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In the workshop with TRIXI

TRIXI, as she was designed to not need a trailer. Can be assembled on the launch,with 6 bolts thru frame #1. In the following photo's the red paint was a guide for us to use during her first outting. She amazed us all,As it was found after that she was fully loaded with two days of gear she rode in about a mere 3" of water. Which comes in mighty handy when it comes to getting close up to shore.
The varnish must have had time to dry before the final coats can be applied.The marine grade varnish and the other coats of paint will ensure no problems for years to come. As it shows,We wanted to make a showing out of launching TRIXI, so we chose a motiff,that would catch the eye. It should be remembered that a white paint will reflect a lot of sun and heat.

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