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Tip and Guides

We'll begin on the tip.If you do not have the matching tip in your kit you'll have to measure for it.There are many tip guides by various rod makers,Your rod blank should come with a template of some sort to help along the way.Again you'll glue the tip,and be ready for the glue to ooze! After the tip is set into place,this is where you'll measure for the rest of the guides from.Almost all are from the tip downward.Each blank has a spec sheet on guide placement.Use it.

After marking the placement.In this case a single foot guide,using a simple guide wrap to adhere it in place.You must keep the guides from moving off the spline of the blank.By sighting up the blank into a light should give you a clear view of the spine line.Each guide should be seen only on the sides of the frame as you look up it.

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