of fishing the rod will be doing,or what is you'r skill level.You'll need as much information which is here and at your local libiary.These kits dependent on who's you chose all come with some instructions.These are just the basics.
You can chose to use the kit and the guide set which comes with it or to buy each item and customize it even further.If you buy seperated pieces then you'll need atleast 1 guide per foot lenght of blank,The measurment for placement will be to the size and type of blank used.
Same goes for the reel seat,type of fishing ,blank size,as well the guides you use should play into which reel seat you pick.
There are many kits to chose from,But I can't stress enough that kits does not mean custom!

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Here's a club we recommend,as we are members ourselves.The benefits are some of the best nation wide!

Here's a product from the guy who knows about fishing.

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